Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1021

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Chapter 1021: The Forbidden Curse of Legends

No matter what happens in this world, no matter what we face, the sun will still rise.

The natural disaster that occurred a hundred kilometers away from the capital city is finally known by the people of this world and quickly spreads like a massive earthquake.

"Look, stars are falling!"

"The Empire's first magic army legion has been completely wiped out!"

"No, I heard it was the capital city unleashing the forbidden curse of the divine era, completely destroying the enemy!"

"Where did this news come from? Did the divine era possess such magic?"

"Yes, there is a magic called Earth Dissolution!"

"No, it's a nuclear explosion, a large-scale one!"

The residents of the capital city, who were the first to witness this event, were filled with excitement and joy.

Instead of believing in the accidental fall and destruction of the Empire's first magic army legion, they preferred to believe in the explanations that followed. Some even found the so-called "truth" from unreliable accounts in books about the fantasy-filled divine era.

The earth melted, and using the hidden power of the earth's crust, the forbidden spell of the divine era was activated, causing the crust to explode, triggering a doomsday-level forbidden spell similar to a super volcanic eruption. It was an unrealistic fantasy from a magic apprentice during the divine era, only existing in fictional stories.

Nuclear explosion - a slightly more credible forbidden spell compared to the earth's melting, originating from a study in the late divine era. Its principles and release method are unknown, but there are traces of its powerful effects in past experiments.

Compared to the unrecorded fall of a star in this world - actually the fall of a Star Hunting Dragon - the explanations that followed seem more in line with the worldview of the people in this world.

With the legacy of the divine era and the presence of a princess who possesses true divine era bloodline, the incident happened to take place in the territory of the Empire's first magic army legion. The surrounding villages had already been evacuated before the war began.

The kingdom, which was on the brink of ruin, suddenly seemed to have a turning point.

Too many coincidences made people suspect that the death of the previous king might have been one of the sacrifices for this forbidden spell attack.

It doesn't actually seem like a bad deal for the royal knights to replace the Empire's first magic army legion.

If the legendary forbidden spell of the first magic army legion of the Empire is truly destroyed, whether it is through melting the earth's core or nuclear explosions, it represents that the palace still possesses the strongest trump card.

And the person who can use this trump card, without a doubt, is the kingdom's last princess, who inherited the bloodline of the divine era warlock.

There are even people swearing that they saw the princess, who turned into a white bird, flying out of the capital at dawn.

All of these combined give the kingdom, which was originally restless, confidence once again.

As long as the princess is still here and the legacy of the divine era remains, the kingdom will not be destroyed!

Look, even the mighty and invincible first magic army legion of the Empire, the hundreds of magic armors, and the three titled machines with hero-ranked strength, were all reduced to ashes before the power of the forbidden spell!

"Long live the princess!"

"Long live the kingdom!"

"Empire fools, see the power of the divine era legacy!"

"If you dare to come again, only destruction awaits you!"

People spontaneously took to the streets, shouting slogans that made the hidden imperial spies restless.

Yes, even they, as spies, believed without a doubt that this was the power of the divine era heritage.

How could such a coincidence happen in this world, with a shooting star landing directly on the head of the Empire's first magic army legion and turning the entire legion to ashes?

Compared to the chance of being killed by a meteor, they believed more in the kingdom unleashing their final trump card, using the power of the divine era heritage.

After all, even the Empire didn't know what the divine era heritage, fiercely guarded for generations by the royal family, truly was.

Apart from the kingdom, there was no longer any divine era bloodline left on this continent. Even the founders of the Empire were just a branch that split from the royal family, considered to have lost their inheritance rights.

If it was the power of the divine era heritage, then the appearance of forbidden spells was not impossible, even though the power level of forbidden spells had not been seen since the end of the divine era.

However, if true divine era power could still appear anywhere on this continent, it would only be here, because this place possessed the last divine era bloodline on the continent and the only confirmed intact divine era heritage.

"Look, search for me!"

"Collect all the books that describe the forbidden spells of the divine era, whether they are novels or secret records, diaries or anything else. I want to know what exactly destroyed our country's first magic army legion!"

"Damn it, what else are those royal families hiding?"

"Such power, and they only started using it after the king died in battle!"

General Ryder, the hot-tempered commander of the Empire's First Corps, angrily snapped his beloved pipe in his office and started shouting.

In front of him was a map of the kingdom, with half of the kingdom's territory already marked with the Empire's blood-red flag.

The royal city, located in the center of the kingdom, was now surrounded on three sides. The Second and Third Corps, which were closest to the capital, only needed three days of marching to join forces with the First Magic Army Legion, which had already advanced to within a hundred kilometers of the royal city, and launch the final assault.

Everything was going smoothly. In fact, in the last communication last night, the news came that the First Magic Army Legion had arrived at the capital before all the other legions, and the city was about to surrender, offering the last two divine era princesses as a gift.

Ryder believed this was perfectly reasonable. The Empire's power had become so strong that the surrender of the kingdom was nothing out of the ordinary.

Who could have imagined that everything was just a smoke bomb released by the kingdom, and even the death of the king could be a trap for the enemy?

On the map, the closest flag to the kingdom capital and the surrounding territory for dozens of kilometers are now marked with a big red cross.

The empire exhausted all astronomical resources, and even in the final battle against the royal knight army of the divine era, only a small magic army legion with minor casualties appeared, and they were completely wiped out in this location.

Not only the first magic army legion, but also the surrounding land for dozens of kilometers was shattered. The destructive power even sent chills down the spine of the experienced General Ryder.

In the face of this devastating power, even if there were ten empire first magic army legions there, they would be instantly obliterated!

The kingdom, who would have thought they were hiding such an ultimate weapon!

I thought that the forbidden spells of the divine era had already become part of history, so how could there still be physical remnants of them!

To unleash a forbidden spell of this magnitude, theoretically, it would require the participation of hero-ranked warlocks numbering more than four digits. But this is just a theoretical possibility!

How is this possible? Even during the divine era, there was nowhere to find that many hero-ranked spellcasters, not to mention that the number of hero-ranked individuals has greatly diminished, just like a small group of cats in the modern kingdom.

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