Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1034

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Chapter 1034: The Call of the Young Girl

The power of the Divine Era was believed to be impossible to reappear in this era, like a legendary power.

It is said that during that ancient era, the number of people who reached the hero rank on this continent once approached nearly four digits!

In the kingdom of the divine era's knights, there were always over a hundred hero-ranked knights.

Furthermore, during the final battle of the divine era, a "legend" was born that symbolized ultimate power in this world.

Although it was only a brief moment, this world truly experienced the power of a "legend." It was considered the last hope of the divine era, a miracle that shone like a fading light before the complete decline of the magic tide.

In modern times, there are not even a hundred hero-ranked experts, let alone over a hundred. There are only around a dozen or twenty in the entire continent, most of whom are descendants of the divine era bloodline.

Similar to the first emperor of the empire, who was an unparalleled genius, even though they couldn't truly awaken the bloodline of the divine era, the blood of the divine era descendants still possessed extraordinary power.

The hero-ranked experts in the entire continent can mostly trace their origins back to a figure from the divine era.

The power of bloodline that was nurtured during the peak of the magic tide, like ancient heroes in the form of gods, was the most prosperous and flourishing era of this world!

The people of that era built one magnificent miracle after another, and some of them still operate according to unfathomable rules even millions of years later.

Among the most famous and perfect divine era structures on this continent is the Tower of the Gods behind Princess Ain at this moment.

If there is a place in this world where humans who have lost their divine era powers can awaken the power of their ancestors again, without a doubt, it is here - this divine era tower that has stood in the center of the royal city for millions of years without falling!

"Your Highness, is what you're saying true?" Parbad's wrinkled face was about to split open, with some kind of fanatic ambition seeking revenge in this aging body.

For the traditionalists who advocate monarchy, regaining the power of the divine era is something that everyone dreams of.

"Can the power of the divine era really be revived?" Viscount Shira's breathing became heavy. Among the newly risen aristocrats who worship power, there is also no one who would refuse the power from the divine era.

That power, like a hero from a myth, was considered an impossible fantasy until the nuclear explosion forbidden spell appeared.

But now, Princess Ain tells them that she will rebuild the kingdom's first royal knight order and name the newly formed knight order the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

This Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order is limited to pure young girls under the age of eighteen, regardless of their race or background, and it will restore the glorious power of the divine era.

"Yes, we will surely make this miracle happen."

"I don't need to deceive you; this is the dawn of our era."

Princess Ain looked firmly at the representatives from three different powers.

From now on, this news will probably spread across the continent quickly. People may doubt if it's true, but once the effect of the Silver Dragon Egg is proven, it will cause a huge wave throughout the entire continent.

The power of the divine era is something even the empire would never give up on. Other northern kingdoms will also send people over.

The newly established Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order will definitely include a large number of people from other countries.

This is her goal.

In order to hatch the dragon egg, she needs to gather the power of the entire continent. If the power of this continent is not enough, then she must spread this news to other continents as well!

She couldn't easily gather hundreds of young girls with pure bloodlines, like in the "Correct Method for Hatching Dragon Eggs."

But it doesn't matter, the Holy Silver Dragon Egg she wants to hatch has a special power that is not recorded in that book.

If we don't have a divine era bloodline, then we'll create it ourselves!

If there are not enough young girls in this country, then let other countries also help.

The Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order was established for this purpose, and its mission is much greater than anything in this country.

"I, I will go back and inform all the branches of the royal family!" Duke Parbad stood up straight, and his quick and steady pace was hard to imagine for a man in his sixties.

"I have several nieces who meet the requirements, I will notify them to come to the capital!"

"Ah... why am I not...?" Viscount Shira looked disappointed, why doesn't this world have a magic potion that can make you younger while changing gender at the same time!

If there is one, even if it's a poisonous potion that will decrease his own lifespan, he would drink it without hesitation.

The power of the divine era, that is the power that everyone in this world dreams of.

Even the first emperor of the empire, who was touted as the strongest knight since the divine era, would definitely make the same choice if given the opportunity.

For this world that once experienced the glorious divine era, the magic and bloodline power born in that era are the cornerstone of civilization.

Even the magic armor that the empire is currently studying and building is based on the basic principles that were developed at the end of the divine era.

After the representatives of the monarchy and the nobility hurriedly left, Count Gaspar, the representative of the merchants, stayed behind, smiling with flattery as he looked at Princess Ain in front of him.

"Your Majesty, if we don't consider race or background, then nationality should not be a problem either."

This is the great opportunity that Viscount Gaspar discovered. Whether for the kingdom or for this continent, the yet-to-be-established Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order will change history.

As a merchant, he sensed an unprecedented opportunity in it.

"Yes... Even girls from the empire, other countries, or even other continents would be fine..."

"As long as I pass the assessment of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, I will unlock the power of the relic." Princess Ain looked at Count Gaspar with a meaningful gaze. It seemed that the merchant had the most sensitive nose and quickly smelled the scent of opportunity.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!"

After confirming that Princess Ain's recruitment order truly had no restrictions on nationality, race, or background, Count Gaspar's face smiled like a blooming flower.

Now, he had to join forces with colleagues from various countries, because this time the cake was really too big, no individual business association could handle it.

He could already imagine that, starting from now, the pure and beautiful girl under the age of eighteen would become the most sought-after commodity on this continent, and even more than that.

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