Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1022

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Chapter 1022: Forbidden Spell Records

Soon, various information about forbidden spells from the divine era appeared in front of General Ryder, the commander-in-chief of the Empire's invasion.

Summoning Great Flood - a forbidden spell that appeared about ten times in the divine era. It requires favorable weather conditions and the power of summer rain and natural rivers to trigger a flood. It is the most recorded forbidden spell.

The achievement is the flooding of dozens of villages, causing millions of people to be displaced, and a death toll of over 300,000. It is hailed as one of the few large-scale destructive forbidden spells in the divine era.

"We, the Magic Army Legion, can also do such things now!" General Ryder shook his head. The power of the flood is insignificant to the modern magic armor troops, as they were famous forbidden spells in the divine era.

This spell is only used to harm unprepared civilians. It still relies on the power of heavy rain and large rivers. Perhaps it was a terrifying spell in the divine era, but it poses no threat to the modern Magic Army Legion.

Necromancy: Su's Revival - a necromancy forbidden spell that has appeared three times. It can summon the dead as monsters within a large area. By sacrificing enough hero-ranked corpses, it can even create over twenty hero-ranked undead knights at once.

Achievement: the formidable forbidden spell that once destroyed several kingdoms. The largest undead army had thirty-nine hero-ranked knights.

It is impressive, but the Empire's First Magic Army Legion can still win. The modern magic armor is completely fearless of those bone frames. With the three titled machines, they can even annihilate all the undead hero-ranked knights.

It's the turn for the army to fight on a large scale. The Empire's top magic army legion can defeat any knight group from the divine era. This is a change of time.

Also, in this era, where can we find so many bodies of powerful heroes to resurrect? The entire kingdom probably doesn't have even a double-digit number of hero-ranked individuals.

Frost Dragon Spear - the strongest single-target forbidden spell from the divine era. It has been recorded three times, and each time, it kills a knight who is almost at the pinnacle of hero-ranked. However, all the casters also die.

The achievements are only killing three people, but each one was a single-strike kill. The targeted individuals all turn into snow powder.

The recorded strongest single-target forbidden spell, no matter how strong it is, doesn't have much impact on the battlefield. At most, it can kill a knight on a titled machine.

Heavenly Thunderstorm - a powerful forbidden spell that has only been witnessed once. Its effect is to create a thunderstorm covering a radius of ten kilometers and release hundreds and thousands of lightning bolts.

The achievement is wiping out an entire knight group of ten thousand members, instantly killing more than double-digit hero-ranked knights. It is hailed as one of the strongest attack forbidden spells from the divine era.

If this move is used, there will be a large number of casualties in the magic army legion. General Ryder's expression gradually becomes serious.

Worthy of being hailed as one of the strongest forbidden spells from the divine era, once Thundercloud Art is successfully released, it poses a huge threat even to the modern magic army legion.

However, if the machine called "titled machine" can activate a strong enough shield, it is a powerful defense that even a king with divine era bloodline cannot break, and it can completely defend against thunderbolt strikes.

It is threatening, but only for the mass-produced magic armor, the titled machine will not be broken.

And these are all the large-scale forbidden spells that the empire can find with combat records.

Most of the mages in the divine era paid with their own lives to use these forbidden spells.

The so-called forbidden spells not only refer to the terrifying power of these spells, but also the taboos that must be violated when using these spells.

In history, most mages who used forbidden spells died immediately after successfully casting them, and the best ones were left with only their lives.

There are more cases where the magic power is insufficient to support the release of forbidden spells, and they perish halfway, and uncontrolled forbidden spells even end up killing their own side.

"None...none of them!" General Ryder looked at these recorded combat achievements of the empire's forbidden spells, even the final thunderstorm only posed a strategic threat to the empire's first magic army legion.

Ordinary mass-produced machines cannot withstand the thunderbolt strikes, and there is some threat to the titled machine, but it cannot reach the effect of turning tens of kilometers into ashes, the shockwave-induced hot wind even blowing hundreds of kilometers away.

If you keep reading, the story will become more like a fantasy and legend, rather than a true record of war.

To come back to life completely - just keep the body intact, pray to the gods, and the deceased can come back to life.

There has never been a forbidden magic spell like this in history, it's uncertain if it even exists. But there are records of resurrection, performed by a holy woman blessed by the gods.

God-summoning magic - also mentioned in the teachings of the church, but there are no real records of this forbidden spell. It is said that once successfully cast, it can summon angels for battle.

If we consider these two spells as having some traces of appearing before, all the others mentioned below are pure nonsense in General Ryder's opinion.

Earth Dissolution - harnesses the power collected in the earth's core, causing volcanic eruptions and earthquakes that can destroy everything. Once unleashed, it can create a catastrophic disaster.

Control the power of the earth's core? Come on, that's a joke. If you have that kind of power, who needs volcanoes and earthquakes? You can do anything to the whole world.

Creating a Sun - condensing an energy mass equivalent to the sun, raising the temperature of the air by a hundred times. The endless light and heat will burn everything to ashes, it's the judgment of doomsday.

Hey hey, there's a limit to bragging. Creating an energy mass equivalent to the sun, that's not called a spell, it's called world destruction!

Mental Storm - Release the power of the soul that can deceive the world. If all the people in the world believe that something is true, then a lie can also become true.

Hey, hey, whose random thoughts are these, dominating the consciousness of all humanity? Can a human achieve such a [Field]!

After seeing enough of these fantasies that sound nice but are actually like a madman's imagination, General Ryder tiredly put down these records of forbidden spells.

Finally, with a somewhat complicated expression, he opened a scroll marked "Top Secret."

What was recorded on it were the unsuccessful experiments during the divine era and the byproduct of that experiment.

That experiment actually had nothing to do with forbidden spells. It was the research of the last wizards in the divine era who were trying to find a power that could replace the dwindling magic tide as the world entered its decline.

"A nuclear explosion...?" General Ryder really didn't want to admit it, but perhaps this was the closest explanation to this phenomenon.

There is no power that appears out of thin air. Even the forbidden spells of the divine era must have some trace to follow.

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