Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1033

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Chapter 1033: In the Name of the Sacred Silver Dragon

"The Sacred Silver Dragon Knight Order?" Shira looked at Princess Ain, who was about to become queen, with confusion.

Whether it's a kingdom or an empire, it is not customary to add a prefix to knight orders.

The empire's legions are named in a straightforward manner, such as the First Magic Army Legion, the Second Magic Army Legion, the First Infantry Corps, and the Second Infantry Corps.

The knight orders in the kingdom are similar, with the Royal Knight Order being the strongest in the kingdom.

Why would Princess Ain suddenly change the naming tradition of knight orders and establish a brand new Sacred Silver Dragon Knight Order?

"Please let me be the first to join this new Royal Knight Order!" Shira temporarily put aside the strange naming and eagerly volunteered to be the first to sign up.

With his strength as a nearly hero-ranked knight, joining this new knight order would undoubtedly lead to important roles.

This is also a crucial move for the noble faction.

"I'm sorry... but that won't be possible," Princess Ain sadly shook her head as she looked at Viscount Shira, who was praised as the top talented knight among the nobles.

It's not about strength. After the emperor's first magic army legion wiped out the king and queen along with the royal knight corps, Viscount Shira became one of the top experts in the kingdom.

If they were to rebuild the royal knight corps normally, Viscount Shira would definitely have a place, both from a political and strength standpoint.

However, the holy silver dragon knight corps she is about to establish is not your usual knight corps.

"No, this can't be!" Viscount Shira's face showed a stunned expression, unable to believe her ears.

"It's not a problem even if I'm not the captain or the leader, I can join as a regular knight!" After a few seconds of thinking, Viscount Shira thought it might be a problem with her noble representative status.

She truly wanted to join this holy silver dragon knight corps, unrelated to the political games behind it. She genuinely wanted to fight for the queen.

"I'm sorry, it's not about strength or status, but about gender," Princess Ain shook her head, indicating her powerlessness.

"Gender issue?" Whether it was Viscount Shira, Duke Parbad, or Count Gaspar, they all had a shocked expression on their faces.

"That's right, the holy silver dragon knight corps only recruits girls under the age of eighteen from the royal knight corps."

"Except for the royal family with divine era bloodline, everyone else must be pure young girls."

"In other words, this is a group of young female knights." Ain bit her lip, not wanting to use this method unless absolutely necessary.

Is this considered deceiving the world?

No, she didn't lie, although the goal of creating the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order was actually to "hatch a sacred silver dragon egg".

But the goal of forming the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order is real, and this knight order will become the kingdom's strongest knight order.

She had already felt it, her physical and mental strength had increased after exchanging vital energy with the silver dragon egg. It was a miracle of life.

And her younger sister, Adley, was even more remarkable. Her benefits from the silver dragon egg were greater, lasting twice as long.

By extrapolating, the act of hatching the dragon egg itself has incredible miraculous effects, like "enhancing innate abilities".

Truly fitting for a sacred giant dragon from the stars. Merely getting close to the dragon egg and exchanging vital energy has yielded such great rewards. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that this egg is the spark of revolution for this world.

So, it is necessary to form a team to hatch eggs.

The Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order was established for this purpose.

"The Girls' Knight Order?" Duke Parbad's beard went crooked. Even in the history of the divine era, there was no such rebellious record!

A group of girls under the age of eighteen, how can they have the ability to form a knight order? Isn't this just child's play?

"Only pure girls under the age of eighteen are eligible." Count Gaspar instinctively began to assess Princess Ain's decision from a merchant's perspective and quickly discovered a lot of business opportunities.

"Is it limited to the kingdom?"

"No, it is not limited to the kingdom's women. As long as they are under the age of eighteen, have purity, and, well, not ugly, they can participate."

Based on her own and Adley's experience, as well as the records on the cover and back cover of the book "The Correct Way to Hatch Dragon Eggs," Princess Ain could easily infer the criteria for selecting people to hatch the eggs.

"It doesn't matter if they are not part of the human race. As long as they meet the requirements, whether they are land-dwelling or from the sea, everyone is eligible."

From the back cover of that book, it's better to say that it's good to gather beautiful girls from different races. The Dragon race is indeed a very magical race.


"This is unrealistic. These are all girls who are not even 18 years old. How can they have any combat power?" Viscount Shira couldn't help but shout loudly.

The selection criteria for this so-called Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order is simply insulting to the path of knighthood he inherited.

"I am also not yet 18 years old. Do you think I have no combat power?" Princess Ain looked coldly at the frustrated Viscount Shira.

"No, absolutely not..." Viscount Shira, whose mind was overheating, finally remembered that the princess in front of him had recently used the nuclear explosion forbidden spell to annihilate the Empire's first magic army legion.

The strongest mage in the continent, of the divine era, forbidden spells.

This year, she is only fourteen years old.

"But, Princess, you are an exception among exceptions!"

"How could those weak and powerless girls compare to a princess with a divine era bloodline?"

"Exactly, it's absurd to gather a group of girls under eighteen years old to form a knight order."

Except for Count Gaspar, who had hidden thoughts, both Duke Parbad from the royal faction and Viscount Shira from the noble faction thought Ain's decision was hasty.

"So, what if I say that I have a way to let these girls obtain some of the divine era's power?" Watching Duke Parbad and Viscount Shira vehemently opposing, Ain finally dropped the biggest bomb.

"What? This is impossible!" Duke Parbad shouted in astonishment.

"Impossible! The power of the divine era has long ago..." Viscount Shira also yelled.

In their understanding, the power system of the divine era had already collapsed.

Towards the end of the divine era, people discovered that the magic tide started to decline. They used every means, even breaking taboos, but couldn't change this trend.

Now, Princess Ain was actually saying she wanted to rebuild the knight order of the divine era.

Can this be possible?

Can this be possible?

"Why not?," Princess Ain smiled and extended her snow-white hand, pointing towards the starry sky - which appeared as a towering castle to others.

"The power of miracles has awakened."

The gasps of Duke Parbad and Viscount Shira suddenly became urgent.

Their gazes towards the Divine Era Tower became intensely passionate.

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