Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1028

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Chapter 1028: Adley

Why is it like this?

It was originally a secret that belonged only to oneself, a truth that only oneself knew and didn't belong to this world.

If possible, Princess Ain would absolutely not want anyone else to touch this silver dragon egg. It is the highest secret of the entire kingdom, with a level of secrecy possibly even greater than the divine era relics she guarded.

The divine era relics belong to the mysteries of this world, while the silver sacred dragon comes from a power outside of this world.

The moment Princess Ain saw the sacred, pure, and majestic silver figure, she couldn't help but be enamored by it.

Now, knowing that she needs the power of other pure maidens to hatch this dragon egg, Princess Ain is extremely reluctant.

She didn't even know what happened to herself, but it felt like something very important was going to be taken away.

"I... I can still do it..." Princess Ain clenched her teeth, wiped herself clean, even though she was almost drained, she faced the challenge once again and pressed against the shell of the dragon egg.

"Woo... Ha..."

"Hmm... Hmm... No, not there." The enchanting but weak voice spread through the room at the top of the tower. Princess Ain could only hold on for less than a minute before collapsing completely.

Her trembling hands and feet, and her slender waist spasming and twitching. Eventually, her snow-white feet pressed firmly together, and a shy blush colored her fair skin.

No, she had absorbed more vital energy than her limit.

The difference in vitality between dragons and humans was too vast, to the point where it couldn't be changed by individual will alone.

No, it just wasn't possible.

The size of the two, even if Ain wanted to compensate, was impossible.

"Now... I have no choice but to find someone to help." Princess Ain lay on the ground, gasping heavily, her eyes filled with strong unwillingness.

Why was she so weak and powerless? If her constitution was strong enough to absorb sufficient vital energy, at least she could have lasted longer.

Fifteen minutes is too short for hatching eggs.

"Big sister... what are you doing?" A little figure with a doll in arms pushed open the door of the high tower observatory, looking surprised and confused at Princess Ain, who was completely naked and panting.

The second princess of the kingdom, and also the younger sister of Princess Ain, who was one of the remaining two divine era bloodline princesses, made her appearance. Little Princess Adley was here.

She was five years younger than Princess Ain and was only nine years old this year. She inherited the excellent bloodline of the divine era.

Since she was young, she had shown extraordinary magic talent. Just like Princess Ain, she was another princess qualified to inherit the divine era tower Guardian's position.

Compared to her sister, she had a more delicate and rosy face, a cute figure like a porcelain doll, big watery eyes, and in her innocent and curious pupils, there was a lot of kindness towards the world.

Like flowers grown in a greenhouse, a pure and innocent little princess, an elf who knew nothing about the world -- these were probably the best words to describe Adley.

From childhood to adulthood, she had never held anything heavier than her doll. She grew up being cared for by her parents and sister, and she didn't even know the terrible news that their country was about to be destroyed.

She had a big butterfly bow tied on her hair, a big heart-shaped gemstone necklace hanging on her chest, and a standard princess gown. The hem of the dress was surrounded by a circle of white lace, and then there were knee-high pure white stockings, revealing her snow-white and crystal-clear skin between the dress and stockings.

Continuing downwards, there was a pair of very cute high-topped round-toe boots. The main part of the boots was pink, but the laces, toes, and soles were off-white, like colors from a fairy tale.

"Adley... can you pull me up?" Normally, Ain would never let her little sister see her in such a terrible state, but now she had no strength left.

"Okay!" Adley ran over to her sister and reached out her hand, trying hard to pull up Princess Ain, who felt weak all over.

"Thank you, you've been a great help." With her sister's assistance, Princess Ain managed to put on her clothes and finally regained some of her princess-like appearance.

However, her trembling delicate body still faintly revealed something.

"Sister, what is this egg? It's so big!" After pulling up her sister, the little princess's attention was immediately captured by the silver-white giant egg in front of her.

The giant egg was three meters tall, three times her own height!

What kind of creature's egg was this? Why had she never seen it before?

Was there something inside the egg?

Maybe it's because of the special traits in their bloodline, or maybe it's because they are sisters, but when Adley saw this egg for the first time, she dropped her beloved teddy bear and fell in love with this unknown giant egg.

In her little heart, the position of this giant egg was rapidly rising, replacing the spot where her teddy bear used to be, becoming her most favorite thing.

Unfortunately, it was just too big, she couldn't even hold it!

"Be careful... Adley..." Ain nervously shouted as she watched Adley touch the dragon egg without any protection.

Due to her special body as a warlock with divine era bloodline, she absorbed almost all of the energy, and her little sister, who was still young, couldn't imagine the consequences of touching the dragon egg.

"It's so warm... sis... this egg is really interesting." Contrary to Ain's expectations, Adley quickly adapted to the contact with the dragon egg, and even laughed happily.

"Adley..." Ain, witnessing this scene, couldn't help feeling a bit jealous of her own sister.

Without a doubt, this meant that her sister had talents surpassing her own, and her affinity with the dragon egg was even higher than hers!

This world, it's really unfair.

It was her who first found the dragon egg and hugged it, she did everything first.

"No... this doesn't seem like my sister," Princess Ain held her head, strongly rejecting her terrible thoughts.

Adley is her little sister, the last one on this continent who shares the same divine era bloodline with her!

Jealousy and such things are too ugly!

"Hmm, what is this?" Adley curiously picked up the mysterious book beside the dragon egg.

Author, unknown.

Source, unknown.

Viewing prohibited for those under the age of eighteen.

The Correct Method for Hatching Dragon Eggs

Also, on the cover, there's a cute girl hugging the dragon egg with gentle love.

"The most important thing to hatch a dragon egg is to be full of love." Adley looked at the girl on the cover with innocent eyes and started learning the correct knowledge of hatching dragon eggs, just like her sister.

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