Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1032

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Chapter 1032: A New Knight Order

"But, I forgive you."

With a sudden turn of events, just when they thought all hope was lost, a new opportunity presented itself. This perfectly described the feelings of the three representatives at that moment.

Life has its ups and downs, and it's truly thrilling.

Prior to receiving Princess Ain's command to go to the tower, they had all left farewell letters.

This is the price of betrayal. They have committed a huge mistake. Who could have imagined that the princess, who is only fourteen years old in people's eyes, would actually possess the true power of the divine era heritage?

The user of the forbidden spell called "nuclear explosion" was the most powerful warlock in the divine era, who destroyed the first magic army legion of the Empire.

Princess Ain, who came out of the high tower, was covered in countless mysterious auras.

From the moment the first magic army legion of the Empire was obliterated by the forbidden spell "nuclear explosion," Princess Ain ceased to be just a talented warlock of the divine era bloodline in people's eyes; she leaped to become the top forbidden magic user on this continent.

Even in the divine era period, a mage who could cast forbidden spells alone, even with the power of divine era heritage, could become a renowned superpower throughout the entire continent.

Not to mention in the modern era after the decline of the magic tide, forbidden spell users are absolute destructive weapons.

As long as the divine era heritage still stands, even the Empire would not dare to make any reckless moves.

In fact, the imperial spies they had been in contact with had brought news of peace talks.

This war, since the complete annihilation of the first magic army legion of the Empire, has basically come to an end.

No one wanted to face the forbidden spell called "nuclear explosion," which left nothing but ashes, and the first magic army legion poured cold water on everyone.

Even during the divine era, the nuclear explosion forbidden spell, which only had incomplete experimental records, appeared and made everyone feel deep fear from the bottom of their hearts.

The central part of the nuclear blast completely melted the earth, destroying everything within the range of the shockwave, and the hot wind even blew onto the walls of the royal city, hundreds of kilometers away.

If this scene had occurred not in the wilderness, but in a city of a certain country, or even in the capital, it would not have been just the complete annihilation of a few thousand soldiers from the empire's first magic army legion.

The inevitable outcome was that millions of people, along with the entire city, turned to ash and smoke.

It was not only General Ryder, the leader of the empire's army, who broke into a cold sweat after receiving the data report on the nuclear blast. Anyone who saw this report would doubt their own eyes.

Even during the divine era, there wasn't such an exaggerated forbidden spell, right? Isn't this something that should only exist in fantasy magic novels?

However, this is real. The central area where the nuclear blast occurred is still inaccessible. Just the data collected from the areas devastated by the shockwave has already made countless scholars tremble in fear and doubt their testing tools.

The power of a nuclear blast is incredibly terrifying.

When Princess Ain walked out of the divine era tower, holding Adley's hand, her identity had already changed drastically from her past.

No one doubted whether she could inherit the country.

As a rare forbidden spellcaster even in the divine era, her nuclear explosion forbidden spell had made her the supreme ruler of this continent.

People could only marvel at how extraordinary the bloodline of the divine era was.

The last intact relic of the divine era on the continent could truly be called the "God Tower" miracle.

The current Princess Ain only needed one sentence to determine the life and death of everyone here.

After all, whether it was Duke Parbad from the royal family, Count Gaspar from the merchant class, or Viscount Shira from the nobles, they all made the same choice.

The fact proved that they were terribly wrong.

"I know you are not bad people."

"I forgive you, but that doesn't mean I will pardon the mistakes you have made."

After meeting the divine silver dragon, Princess Ain's view expanded from just the kingdom to the endless night sky above.

Like all the divine era bloodline warlocks who dedicate their lives to the Divine Era Tower, she had been fascinated by the starry sky for a long time. Compared to the brief lives of humans, the mysteries contained within the stars were infinite.

Generation after generation, the divine era bloodline warlocks followed the ancient tradition, and many of them, even after inheriting the title of Guardian, never set foot outside this continent's tallest building.

For them, observing the stars in the sky and depicting the patterns of the night sky were more charming than anything else in this world.

Throughout their lives, they immersed themselves in the starry sky. Many of them never married. The books filled with celestial records in the library tower were proof of their existence.

Observing the stars, understanding them, and dreaming of a path to the world of the stars.

People bound by the atmosphere of the earth desire wings more than anything else, wings that can take them out of this world and into the infinite and vast starry sky.

Now, she has finally found her own wings and can fly freely, carrying her towards a broader world.

Compared to her predecessors, Ain is fortunate because she has finally found that opportunity, the key that can change the world.

For this wish.

For the promise with the holy silver dragon.

She was willing to forgive her betrayed loved ones, merchants, and nobles at any cost, as it was only the beginning of the plan.

"I am going to be crowned as king," Ain said, word by word, expressing his decision.

"That is only natural, Your Majesty, our queen," Duke Parbad, representing the conservative faction of the royal family, was the first to kneel before Ain, offering his loyalty.

"As our proud queen, possessing such power," he said sincerely.

These words came from the heart.

The strong are respected, that is an eternal truth.

The empire was able to be established and attracted the allegiance of many branches of the royal family initially because the emperor, who was an unparalleled genius, defeated the king who had inherited the bloodline of the divine era.

"We will definitely hold the grandest coronation ceremony on the continent, and all expenses will be covered by our merchant alliance," Count Gaspar wiped his sweat while wearing a flattering smile.

There is nothing in this world that money can't solve, and if there is, it means we don't have enough money.

Facing Princess Ain, who possesses the forbidden spell of nuclear explosion, soon to be our queen, it is essential for us merchants to minimize losses. This is the way for us to survive.

"Under your radiance, the kingdom will enter a whole new era."

"All the nobles will support you, our great queen," Viscount Theon's eyes were filled with fanaticism. As the most outstanding knight of the noble faction, he admired strong individuals more than anyone else.

Now, Ain truly became the strongest on the continent.

"I, will rebuild the Empire's Royal Knights!"

"The new royal knight order shall be called the Sacred Silver Dragon Knights!"

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