Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1018

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Chapter 1018: Prayers and Shooting Stars

Amidst the countless stars, a young girl knelt halfway up the high platform of the palace, praying towards the endless night sky.

"Oh, Morning Star, please bring us hope."

"I am willing to give everything I have to change the fate of this country."

"Whatever it may be, if you can hear my wishes, please respond to me."

Just as if the girl's prayers were felt, the night sky suddenly underwent a change, and a shower of shooting stars came down upon the sky of this world.

"Sister, sister, look, shooting stars, shooting stars!" A little girl dressed in a princess dress, as adorable as a doll, excitedly ran over to the girl with a worried expression, and tugged at the hem of her dress.

"Ah, it's a shooting star!" The girl stood up and watched the trail that continuously crossed the sky with her little sister.

"Wow, so amazing! I've never seen so many shooting stars before." The young girl couldn't take her eyes off the colorful trail symbolizing the stars, her face filled with satisfaction.

"Sister, let's make a wish."

"Didn't Mom and Dad say that if we make a wish on a shooting star, our wishes can come true?"

The older girl's eyes welled up with tears. Yes, if Father and Mother were still here, they would surely hold her and her sister, and together they would make wishes on this rare meteor shower that might only happen once every hundred years.

Unfortunately, that had already become a permanent thing of the past.

The younger sister still didn't know, their country had encountered such a cruel fate, and their status as princesses was about to disappear.

"What is your wish?" The older sister gently touched her sister's forehead and whispered softly.

"I hope that all the people in the world can live friendly and peaceful lives." The younger sister folded her hands together and made a lovely wish.

"Peace... Is it possible?" Sister looked complicatedly at a place about 100 kilometers outside the royal city. There, there were a large number of metal armors that were incompatible with the style of this kingdom, as well as several towering spires.

This country is currently at war with its neighboring country.

Not long ago, the king and queen personally went to the frontlines, leading the kingdom's last trump card - the Royal Knight Order, to fight to the death against the opponent's magic army legion.

They will never come back again.

The kingdom's final resistance has also become history, with only this ancient royal city, said to have existed since the divine era, struggling to survive under the protection of an eternal barrier.

However, even as a heritage of the divine era, the royal city cannot exist independently. Without enough food and no troops coming to rescue, surrendering is just a matter of time for the royal city.

As the last bloodline of the royal family, she, the princess - no, she should be considered the queen, has long become the bargaining chip for the nobles in the city, ready to surrender the city.

Now, she can still barely protect her younger sister, waiting for the judgment of fate in this final tower.

After tonight, the legion that surpasses the imagination of the ancient kingdom will arrive at this relic of the divine era and accept this powerless royal city.

Dawn, for the world it is the hope of a new beginning, but for her and her sister it is the start of losing everything.

Peace, without enough power to protect the nation, how can there be peace?

This country will cease to exist after tonight.


Empire, the headquarters of the first magic army legion.

Soldiers jumping down from brand-new magic armor, laughing and feasting, even the monitoring troops turn a blind eye, allowing this battle-tested army to vent their emotions.

Just a day ago, they completely annihilated the kingdom's knight order established in the final period of the divine era, while only causing less than ten percent damage to the armor and a three-digit loss in personnel on this side. It can be said to be a resounding victory.

This is the limitation of the era. The steel heavy cavalry, once hailed as the strongest in the world after the divine era, encountered magic armored legions that weigh more than tens of tons and can be operated by trained ordinary people. Only the result of being completely destroyed remains.

The ten percent battle damage and the deaths of three-digit personnel were mostly caused by the hero-ranked knights on the other side, including the king and queen who inherited the knight bloodline from the divine era, who were the last of this country.

After this battle, the empire's unstoppable trend of unifying the continent had begun.

As long as we obtain a large amount of resources from the last legacy city of the divine era, more and stronger magic armor will continuously be produced. It's only a matter of time before the empire conquers the tough pieces of land in the northern part of the continent.

Knights and magic are ancient relics from the past!

The era of ordinary people has arrived. With the power of magic armor and our well-trained imperial soldiers, it's only a matter of time before the empire controls this continent.

Now, the royal city of the divine era is right in front of us, even though the war has long ended.

Tomorrow, the first magic army legion will proudly enter this legacy city of the divine era and harvest the sweet fruits of victory.

The final glory of the divine era bloodline is about to come to an end in this era of ordinary people.

Just when everyone was drunk and the officials overseeing the army were losing their balance, they saw the sky on fire.

It was clearly nighttime, but the intense radiance turned the entire sky an unnatural orange-red, as if the entire atmosphere had been ignited.

A complex object of unknown shape, resembling a falling star from the sky, was drawn towards the Imperial First Magic Army Legion's base by the aura of Divine Era relics.

"What is that?"

Is it a shooting star?

For the people of this world, everything beyond the atmosphere is unknown. No one has ever crossed that area and reached the observable starry world.

The reason is that the atmospheric structure here is very unique. While it protects this world, it also imprisons its inhabitants on the ground.

Despite reaching a civilization capable of building magic armor, people here know nothing about the sky above their heads.

This is a world following the extinction of the God's Domain civilization, a planet not connected by any star bridges, with no star maps recorded by the Endless God's Domain.

In the history of this world, there is no record of what happens when a meteor passes through the atmosphere and falls to the ground. So when the soldiers of the First Magic Army Legion saw the meteor falling towards them, they were in awe of the splendid scene.

It was not until the crimson meteor was close by that they realized what it was.

Unfortunately, everything was too late.

The earth broke easily like a cracked eggshell.

A red mushroom cloud thousands of meters high rose from the ground, and the enormous shockwave swept the land, carrying a heat that could melt steel, causing a chain reaction.

The empire, which had been proud of itself for recently defeating the kingdom's last royal knight army in the first magic army legion, instantly burned to ashes like a piece of paper thrown into a fireplace in the face of this catastrophic impact.

After the end of the divine era in this world, a long-awaited visitor arrived.

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