Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1025

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Chapter 1025: The Sound of a Close Heartbeat

The Correct Method for Hatching Dragon Eggs

The first thing needed for the correct hatching of dragon eggs is love.

"Love?" Ain hesitated, not expecting this to be the first requirement.

Dragon eggs are extraordinary and special living beings. The one who hatches them must have 100% love for the dragon eggs in order to awaken the sleeping baby dragons inside.

Even though they are still in egg form, the baby dragons have some perception of the outside world. Remember, it is necessary to incubate the dragon eggs with love. If this cannot be done, it is better to give up on hatching the dragon eggs.

Dragons hatched in malicious environments, even if by chance they succeed, will become extremely terrifying creatures. They might even kill all the surrounding creatures the moment they open their eyes.

To hatch a dragon egg, it is best to find a pure-hearted girl who is under eighteen years old. Only after meeting this condition can the next step be taken.

For this reason, "The Correct Method for Hatching Dragon Eggs" even specifically depicts the outline of the ideal girl for hatching dragon eggs, which coincidentally matches the girl Ain saw on the cover.

Blushing, Ain carefully compared herself to the girl in the book and discovered that she met most of the requirements.

Body, qualified.

Chest, barely qualified.

Smoothness of the skin, qualified.

Hmm, at least she met this initial condition.

As if feeling Ain's gaze, the pages continued to turn, starting to explain in detail the other conditions for hatching dragon eggs.

After meeting the basic conditions for hatching dragon eggs, it is necessary to determine what type of dragon egg it is.

Eggs laid by different types of dragons have different requirements for hatching conditions.

Red dragons, without exception, are mostly fire dragons. These dragon eggs need to be hatched as close as possible to regions with active fire elements, preferably inside volcanoes.

"I can't do that!" Ain shook her head. She's not a grand mage from the divine era, she doesn't have the ability to survive inside a volcano.

Soaking the magma is used to warm up the shell of the rising dragon eggs. Only fire dragons can do things like taking a bath with dragon eggs in magma.

The black dragon prefers wet and hot environments. A toxic swamp is an ideal place for hatching eggs.

Ain sighed. It's impossible to do that. The toxic swamp is located within the empire's territory. How can he bring such a large dragon egg there to hatch?

Blue dragons are mostly water or ice dragons. They can consider hatching eggs underwater or in the icy world at the edge of the world.

Ain calculated the distance and the difficulty of the round trip. Where do the dragons hatch their eggs?

Turning the pages, Ain gained a lot of knowledge about dragon egg hatching, but none of it matched his situation.

The book vividly depicted the appearance of different dragon eggs when they grow up—the appearance of the dragons at the pinnacle of all creatures in this world.

Different dragon eggs correspond to different types of dragons. There are about dozens of branches. These were the rulers of the ancient times, even during the divine era, which was the peak of human civilization, the dragons were the rulers of the world.

The problem is, none of these dragons match the silver-white dragon Ain saw.

The beautiful and proud figure, a mix of a dragon and a half-human outline, with shimmering scales, was more powerful and sacred than any dragon recorded in this book.

After flipping through the entire book "How to Hatch Dragon Eggs Correctly," Ain only had one kind of knowledge mentioned on the cover - to embrace the dragon egg with love.

No matter what type of dragon it is, this method is universal and serves as the foundation for all egg hatching methods.

Even for dragon eggs that don't belong to this world, it's the same - with a nervous heart, Ain shyly removed their clothes and pressed against the shell of this huge dragon egg.

Compared to the eggs depicted in the book, this egg was really too big. Even with Ain's effort to reach out their hands, they couldn't hold the egg. They could only feel the smoothness and warmth of the egg with the temperature of their own skin.




They could hear the strong and powerful heartbeat contained within the silver-white dragon egg.

That is the heartbeat of life, that is the most wonderful sound in the world.

Dragon eggs must be nurtured with "love," and Ain's little face turned red. For someone who is not yet eighteen years old, this method of hatching eggs is really exciting.

The closer she got to this silver-white dragon egg, the more she could feel that strange and warm aura. The girl's skin gently touched the smooth shell of the dragon egg as she poured her love into it, bit by bit.

Hurry up and hatch, mighty silver dragon.

This country needs your power.

If what I do can be of any help to you, even just a little bit, that would be great.


In a haze, Yun Xi heard the sound of a heartbeat.

One was a very, very powerful heartbeat that shook the entire world. Each beat caused a tremendous impact, as if to shatter the darkness that enveloped him.

One is a very, very faint and warm heartbeat, which is so weak compared to the huge heartbeat, yet it bravely makes its own sound.

Am I still alive?

Oh, right, I successfully escaped from there.

So, what do I look like now?

Inside my body, there flows scorching blood, and with every breath, I can feel an immensely powerful force.

Can a human body have a heartbeat like this?

Can a human body have blood that churns like a volcano eruption?

A vast amount of limits seems to have been shattered in one breath. This body has an incredible strength, and there are even some unusual things accompanying it.

In my memory, it seems that I traveled through countless star territories in one breath, and finally landed in an unknown world.

When crossing the atmosphere, everything around was burning wildly and the temperature reached a terrifying level. Even meteorites made entirely of metal would instantly turn to ashes.

However, this wasn't a threat. Despite being in a hazy state, Yun Xi felt this way.

Although the earth was getting closer, there was no fear at all.

Just fall like this. In the depths of his mind, he seemed to sense a signal, like an apple naturally falling from a tree, he also collided with the earth of this world.

In the warm orange, everything started to become peaceful.

Sleep now, and after waking up, you will be able to see a brand new world.

At that time, proudly lift your head and fulfill the task of coming to this world, child.

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