Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1024

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Chapter 1024: The Method of Hatching Eggs

Princess Ain, the last of the divine era kingdom, looked at the book in her hands with a troubled expression.

The Correct Method for Hatching Dragon Eggs

Author: Unknown

Source: Unknown

If it weren't for her extraordinary love for reading and her knowledge of the books left behind in the ancient divine era library, she would have never imagined that there was such a book in the library.

Who on earth wrote this book that humans would never have any use for, and for what purpose?

Moreover, it was boldly placed in the divine era tower's most precious library, alongside the spellbooks that contain various divine era magic.

Could this really not be someone's prank?

Even the humans of the divine era period couldn't get close enough to the dragons to know the exact method for hatching their eggs!

However, Ain could only try her luck with whatever she had now.

With her vast knowledge of the divine era, she understood clearly how powerful dragons were.

Even in the divine era, where many heroes emerged, dragons still stood at the pinnacle of the world's hierarchy.

They had gigantic bodies that reached tens of meters, and some records even mentioned hundreds of meters.

Their scales were so strong that they could easily ignore most magic attacks from the divine era.

A single dragon could match an army of ten thousand people and possessed a strong desire for revenge.

Throughout history, every hero who managed to slay a dragon met a tragic end. Furious dragons even destroyed more than one human kingdom.

By the end of the divine era, the world's magic tide began to decline, and the number of hero-ranked humans decreased. The presence of dragons slowly vanished from this world.

The last sighting of a dragon happened a long, long time ago. Like the fading bloodline of the divine era, dragons gradually became legends.

There were no wars or precise records of their deaths, but modern people could only gather knowledge about dragons from murals and books.

The dragon race has disappeared from this world. Even if there are one or two survivors, they are probably rare creatures on the brink of extinction. This is what the people of this era think about dragons.

Ain, who possesses the bloodline of the divine era, is no exception. Not until witnessing the shimmering silver dragon fall from the sky and instantly wipe out the Empire's first magic army legion.

"There's no other choice... This is our last hope."

If we can't get help from Lord Silver Dragon, this country will surely perish." Ain gritted her teeth as she looked at the untouched book titled "The Correct Method of Hatching Dragon Eggs.

For some reason, there was a seal placed on top of this book, which was located at the bottom floor of the library.

Only the royal family members with the divine era bloodline can break the seal. Currently, the only ones who can open this book in the country are Ain and her younger sister Adley.

Long ago, Ain was curious about the contents of this book, but her mother immediately stopped her.

"You can't read this book."

"The contents inside are still too early for you."

"To see the content of this book, you have to wait until you turn eighteen, okay?"

At that time, Ain was very confused. Was this book some kind of scary banned book?

Biting his finger, Ain depicted a magical formation in "The Correct Method of Hatching Dragon Eggs" that only the royal family knew.

This magical formation was not recorded in any books. It was a secret passed down through generations of the royal family. There were only a few books in the library that required this magic to open, and they were all related to the Divine Era's heritage.

This book was the exception because it clearly stated on the cover, "Please open after reaching the age of eighteen."

Ain was not yet eighteen, but he couldn't worry about that anymore.

Soft white light gradually covered the book's cover, and then the light of knowledge, which could not be obtained by ordinary people, began to seep into Ain's palms.

The hidden cover began to appear, and at just a first glimpse, Ain's face turned red. He understood why his mother had insisted that he wait until he was eighteen to read this book.

"The Correct Method of Hatching Dragon Eggs," the title was written at the top of the cover, and below it was -

The young girl, completely naked, held a nearly translucent dragon egg in her hands. Her delicate and graceful body emphasized two soft, rounded breasts that trembled lightly.

Her full and smooth skin, along with her snow-white legs, emitted a soft glow. Her small knees and the bends of her legs had a powdery orange-red hue, as if covered in tiny sparkling droplets.

The incredibly pale cleavage, cute little belly button, and slender waist were all clearly visible.

Her soft and smooth feet were creamy and moist, not revealing any bones. They tempted people to hold them, gently squeeze and knead them, and savor them with abandon.

The girl's eyes were filled with satisfaction and happiness, a temperament that Ain seemed unable to understand at the moment.

While cradling the dragon egg in her hands, she had slender shoulders, a delicate neck, slender collarbones, and thin arms. Her delicately cute appearance made people uncontrollably want to indulge in their desires.

The dragon egg she held had an unusual white color, like layers of creamy white milk. This smooth whiteness was so rich that it gave the illusion of being tender and delicious.

Why would this be the cover? What does it have to do with hatching dragon eggs? Ain shyly turned over the cover and began to absorb knowledge from the divine era.

However, her slender and firm legs, with their round ankles and tucked-in toes, couldn't help but tremble slightly, as if sensing something.

On the first page of the book "The Correct Method of Hatching Dragon Eggs", there are some descriptions about the characteristics of the giant dragons.

It is clear that despite the explicit cover, the author of this book has a very deep understanding of the dragon race, and Ain quickly became engrossed in it.

This book is the most accurate description of the habits of the dragon race that she has ever read.

Dragons are very powerful creatures. It is extremely difficult for them to get pregnant, so they cherish dragon eggs very much. The female dragon that lays the dragon eggs will stay by their side without eating or drinking for several years.

During the incubation period of the dragon eggs, male dragons take on the task of hunting for food and there may even be more than one male dragon guarding the female dragon.

If a few dragon eggs are accidentally lost and cannot be hatched by the mother dragon, most of them will die and become lifeless eggs.

Therefore, it is necessary to consider how to hatch dragon eggs when the mother dragon is not present.

The book records the correct method for intelligent beings to hatch dragon eggs.

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