Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1026

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Chapter 1026: The Princess's Limit

In Ain's memory, incubating eggs was a privilege of birds and reptiles. It was natural to assume that hatching dragon eggs would be a similar process.

Although the dragon egg she was incubating was much bigger than the dragon eggs mentioned in the book "The Correct Way to Hatch Dragon Eggs," the principle should be similar.

The most important thing to hatch a dragon egg, as mentioned in the book, is love, which she should have plenty of.

She had the highest respect for the silver dragon that had descended from the sky and saved the entire kingdom, and she also felt an indescribable sense of gratitude.

When she saw the majestic silver figure, her heart couldn't help but beat faster, as if there were voices echoing in her mind.

This was destiny, her destiny as a princess in the divine era.

If it weren't for this, how would she have such a coincidental encounter with a divine silver dragon descending from the sky?

The splendid and powerful presence made her blush and her heart race uncontrollably, also bringing her a glimpse of dawn.

She was the last princess of this country and the last remaining member of the divine era bloodline on this continent.

Her father and mother bravely sacrificed themselves, protecting the country until the very end.

At that time, she saw her father and mother leave, and she prepared herself for the scariest nightmare that she and her sister would face.

But even so, she didn't give up hope.

Until the very last moment, she would not sacrifice herself easily!

Until the very last moment, she would not give up hope!

Even if it was an unfounded method like wishing to the stars, she hoped to protect her country until the very end.

Even when the nobles in the royal city completely gave up, she never gave up either.

This is the dignity from the divine era bloodline, even in death, she would lift her head high and face it with dignity.

If the dragon egg needed blood as a sacrifice, she would willingly cut her wrist and offer her own blood.

She was willing to give all of her love to hatch the dragon egg, considering it the most important thing in her life, as it carried the sacred silver dragon.

At first, this process went very smoothly.

Very soon, she heard the gradually synchronized heartbeat, naked with her snowy white body pressed against the dragon egg. She could even feel a special energy flowing back from the dragon egg and entering her body.

The place where this scorching energy passed through made Ain tremble uncontrollably, and her snowy white skin turned a charming crimson.

However, the development of the situation quickly exceeded Ain's imagination.

"It's so hot..." As the girl's snowy white body began to be colored, her body temperature continued to rise.

The dragon's spiritual energy forcibly entered her body, flowing through her blood vessels and nerves unstoppably. In just a short ten minutes, it surpassed the limit of Princess Ain, who possessed a divine era bloodline.

Her racial limit has been reached!

As a non-dragon, even if she is full of love, her physical condition cannot meet the requirements of hatching a dragon egg.

This kind of thing should never be done by creatures other than dragons.

To hatch a dragon egg, you need love, special environments with magic, and the crucial care of the dragon mother.

Just like a sparrow trying to hatch an ostrich egg, the huge difference in size and total amount of magic between them makes this an impossible task.

After fifteen minutes, Princess Ain trembled all over. Her snow-white, tender little feet slipped weakly from the shell of the dragon egg. Her whole body was mixed with sweat and a special fragrance, and her tired face showed an expression of exhaustion and excitement.

"Haha... I... can't... do it!" It's not that Princess Ain's will is not strong enough, or that her love is insufficient, but what was consumed during the fusion with the dragon egg far exceeded her imagination.

In just fifteen minutes, she had more than ten convulsions. A certain shy liquid mixed with sweat made her too embarrassed to even lift her head.

She's still an unmarried princess! If people find out about this, how can she still get married?

Is this an exception? Is it because this dragon egg is special?

Why is it that something as simple as embracing a dragon egg, she cannot endure?

After fifteen minutes, she was completely weak and unable to lift even a finger. It was as if she had been ruthlessly violated over and over again, like an unfortunate girl.

Finally, what went wrong?

Ain struggled with their sore and numb body, struggling to pick up the book "The Correct Way to Hatch Dragon Eggs". They flipped through the pages until they reached the last one, only then realizing what they had overlooked.

"The Correct Way to Hatch Dragon Eggs" Note - Considering the huge differences in body size and magical power limit between dragonkind and other intelligent beings, if there is a need for non-dragon intelligent beings to hatch dragon eggs, more people are required to assist in the hatching process.

Depending on the different characteristics of the dragon eggs, the required materials and number of people for hatching will vary.

Taking the weakest white dragon as an example, please prepare at least around one hundred pure, innocent girls as candidates for egg hatching.

If these girls possess a divine era bloodline or an equivalent exceptional physique, it would be even better. If they don't possess any special bloodline, then more people are needed to make up for it.

It seems that the back cover is specifically drawn to illustrate the facilities needed for the ideal hatching of dragon eggs.

It is an extremely, extremely large bath that can accommodate three-digit girls bathing together.

A transparent dragon egg is placed in the center of the bath, and the girls are scattered around it, looking at the egg with curiosity or excitement in their eyes.

Most of them were human, but there were also some from other races.

The Mermaid clan, with beautiful fish tails, gathered in groups while holding harps. They seemed to be singing lullabies for the tiny life inside the eggs.

The fairy clan, with pointed ears, decorated the dragon eggs with green leaves, full of laughter and joy.

There were also rare elemental spirits, dancing gracefully around the dragon eggs.

Their only common trait was that they were all completely naked, showcasing the natural beauty of their respective races as they surrounded the dragon egg.

"This book... is just..." Ain was at a loss for words. The author who wrote this book must be abnormal, or perhaps it was permeated with a prank-like taste from beginning to end.

How terrible of a character must someone be to write such a book!

Unfortunately, she had no other choice.

It seemed that she was too arrogant, thinking she could hatch this dragon egg all by herself.

This kind of creature wants to break out of its shell, but she alone is unable to do so.

At the same time, it also unraveled a huge mystery that had existed in her heart for a long time.

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