Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1012

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Chapter 1012: World-Breaking Slash

Ever since the completion of the seven towers, they had always been in a passive operational state, never interfering with the "Tower of Stars" in the Endless God's Domain. However, it suddenly started without any warning.

Hua Huo never expected to feel the presence of the "tower" after freeing herself from all the restraints in her bloodline.

Even though she had no impression of this "tower," she could clearly sense the power that continuously transmitted from it.

Moreover, since the White Lotus Sword Domain was brought close to the Central Star Field of the Endless God's Domain by Asha, Hua Huo instantly gained a tremendous advantage.

None of the five primordial beings were currently located near the Central Star Field.

Even though the highest authority of the star bridge was activated, allowing for unlimited power transfer theoretically, there would still be losses during the transmission process. However, the upper limit of transmission was surpassed by the star bridge.

Hua Huo, who received support from the "Tower of Stars," didn't have this issue at all. The "Tower of Stars" supporting her was the closest tower to her and was the earliest tower built among the seven towers.

"I can... do it..."

"As long as it's for Little Xi... I can do anything!"

Hua Huo will never allow herself to repeat the mistakes of her past.

Regretting to the point of questioning life, experiencing this once in a lifetime is enough.

Moving forward without confusion, doing what one wants to do straightforwardly, choking tragedy in its bud.

On that day, when she saw Yun Xi's slightly apologetic eyes, it was this kind of decision that came from their childhood friendship, she dressed her own Little Xi in greatsword maid's attire and kept him by her side.

If she hadn't done that back then, perhaps Little Xi would have already left her, at that time she had such a strong intuition.

Now, a similar intuition has appeared again.

The five terrifying beings across from her, any one of them has the potential to take away her Little Xi, especially the female with three ahoge hair strands on her head, Hua Huo's entire body shuddered at first sight.

The enemy!

The lifelong enemy!

No matter what, can't let the enemy who wants to be with Little Xi succeed!

No matter who, she won't allow it!

Whether it's a god, a demon, or anything else, Little Xi belongs only to her.

Childhood friends and first love, both are her victories, and she won't let anyone take away this pride.

Oh great ancestors, grant me the power to shatter all tragic destinies!

The future with Little Xi is to be guarded by her.

The Dragon Emperor Sword released a terrifying pressure that could shatter the heavens and earth. Even the legendary warriors would tremble in the face of this pressure, as it came from the King of Nightmares.

However, any one of the five surrounding Astarot at this moment is a terrifying presence surpassing the King of Nightmares. Even if the Dragon Emperor, who had turned into the King of Nightmares, were here, they would tremble and cower before these five.

"Useless fool!" Hua Huo completely disregarded the poor performance of the Dragon Emperor Sword and infused her own willpower into this God Weapon.

Even a beginner's sword, with Hua Huo's willpower at this moment, could transform into an unparalleled God Weapon.

The powerful Tyrant Dragon Emperor Sword, which was already strong, suddenly gained new life, even surpassing its own limits.

"Little Xi, I'm coming to save you!" Different reasons and perspectives from Astarot, but Hua Huo had the same task to do.

All five of those creation beings are enemies! (Queen Mother of the West - I am innocent.)

Astarot yearned for endless battles, unafraid even if she turned to dust, and she stood against the five creation beings. It was the highest stage she desired.

Hua Huo was determined to "save" and would not let her Little Xi be taken away, especially by that seemingly cold and beautiful Azure Divine Sword, who occasionally showed a lonely expression.

As Yun Xi's childhood friend, Hua Huo knew that her Little Xi had the least resistance to this type of person.

Why pretend to be aloof? If you truly didn't care about anything, then don't reveal that gaze that seems to be waiting for something!

Hua Huo was too familiar with that gaze; it was the feeling of repulsion among the same kind.

At that time, she rejected everyone and wandered lost in the town's streets. The face she saw from the water stains on the ground was just like that.

Although she longed for warmth, she had no idea what to do and closed herself off, wandering the lonely and unfamiliar streets like a zombie.

If at that time, Little Xi had not reached out to her, maybe she would have remained this way forever.

Unable to distinguish right from wrong and with no future in sight, the whole world turned dark and lost all hope.

Without that outstretched hand and the soft, delicious bread, she might never have become the confident and powerful Hua Huo she is now.

So this time, she must save Little Xi.

I will never let you fall into the hands of these people, let them see the power of the Skyblood lineage.

Enormous wings spread behind Hua Huo, forcefully breaking Supreme Dragon God Asha's Chain of Star Dragon cage.

It was Hua Huo's attribute, the free wings that could never be confined by any cage.

With the support of the Tower of Stars and the unlimited power of her own bloodline sleeping within her, Hua Huo's fighting ability has reached an unimaginable level.

In terms of individual fighting power, Hua Huo had an absolute home field advantage. With the added advantage of undiminished strength from her own bloodline, she even surpassed all the Convergers present at that moment.

Hua Huo's sword, therefore, became incredibly shiny. Transparent rings of light exploded above the White Lotus Sword Domain, like beautiful fireworks.

"Sky Soar... World-breaking Slash!" This is Hua Huo's Divine Sword Skill engraved in her bloodline memory, the awe-inspiring Sky Flying Sword that made Yun Xi marvel.

This move, it's not for people, nor for the military, but for realms!

The endless wings of intersecting sword light, accompanied by the constantly exploding halo, forcefully turned the thirteen rings, the Chain of Star Dragon, woven by Supreme Dragon God Asha, into pieces.

Endless starlight fell, shining on Astarot who was holding the Abyssal Condemnation and casting the Dark Mark in front of the five creators.

In that moment, Yun Xi felt a wave of happiness in his heart, knowing that the best chance to escape had arrived.

"How could I let you succeed!"

Not just Yun Xi realized this, Asha, who had escaped from her hand by the Star Child time and time again, became furious. She voluntarily tore apart the Star Hunting Dragon's armor and ripped Mumu's body, turning her flesh into cursed chains.

That is a forbidden spell called Star Hunting Dragon Chains, which is even more advanced than the Chain of Star Dragon and still in development.

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