Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1017

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Chapter 1017: The Duel Between Two People

Central Star Field. Amongst endless shards of stars, Hua Huo stood alone, leaning on the nearly broken Emperor Dragon Sword, watching as four distant lights disappeared into the distance.

With the absolute advantage of the home field and the support of the Star Tower, she successfully defeated each of their incarnations.

The first to be defeated was the Supreme Dragon God Asha. In order to set up the Chain of Star Dragon, and with her own incarnation, Mumu Narabel, transformed into the Star Hunting Dragon Chains and bound to Yun Xi, her incarnation was the first to perish under Hua Huo's sword.

The second one to disappear was Nameless Lady. Her incarnation, Zi Yuan, was the weakest among the four primordial beings. After her Ghost Sword was shattered by Hua Huo's Emperor Dragon Sword, she also vanished.

The third one to lose was Naiya. Her incarnation was not adept at fighting, and the temporarily summoned berserker was chopped into pieces by the enraged Hua Huo, forcing her to retreat.

The fourth one was not defeated by Hua Huo, but voluntarily left the battlefield. These twin witches, possessed by the God of Gods, Ionia, seemed to believe that continuing the fight was meaningless and separated cleanly from the God of Gods.

Unlike the previous three, the illusion of the God of Gods, Ionia, looked at Hua Huo with a hint of doubt in her eyes, but mostly with a smile, as if reuniting with a friend she hadn't seen in a long time.

Unfortunately, Hua Huo, consumed by fury, was incapable of conversation.

Hua Huo was exhausted after defeating four powerful creatures from the beginning of creation.

The opponent in front of her was the most dangerous enemy she had ever encountered among all the powerful beings.

Lilibet, the Blue Sword Goddess, was the manifestation of the Queen Mother's power in Kunlun God's Domain.

Only then did Hua Huo start to regain her composure.

Hua Huo's incredible feat of single-handedly defeating four powerful creatures would surely make her name known throughout Endless God's Domain. Although they were only manifestations of power sent through the star bridge and not the real beings themselves.

Despite the full awakening of her ancestral power and the support from the Star Tower, Hua Huo had reached her limit.

Facing a powerful being of creation with almost limitless power, even Casina the Battle God wouldn't dare claim a guaranteed victory.

If it wasn't for the Central Star Field and Hua Huo's relentless unleashing of her celestial power, the chance of victory would be less than one in a billion.

Only here, within the range of the Star Tower, could Hua Huo, with her awakened celestial power, achieve this incredible miracle. She even managed to harm the four powerful beings by destroying their manifestations.

Asha, Naiya, and the nameless lady got hurt.

Ionia voluntarily left the stage.

With the concept of a world-class existence, this was just a tiny, insignificant injury, and most of it wasn't caused by Hua Huo's mighty dragon emperor sword, but by the aftermath of a forced disconnection of the star bridge.

It will probably only take a few short years for this injury to completely disappear.

This is the result of Hua Huo defeating them after they connected the Descending Body with the highest authority of the Seven Towers without permission from the Star Tower.

The system known as "the seven towers," created by someone, unexpectedly proved to be very effective at this moment, even causing trouble for the four founding beings.

On the empty fragments of the stars, only the last, and perhaps the strongest, opponent remained - at least for Hua Huo.

The chosen person by the Queen Mother of the West, and the only one among the five supreme beings who has never harmed Yun Xi.

The three clusters of ice blue hair on Lilibet's forehead stood tall. She was not involved in the battle between the four creator beings and Hua Huo's falling stars just now.

Unlike the other creatures that were almost completely dominated by the four primordial beings, Lilibet, the wielder of the Azure Divine Sword, still maintained her sense of self.

This is also related to the character of Empress Xiwangmu, the ruler of Kunlun God's Domain. She is a very peace-loving person who avoids violence whenever possible. Her greatest hobby is giving birth to various fantasy species.

Being extremely nurturing by nature, she has acted as a surrogate for many special beings and has a good relationship with the four primordial beings. She is the only Tower Master of the Seven Towers in the Endless God's Domain who has good relations with both the side of order and the side of chaos.

Kunlun God's Domain, where she resides, has always been in a secluded and mysterious state. It cannot even be observed, so naturally it doesn't have any disputes with the outside world.

Unless it encounters situations like Asha trying to snatch the White Lotus Sword Domain, she will not appear. Even now, when Hua Huo destroyed millions of stars, she has no intention of intervening against Hua Huo.

Anyway, those stars are lifeless objects, like decorations in the endless void. Even a million of them combined are not as important as a small-scale God's Domain with vitality.

"Ha... ha... ha..." Hua Huo gasped heavily, in a state of extreme weakness that Yun Xi had never seen before, which was slowly overtaking her body.

Defeating the arriving forms of the four primordial beings consecutively drained almost all of Hua Huo's life force. Even the Dragon Overlord Sword was almost shattered by Su's berserker.

If it weren't for the Tower of Stars continuously supplying power to the trembling Hua Huo, she probably wouldn't even be able to stand right now.

But she still couldn't fall down.

Because the strongest enemy has always been there.

Just by looking at her, Hua Huo felt a strong sense of rejection, the best explanation for the repulsion between similar species.

The sky-blue Divine Sword Lilibet resembled her when she was young.

The same loneliness.

The same solitude.

The same seeming to wait for something, but keeping others at a distance.

Little Xi couldn't possibly ignore her words, this was the perfect image of Little Xi's first love.

Hua Huo used to be like this too, and noticed that Lilibet's gaze was becoming stranger and stranger.

In a land far away, there were five enemies. Only this enemy didn't lay a finger on Little Xi.

The four other enemies who were scared away by her were not even close in comparison to this one.

If they were considered Little Xi's "ex-girlfriends," then this one was the most likely to have cheated on her.

The wild radar emitted a bright green light towards Lilibet, and the symbol was a glaring red.

That indifferent expression, deep eyes, and beautiful braids were all Little Xi's favorite type.

"Leave this place, and never come back to the Eastern God's Domain." Whether it was Lilibet or the Queen Mother of the West, they had no intention of fighting with Hua Huo.

Protecting order doesn't mean killing without mercy. Lilibet was never a bloodthirsty Sky Sword; her sword was as clear as her eyes, emitting pure and steady divine sword energy.

"Even in death... I will not listen to you!"

Hua Huo once again raised her Dragon Emperor Sword.

Proud as she was, she would not even let go of her sword in the end.

Because her battle was not yet over.

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