Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1030

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Chapter 1030: The Birth of a Queen

"Sister... how much longer until the baby hatches?!" After recovering slightly from her weak and weary state, Adley fearlessly touched the silver dragon egg with her fingertips.

"Ah-woo!" A cute and captivating sound came out of the little princess's cherry lips. Her little feet, so soft and tender, trembled with an irresistible charm.

"Adley... our words alone may not be enough..." Ain struggled to take her sister away from the edge of the dragon egg.

According to the records in the book "The Correct Method of Hatching Dragon Eggs," even during the divine era, it was necessary to gather at least a hundred pure and innocent maidens with special bloodlines, preferably from different races, to have a hope of hatching the weakest white dragon egg.

This remnant from the divine era was built for that purpose, and even now, millions of years later, it still stands tall upon the earth.

The buildings on the surface that were built at the same time as this remnant from the divine era have all been eroded by time and are almost completely gone.

After Princess Ain learned the truth about the relic she was protecting, she understood even more the importance of the dragon clan to this tower. It is the only place capable of hatching the dragon eggs that have lost their mothers.

She even wondered if the dragon clan had not completely perished and that one day they would return to this land, and this hatching tower would also experience a rebirth.

"How could this happen? Is my love not enough? I will work even harder to help!" It must be said that the two sisters were surprisingly similar in many ways, and Adley also took the responsibility for the unsuccessful hatching of the dragon egg upon herself.

She struggled to stand up, looking like she was going to attempt hatching the egg again.

"It's not your fault, we did our best."

"But, this is a dragon egg." Ain still didn't say it, even to her closest sister, she kept the secret.

This dragon egg doesn't belong to this world, and what hatches from it won't be just any baby dragon, but a beautiful, divine, and majestic silver dragon.

The only secret she won't tell anyone, not even her sister Adley.

Because, it's her promise with the silver dragon.

"To hatch a dragon egg, we alone are not enough." Ain had to accept the reality.

Whether it's her or Adley, who has even greater talent than her, they can't hatch this sacred silver dragon egg, even if they take turns.

According to the instructions in "The Proper Way to Hatch a Dragon Egg," a real female dragon needs to continuously use her body heat and love for a non-stop period of twenty-four hours to complete this difficult process.

And the time she and Adley combined can't even reach an hour, and that's with the assumption that Adley's divine era bloodline is much better than hers.

To ensure the continuous hatching process for twenty-four hours, you would need at least forty-eight girls with the same divine era bloodline as Adley.

This is the most exceptional divine era bloodline on this continent, and you won't even find a second one, let alone forty-eight.

If it were her, it would probably take hundreds of people to carry out this project.

But on this continent, there are only two pure and divine era bloodline girls, them alone!

This is not the divine era, where can we find so many pure girls with divine era bloodline to help with hatching!

Even if we add up the remaining divine era bloodlines from the other continents, it still won't be enough to meet this requirement!

So, there is only one solution left.

"Adley... Do you want to hatch this egg?" Adley's eyes gradually became determined, showing a willpower that would never give up no matter what challenges they face.

"Hmm, Adley really loves this egg." Setting aside their beloved teddy bear, Adley's eyes sparkled with stars.

It was a love that couldn't be hidden, unique to children with their focus and wild imagination.

For Adley, who grew up with fairy tales, the appearance of this dragon egg was like a dream.

It's a dragon!

It's a real giant dragon egg!

Legend has it that since the divine era, there hasn't been a mysterious and powerful giant dragon like this, the protagonist of countless fairy tales.

A dragon that kidnaps princesses and sets traps to make heroes suffer.

The dragon that guides heroes and saves the world.

A majestic dragon that soars freely in the sky.

Regardless of which fairy tale, the presence of a dragon is overwhelming, even overshadowing the original protagonists of the story.

Humans have many guesses about life they don't understand. Adley has always been interested in the stories of dragons, but there aren't many books about real dragons in the kingdom's library.

The only book is the one Ain opened, titled "The Correct Method for Hatching Dragon Eggs." Adley wanted to open this book with a label saying it's forbidden for people under the age of 18 to read, but she has never succeeded.

Even Ain, after their parents fought in the final battle and gained complete control of the divine era's heritage, only then had the ability to open this book.

Hmm, the two sisters are still incredibly similar in this aspect.

"Well... we have to work hard then..." Ain stroked her younger sister's head, and the soft touch of her fingertips made her gaze become even gentler.

Some things must be faced.

With their father and mother gone, and the kingdom in turmoil, it's time to step up.

If, on a night where they saw shooting stars streak across the sky, Ain still had doubts and felt lost about the future, now she is filled with courage and ready to face all difficulties and dangers.

Never give up until the final moment!

Until the very end, we will never sacrifice easily!

Now, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Forbidden spell, that kind of thing doesn't exist, but let others misunderstand it.

What exists here is something even more powerful and precious than a forbidden spell!

The empire's proud black technology, which can break through even the world barrier and come from the sky to this land, is nothing more than a child's plaything in front of the sacred silver dragon.

The true new era is right here, right in front of her.

As long as this dragon egg can be hatched, this world will definitely embrace a brand new dawn.

Ain has a lot of things she wants to say to the sacred silver dragon, a lot of knowledge she wants to learn, and all of this depends on hatching this sacred dragon egg.

She is willing to pay any price for this goal!

Even if we have to gather all the power in the country, we will not hesitate!

"Adley, from now on, you are the very first princess of the kingdom."

"I will become the queen."

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