Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1023

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Chapter 1023: The General and the Princess

The terrifying high temperature, which reached millions of degrees, was only recorded once in the divine era.

Moreover, the inaccurate data was measured only after the experiment went out of control, and the temperature at the center of the explosion may have been much higher than this number.

If that's the case, it can explain why even three titled machines couldn't escape and might have been instantly destroyed.

The nuclear explosion recorded in that experiment didn't occur on the battlefield, but it also destroyed a magic tower considered one of the greatest works of the divine era, along with the large underground testing ground beneath it, which turned into ashes.

According to later data analysis, the power of that nuclear explosion reached an unimaginable level, surpassing any forbidden spell in historical records.

Even though the "nuclear explosion" itself is not a forbidden spell, it is a disaster that occurs when a certain force loses control.

However, if there is any force in this world that can easily wipe out the Empire's strongest First Magic Army Legion from the face of the earth, perhaps it is only this.

"Has the research that failed even in the divine era succeeded here?" General Ryder looked at the scroll containing a series of shocking data and realized that only such a power could explain the demise of the Empire's First Magic Army Legion.

As someone who values reason, he was reluctant to believe that these seemingly fantastical data should exist and that calling the "nuclear explosion" a fantasy-based forbidden spell was not an exaggeration at all.

Even the strongest war armor created by the empire, with special magical powers and titles, is just a slightly harder toy in the face of a nuclear explosion, and can only last for three seconds.

"Tap! Tap! Tap!" General Ryder tapped the table with his pipe, not considering those imaginary magic spells, but looking at the practical observations and conclusions.

The forbidden spell that completely destroyed the empire's proud first magic army legion is undoubtedly "nuclear explosion".

Whether it was the huge mushroom cloud observed in the first moment or the subsequent orange shockwave, it perfectly matched the scenery described in the records of a "nuclear explosion".

In the face of such power, even having more of the empire's first magic army legions is meaningless. The destructive power of a nuclear explosion exceeds any recorded forbidden spell from the divine era, even though it wasn't actually developed as a forbidden spell.

"Someone, gather the commanders of the second and third army corps as quickly as possible."

"Suspend the siege tactics on the capital of the kingdom and report what happened here to His Majesty the Emperor."

"The entire army, stay in position and don't allow anyone to approach within a 150-kilometer radius of the capital of the kingdom!"

With certainty that this phenomenon was a "nuclear explosion" and not some imaginary "ground dissolution" or romantic "falling stars," General Ryder promptly gave the order to suspend the invasion.

In his opinion, the kingdom waited until the very last moment to use this special card, even sacrificing the previous king as bait to trick the first magic army legion into leaving the battle line and becoming surrounded. It had a certain meaning.

Perhaps, it was because launching this kind of nuclear explosion required a very long preparation time. The previous king and the royal knight group were used to buy time.

Perhaps, the unknown carrier that carried the nuclear explosion can only lock on to a limited area—only a fool would believe it's a star!

Regardless, since the kingdom played this card, which he found extremely difficult to handle, the course of the war from this moment on became confusing.

He had a feeling that this invasion of the kingdom might end here.

This was the intuition of the commander-in-chief of the kingdom's invasion war, the judgment of the battle situation.

Just by looking at his trembling and demoralized subordinates, anyone could understand how terrifying the deterrent power of the nuclear explosion was.

If this problem couldn't be solved, the war couldn't continue at all.

At the very least, they needed military force that could counter the nuclear explosion in order to continue the conquest of the kingdom. And based on General Ryder's understanding of the empire, that kind of force might not be nonexistent.

The kingdom brought out their strongest weapon, and the empire had to show some results too, otherwise not only would they not be able to invade the kingdom, but the empire itself would face a huge crisis.

Nuclear explosions, the highest level of strategic power, have such tremendous deterrent force.

As long as the kingdom still has this powerful weapon, it will be difficult for other forces to conquer them.

Anyone who has witnessed the terrifying aftermath of a nuclear explosion would be overwhelmed by its power, including General Ryder himself.

"I never expected that the last princess still held this card." After issuing the order to pause the attack, General Ryder gazed into the distance at the horizon.

In terms of generations, he was actually considered the elder of the princess; on the family tree, he is about three generations older than her.

The empire and the kingdom originally branched out from the same family.

The royal family of the kingdom inherits the pure bloodline of the divine era, guarding the mysterious divine era heritage from generation to generation, they are the pure descendants of the divine era.

The imperial family, on the other hand, lost the power of the divine era bloodline but relied on their own intelligence to create the magic armor of the new era, leading them on the path of dark technology.

"I underestimated you." General Ryder knocked all the ash out of his pipe.

"Now, you must be smiling, the princess who inherited the divine era bloodline."


The girl, Ain, looked at the giant egg in front of her with a worried face. She had been restless since last night.

"Now... what should I do?" Ain, as the princess who inherited the pure divine era bloodline, may soon become a queen, but she had never felt so helpless before.

All her knowledge seemed meaningless in the face of this dragon egg that was almost twice her size.

Dragons, a fantasy creature, had completely disappeared from this world since the end of the divine era.

Although no one had found the bodies of these colossal beings, everyone believed they had gone extinct.

Like many other fantasy creatures that only appeared during the divine era, the weakening of the magic tide caused these magical beings to perish one by one. Now, only a few severely degraded subspecies remain.

Even so, these rare sub-species are on the verge of extinction, just like Ain's pure divine era bloodline, which is equally vulnerable.

Now, the true divine era bloodline of the entire kingdom, after the king and queen died in battle, only remains with her and her sister Adley.

Reaching out, gently touching the shell of this silver dragon egg, Ain could feel the incredibly vibrant life force within it.

Even in the form of an egg, the silver dragon that fell from the sky still displayed extraordinary power that this world couldn't imagine.

That was a power that had surpassed Ain's understanding.

Finally, Ain went to the lowest level of the divine era tower, and then found a book in the library that could only be opened by the divine era bloodline —

The Correct Method of Hatching Dragon Eggs

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