Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1020

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Chapter 1020: The Princess and the Dragon

Walking through the desolate wasteland that had turned into a hell, the girl's vision was filled with endless destruction on the ruins of the Empire's first magic army legion, still emitting orange-colored light waves.

Observing from hundreds of kilometers away is different from coming here in person.

That world-destroying power deeply shook the princess who possessed the divine era bloodline.

Even during the divine era period, such a spell has never appeared on earth.

It can burn everything to ashes, even shattering the earth's crust. If it were to fall in the capital city, even the divine era magic barrier would instantly collapse.

What is it, in the end?

Is it a star?

Or is it the mystery of gas?

The princess, who was getting closer and closer to the place where it fell from the sky, felt her heart rate increasing continuously.

The temperature around her had already exceeded tens of thousands of degrees, and the remaining high temperature had turned the magma into plasma, displaying a magnificent and dangerous brilliance.

Even the former king of the empire, who held the rank of hero, couldn't approach this temperature. The empire's proud first magic army legion couldn't even leave behind a single piece of wreckage.

If the princess didn't have the ability to temporarily transform into light and shadow, it would be impossible for her to enter this area.

At present, she is in a peculiar state where she cannot be harmed by anything from the outside, but also cannot affect anything from the outside.

In this world, this power is called the "blessing of the gods." It is a special ability that is innate and originates from the ancestors of the divine era.

Closer, even closer, the princess finally saw what had fallen from the sky, earlier and faster than anyone else.

However, the astonishing appearance made the princess, who had turned into light and shadow, unable to believe that it was just a falling object that wiped out the empire's first magic army legion, such a presence.

The slim, silver-white body was half-kneeling in an ocean of transformed plasma, like a work of art, as if it were asleep and motionless.

Part of it was recorded in the royal library during the divine era, an existence that had long disappeared from this world - a dragon.

The enormous spiral silver-white dragon horn on its forehead, the silver-white dragon tail behind it, and the silver-white scales covering its entire body all presented a beauty that was completely different from this world, as if it were a work of art created by gods themselves.

The other part, however, was the human form, equally charming.

The pale gold ribbons hanging by its ears were engraved with countless dragon blessings in a language unknown to the princess. There were unfamiliar emblems on its forehead, symbolizing the favor of the Supreme Dragon God.

Embedded with a golden-red glow on its shoulders, a towering and prominent chest, slender and supple waist, and long legs, every aspect was a perfect work of art.

The hands were protected by giant gauntlets made of some kind of scales, and her nails were red dragon teeth.

She held a dragon spear in her hand, which was wrapped with countless chains. The body of the spear had huge sword marks, which were the imprints left by an invincible childhood friend.

On her chest, there was a dragon-shaped emblem similar to her forehead, but it was about three times larger. The giant dragon wings extended out, almost completely overlapping with the snow-white edge.

The sun and flames.

Pitch black and pure white.

It was a curse and a blessing.

It was the Star Hunting Dragon, the ultimate weapon of the Divine Realm's dragon called Endless God's Domain. It was forged with magic and science at the highest level, and the soul of the Star Child was used.

Its real name was Mumu Narabel.

With its magnificent and dazzling appearance, it possessed the power of both stars and dragon gods. It was specifically designed as an armor to hunt down the Star Children.

However, this ultimate weapon had several visible damages and shrank from tens of thousands of meters to only a few tens of meters in size.

Even so, for this world, its posture is still too sacred and too shocking.

Compared to this ultimate armor created by the empire, the magic armor is simply like toys that children play house with.

This is the curse left behind by the Supreme Dragon God Asha for the fugitive children of the stars. It is also a binding mark that cannot be escaped, even if they use the power to travel between the stars and reach a place unseen by any deity.

"Dragon... a silver-white dragon..." The body of the princess with the divine era bloodline trembled incessantly, tears falling from her eyes.

This is what she wanted to see, the truth she wanted to know.

The power that definitely doesn't belong to this world, but comes from that part of the starry sky.

Her prayer was heard!

"Hoo... ha..." It seemed to have heard the princess's voice, the eyes of the Star Hunting Dragon armor slowly opened and saw the girl praying devoutly in front of it.

Where is this place?

Who am I?

Where did I come from?

Where am I going?

My memories have become fuzzy, what happened exactly?

My body feels so heavy, as if it weighs hundreds of tons.

The view is very strange, over there is a little girl kneeling on the ground with her hands clasped together, she looks like a tiny fairy. Is this the fairy kingdom?

"O mighty dragon, I am willing to give everything, praying for peace in my country."

"I swear on the bloodline of the divine era that I will never reveal your secret."

"Welcome to our world, the sacred silver dragon."

Silver Dragon?

The confused Star Hunting Dragon raised its hand and gently placed the small fairy in its palm.

Then, it saw its own hand for the first time.

The hand was silver and smooth, like a young girl's hand, adorned with armor that sparkled like stars. The girl, who had wished for protection, trembled in this hand.

Is this what my hand looks like?

Who am I, really?

Chaotic memories kept intertwining and becoming mixed together.

Yes, he is... his name is...

Numerous connections resonated with a pleasant sound. The wounded Star Hunting Dragon flew into the sky, gazing at this unfamiliar world.

Apart from the destruction for hundreds of kilometers, there was a huge castle and white walls nearby, with many small villages and towns further away.

This is not the White Lotus Sword Domain, nor is it the Sky SwordGod's Domain.

"You managed to escape." Star Hunting Dragon—no, it was Yun Xi—looked at this world that was clearly different from the Eastern style of God's Domain and breathed a sigh of relief.

In the next second, endless exhaustion rushed into his body, covering his consciousness.

He didn't even have time to think about why he had fused with Mumu, who had taken the form of a Star Hunting Dragon, and turned into a stream of light that streaked across the sky, falling into the central relic of the kingdom's final divine era.

"Sister, you're back?" The young princess opened her arms, welcoming her sister's return.

"What's the deal with this egg?"

She curiously looked at the silver-white giant egg, about three meters in size, that had come back with her sister. Was it the egg of some wild animal?

"It... is our hope." Unlike the uneasiness when leaving, the eyes of the kingdom's last princess were now filled with radiance.

That is a look of confidence, determination, and the ability to overcome all difficulties and obstacles.

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