Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1019

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Chapter 1019: The Heavenly Object

This day was destined to be recorded in the annals of this world.

However, the people of this era could not possibly imagine what this day's events truly meant for this world.

That was actually a much bigger event than the destruction of the empire, the most powerful empire in this continent, equipped with the latest magic armor, and renowned as the invincible first magic army legion.

"Sister, sister, a star fell down!" The youngest princess of the kingdom tightly held onto her sister's skirt, with a puzzled and bewildered look in her eyes as she watched the mushroom cloud slowly spreading a hundred kilometers away.

Even though they were separated by a distance of a hundred kilometers, the entire capital city was still protected by the divine era heritage's protective barrier. Both of them could still hear the loud explosion coming from afar and witness the orange shockwave continuously expanding like a firestorm.

Soon, the impact arrived.

Despite being shielded by the magical barrier of the divine era heritage, the capital city was filled with terrifying hot winds. It was unimaginable what kind of hellish scene the central area, a hundred kilometers away from the explosion, would be like.

"Is it an earthquake?"

"It's so hot, how can it be this hot in the middle of the night?"

"Could it be that the army from the empire violated the agreement and has already launched an attack?"

"Look, the sky is burning."

It was supposed to be the darkest time before dawn, and almost all the residents of the city were asleep. They had already received the news that the nobles had decided to surrender and that the city would not be dragged into the war.

The cost is that the royal family must give up everything, and the last two princesses of the divine era royal family will become captives of the empire and be taken back to the empire.

Sacrificing the two princesses can save this city with hundreds of thousands of residents. Isn't this an obligation that the royal family should naturally fulfill?

With this kind of mental preparation, the residents of the royal city have basically accepted the upcoming first magic army legion of the empire.

The hardliners who refuse to accept this situation have long been defeated in the tragic wars between the kingdom and the empire. After finally launching a decisive battle against the empire with the royal knight order but being completely wiped out, the people of this country have basically given up resistance.

Even if they want to resist, this royal capital cannot muster a decent army anymore. All the elite troops have been completely annihilated along with the royal knight order, and only the elderly, weak, sick, and civilians with no military training are left.

Frankly speaking, except for the magic barrier that can only be opened by the divine era bloodline of the kingdom, the defensive strength of this royal capital is almost zero.

The complete annihilation of the royal knight order, which was entrusted with all hopes, is also a sign of the collapse of this country.

At this point, no one believes that the kingdom has any hope of resisting the invasion of the empire. Reality is not a fairy tale, and there are no miracles.

"What is that..." The last princess of the kingdom, the controller of the divine era magic barrier, can only release the control of the barrier after dawn and trembles in anticipation of the humiliation that awaits her.

I have never seen such a thing!

Even in the divine era, such things were only legends.

This world is completely closed off. Any meteor that comes close to it will burn up in the outer atmosphere, creating a beautiful meteor shower.

No meteor that has fallen to the ground has ever been recorded.

But she saw it, she really did. She saw a meteor falling from the sky and landing right in the headquarters of the Empire's First Magic Army Legion.

As the last bloodline warlock of the divine era in this country, she even witnessed how the Empire's three mobile towers were blown away like blocks and melted.

For this country, it was a nightmare. The Empire's First Magic Army Legion, which had annihilated the royal knights led by the previous king and queen, was evaporated in that terrifying mushroom cloud, just like snow under the sun.

And all of this happened in less than a minute. The strongest legion on the continent was completely destroyed.

Even in the divine era, such a terrifying attack had never been seen. It was an unstoppable natural disaster, an absolute power that could wipe out everything from the earth.

So, those shooting stars that people see in the sky, do they really have such incredible power when they hit the ground?

No, they are definitely not ordinary shooting stars. Since the divine era began, there has never been any record of shooting stars falling to the ground in this world.

Even the princess, who inherited the bloodline from the divine era, has never come across any mention of celestial objects in her own library.

What happened in front of her was a real miracle.

That kind of otherworldly power doesn't exist in the books of this world.

If, if she could possess such power, even if it was just a tiny part of it, then she could surely change the fate of the kingdom!

In the face of such power, even the Empire's despairing first magic army legion was as fragile as paper and no match at all.




The girl who inherited the bloodline from the divine era, and now carries the fate of the kingdom, felt the presence of a certain will in the depths of her heart.

This is the only thing that can change the destiny of this country. Whatever it may be, if there is still hope for the kingdom, then it must lie in "it."

"It" is definitely not an ordinary shooting star. During its descent, it clearly changed its trajectory. As a warlock with the divine era bloodline, she would not make mistakes in calculating gravity.

From the path of that falling object, the girl felt fate.

No matter what kind of fate it is, for her, it is hope.

"Wait, what is that!"

"Oh my, what has happened!"

"The empire's first magic army legion, it's gone!!!"

"Not disappeared, but destroyed!"

"Just now, a star fell!"

On the kingdom's castle walls, scattered figures began to appear, and a very small number of people actually witnessed the trajectory of the shooting star.

However, the only ones who truly saw how everything began and ended were the two princesses who were praying in the high tower during the divine era.

Even so, one of them still didn't know what this scene actually meant.

"Younger sister, I temporarily entrust you with the control of the divine era barrier. I won't allow anyone to leave the city." The girl gently held her sister's cheek.

At this moment, it was a bit reckless to hand over the kingdom's most precious legacy to her own younger sister.

However, she had already made up her mind.

She was determined to approach that place, even if it meant paying a great price, to get closer to what might be a "forbidden" thing from another world.


"Sister, keep going!"

The young princess nodded as if she understood but didn't really understand.

As the last bloodline of the divine era in the kingdom, they were the only two people in this world who could control the magic barrier of the divine era, and they were also the royal family that the empire specifically requested to surrender.

As time passed, the bloodline of the divine era had become very diluted, and often only a few people in each generation were able to awaken their bloodline successfully.

In their generation, only the two sisters awakened the power of the divine era bloodline. After the king and queen died in battle, they became the last ones who could control the barrier of the royal city.

This was also the reason why they could still maintain their freedom. If they didn't have this power, they probably would have been offered as sacrifices by the nobles after the news of the defeat of the royal knight order arrived.

This divine era tower became the last stronghold to protect the sisters.

"My body will turn into dust and scatter in the endless wilderness."

"Listen to the sounds in the wind and travel to a faraway place." The girl's body emitted a glowing light, which was the unique and powerful magic contained in the divine era bloodline, pure and strong.

When the divine era bloodline of the kingdom was at its peak, there were even more than three hero-ranked individuals. In that era, the empire had not yet been established and it was the most glorious time for the divine era bloodline.

During that time, the kingdom was the dominant country of this continent, and the later empire was formed by splitting from the kingdom, with a territory less than one-tenth of the kingdom's.

Unfortunately, as the power of bloodline weakened throughout the world, even though the divine era bloodline remained strong, the number of awakened individuals became fewer and fewer. Eventually, the kingdom lost control over the continent.

The newly developed magic armor by the empire became the last straw that broke the camel's back and marked the beginning of a new era.

The empire, equipped with magic armor, continuously conquered cities, expanded its territory, and within just a few decades became the undisputed strongest country on the continent. They ambitiously started marching towards the kingdom, which used to be the dominant country.

In a span of three months, the kingdom, once hailed as the final glory of the divine era, was pushed to the brink of destruction.

The glory of the divine era bloodline, just like the setting sun, was about to disappear from this continent.

The era that followed no longer belonged to the ancient knights and magic, but to the empire with its advanced black technology, a fact even the kingdom had to acknowledge.

The final battle of the King's Knight Order was tragic. Even though they had hero-ranked knights with a divine era bloodline, they were ultimately defeated by the empire's war fortress and magic armor.

"Father, your sacrifice was not in vain." The young girl still remembers the complex expression in her father's eyes as he touched her head before the King's Knight Order's final expedition.

At that time, she couldn't understand why they had to fight a final battle that they couldn't possibly win.

On the other side, the empire's first magic army legion had hundreds of magic armor, as well as three flying war towers.

She calculated the strength of both sides, but no matter how she calculated, the King's Knight Order had no chance of winning.

Being intelligent since childhood and groomed to be the next queen, she felt a chill running through her body and was at a loss when she looked at the data of those magic armor.

Her father must have noticed this as well.

The divine era's final Knight Order was once the invincible King's Knight Order of the continent. Perhaps they were the strongest in the era of swords and magic, but they could never defeat that magic armored legion.

"It's probably... very difficult to win..."

"But... we still have to fight."

"Because this is the honor of our Divine Era bloodline..."

At that time, on the night before heading off to war, the king told his daughter this.

The royal family who inherited the Divine Era bloodline must protect this city, even until the very end.

The kingdom was established for this reason.

The blood running through their bodies comes from an ancient agreement, and even if they fight until the last person, they must protect the Divine Era heritage they have inherited.

This is a pact, and also a pledge, that even if only one person is left alive, they must protect the heritage of the Divine Era.

If they die in battle, then as a princess, she automatically becomes the next queen and carries this mission.

"I'm sorry... that you have to bear such responsibility at such a young age."

"If we lose the battle, then you can make a choice."

"By then, you will naturally understand what to do."

Those were the last words the father said to his daughter, and it was the secret passed down through generations of the royal family who inherited the bloodline of the divine era.

At this point, no one knows the truth about the inheritance of the divine era.

The empire wants to capture the capital city not just to demolish it, but to transform the wealth accumulated since the divine era into materials used to make magic armor.

The principles behind all magic armor can be traced back to the reuse of the divine era's power.

Whether it's mass-produced machines or titled machines equipped with war towers, they are essentially the realization of the mysterious power, allowing ordinary people to freely use the divine era's power.

What drives those magic armor is a combination of magic and science.

In a way, the empire's first magic army legion is actually a fabricated divine era bloodline.

Among them, he defeated the knights of the royal knight brigade and killed the king who was a true divine era bloodline knight. The three operators of titled machines, who were also distant relatives of the royal family according to the family tree, were defeated.

It was impossible for them to awaken the divine era bloodline, but they still managed to defeat the king who possessed the true divine era bloodline. This represented the arrival of the era of black technology and the transformation of a new era.

The power represented by the imperial magic armor was like a trumpet of an era, announcing the end of the old era.

Of course, the divine era bloodline is a very precious resource that should not be wasted under any circumstances.

The two princesses who became captives would probably spend their entire lives like caged canaries, being kept for various research related to the divine era bloodline.

The children they give birth to will be the empire's most important research resource, and there will never be enough of them.

Before the divine era bloodline becomes extinct, they will all be relentlessly used as mere birthing tools. They won't be allowed to end their lives even if they wish to.

It was only because she understood the cruel fate that awaited her that the girl made her choice without any hesitation.

Father, did you already understand all of this and that's why you sacrificed the entire royal knight brigade to stop the empire's first magic army legion for one day?

Is the truth about the divine era heritage related to this sudden falling object?

What is inside there?

With anxiety about her future destiny, the girl's body turned into a shining white dust and disappeared in the high tower, flying in the direction of the dispersing mushroom clouds, carried by the wind.

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