Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1029

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Chapter 1029: The Princess's Secret Lessons

For a nine-year-old child, especially a little princess living in a fairy tale world, there was nothing strange about the girl on the cover, just like a mermaid.

Naturally, she quickly accepted the methods of hatching dragon eggs.

"Hmm, first we need to take off our clothes." With innocent eyes, Adley quickly imitated what her sister had just done and took off her princess dress and long socks.

Even though she was only nine years old, Adley had a perfectly adorable body, with a touch of childishness but delicate and smooth skin, as soft and tender as newly fallen snow.

With her perfect proportions, slender and round fragrant shoulders, slender waist, and smooth soft tummy, when the gorgeous princess dress slowly floated down from her snowy white fingertips, even Princess Ain's heart couldn't help but beat faster.

"Hmm... if my sister can do it... Adley can do it too!" The little princess shyly reached out her small hand and straightened her chest.

The beautiful and cute Xiao Cao, like a budding flower, delicately and shyly stood on top of the silver giant egg.

"Hmm..." Compared to her older sister, young Adley's body was more sensitive. Just by touching it, her tender and vibrant lips involuntarily let out a soft moan.

The tender and smooth tip of the strawberry started to show more pink. Then, like a spreading infection, it quickly spread all over Adley's small body.

"Sister... what is this... so strange..." Like Princess Ain, Adley also felt the burning and passionate dragon's spiritual energy rushing through her young body.

"Don't resist, Adley..."

"That is a blessing... it's a hope..." Ain looked at her cute-sounding sister with a complex expression in her eyes.

As someone with experience, she knew how intoxicating that feeling was, but her body couldn't handle it anymore.

"Hmm... sister... I will do my best..." Adley, just like Ain, possessed a quality of great determination and managed to endure.

Soon, her expression became dazed. Waves of unfamiliar sensations rushed through her tender body. Reactions that shouldn't have appeared at her age emerged prematurely under the influence of the immense dragon's spiritual energy.

Just like when they first met, Adley showed even greater magical talent than her older sister, but it didn't mean she could tolerate the dragon's spiritual energy washing over her.

"Ah... whimper..." In less than a minute, Adley's face turned bright red, her feet clenched tightly, and she looked like she was about to cry.

"Sister... sister... I..." Looking at those unknown water marks, Adley suddenly became flustered. And what was that feeling just now? It was like being instantly shocked by countless electric currents, causing spasms from her fingertips to her toes.

"It's okay... Adley, you're growing up..." Princess Ain truly didn't know what expression to show in this situation.

It should have been a cause for celebration that her younger sister had greater magical talent, but to display it in this way was just too embarrassing.

What happened today would definitely remain a secret known only to the two of them!

Now, she had to give her sister a lesson in personal hygiene, just like her mother did when she first had her period.

"Don't be scared... this is something that happens to girls as they grow up..." Accompanying Adley, Ain gently cleaned her sister's body.

One minute later, Adley's little face turned red once again. Her snow-white skin continuously flushed, and the sisters were surprisingly similar in terms of sensitivity. They were both easily moved and incredibly delicate and cute.

It means that when they are in this situation, they easily fall down, and both sisters are not immune to this kind of thing.

"Sister... I... feel strange..."

"Feels good, but also scared..." This is the first time Adley has experienced this, completely clueless about what is happening. She looks at her sister with teary eyes, but doesn't let go of the dragon egg.

"Yes... everyone has a first time... Sister is just like you..." Ain gently takes care of her little sister, while deeply understanding why the dragon egg hatching ceremony requires such a big bath.

So, the purpose of that bath is like this... After realizing the true purpose of the divine era relic she is protecting, Ain's cheeks turn red.

The God Tower, which is considered extremely sacred in people's eyes, the Tower of Origin, the Tower of Observing the Stars, and the result is...

Ah, this secret, I really don't want the people of my own country to know.


"Wuwuwu!" In the girl's tender and pitiful cries, Adley quickly experiences the third, fourth, and fifth shocks.

The large dragon's magical energy flowed around the little princess's body, constantly merging and exchanging their respective essences, giving and receiving at the same time.

The continuous and adorable sounds lasted for about half an hour before finally coming to an end.

"Sister... did I do well?" Adley lay in her sister's arms, wrapped only in a towel, looking at Princess Ain with a confused expression.

After thirty consecutive intense impacts, Adley's tiny body almost merged with the dragon's magical energy, making her look incredibly cute and captivating, to the point of being irresistible.

The smooth, tender and fragrant skin was as delicate as freshly peeled bamboo shoots, even the slightest movement would make your heart skip a beat.

Two little feet, pearly white with adorable pearl-like toenails, just like a string of beads.

It was as smooth as gelatin, with a sweet, powdery fragrance.

So gentle, soft, and indescribably marvelous.

The enchanting, misty eyes resembled a state of half-sleep, neither awake nor asleep, neither intoxicated nor sober.

Her clothes faded away, revealing her soft and pale waist and tender and smooth breasts. Together with her innocent and sweet voice, filled with both sweetness and sorrow, she sang with restraint and grace, causing even Princess Ain to blush and feel her heart race.

Her body was gentle, even her sobbing voice was gentle.

The bending of her snow-white and tender legs, the trembling of her slender body, and the sobbing sound of her young voice.

"Pafu! Pafu!" Whether it was an illusion or not, Princess Ain heard a voice filled with pleasure and satisfaction.

The voice seemed to come from inside the dragon egg.

It seemed that the sacred dragon egg was very satisfied with Adley's hatching process.

Lasting for thirty minutes, twice as long as Ain, it was the best proof.

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