Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1011

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Chapter 1011: The Name of the Illness Is Love

Hua Huo released all the limitations in her bloodline. Since the incident in her childhood when she went out of control, she once again showed her ability to soar through the sky.

In the center of God's Domain, located in the east, south, west, and north, there was abnormal activity in a building closest to the White Lotus Sword Domain's current star domain.

The oldest tower, the Tower of Stars, which had never encountered any problems and didn't even have an owner, was temporarily activated.

The already congested star bridge encountered an even more terrible accident once again.

Describing the chaos of the star bridge system at the moment as adding insult to injury wouldn't be enough. Only the last one-seventh of the star bridge area was left for the goods and supplies of the major God's Domains.

The astronomical amount of goods and information were all stuffed into this narrow pathway, completely clogging the already chaotic star bridge.

Now, forget about the circulation of goods, even the exchange of information began to experience endless disconnections. The major God's Domains felt like they were back in the era of the Twilight of the Gods, isolated on their own islands.

Hua Huo, who awakened her bloodline power with Su, had no idea of the severe consequences she had caused, making numerous merchants cry and despair.

She only knew one thing, she had to give it her all!

No matter who the opponent was, Tianxiang Bloodline would never admit defeat.

"Blue sky!"



"I stand for the supremacy of billions of lives, and my wings will surely cover everything!"

"I am light, I am fire, I am the highest and holiest existence, with wings of freedom!"

Following the pulsation in her bloodline, Hua Huo found that the process of unlocking this time went extraordinarily smoothly.

Unlike the previous time, she was forced into a desperate situation by the sudden appearance of the gods, and only then did she unleash the power of her ancestral bloodline, causing irreparable consequences.

Of course, even if everything started over, she wouldn't regret her decision to kill the god.

However, it would be better if she could control her power better and not harm so many innocent beings.

The reason why she felt so sad and depressed when she met Yun Xi was because of the mistake she had made.

Her killing of that deity caused the entire God's Domain to collapse, and all the creatures living there faced a tragic end of days together.

Both the deity and the church deserved to die, but along with them, the unknown people and the cute animals in God's Domain were also buried, which made Hua Huo feel very guilty.

Every time she remembered this incident, Hua Huo constantly reminded herself that it was a mistake, one that she could not change even if she regretted it.

She killed many, many people, most of whom deserved it, but there were also some innocent people who were unaware of the truth, as well as completely innocent little animals.

Actually, Hua Huo is the type who really loves small animals, so in her dreams, she used some of her power to bring these cute and joyful kids called Zaka into the real world.

Hua Huo didn't want to have any more regrets, so she moved away from her own people and came to the distant White Lotus Sword Domain to slowly learn to control the power within her body.

In this journey, she met many, many people and gained friendship and love.

She gradually immersed herself in this peaceful world, while waiting for the birth of the legendary White Lotus Secret Treasure and enjoying pretend-play time with Little Xi.

For Yun Xi, having Hua Huo by his side was natural. She was his other half, the glorious queen of summer.

For Hua Huo, she somewhat sensed the hidden power within Yun Xi's body and looked forward to him growing up, wanting to spend more time with him.

The two innocent children liked each other, considering each other the most important person in their lives, but this caused them to hesitate in taking a significant step, remaining in a shy and blurry stage.

Yun Xi knew he liked Hua Huo, but he was troubled because of the huge difference between them – even though that difference was just a disguise of Hua Yue, who had almost sealed his inherited bloodline power.

Hua Huo knew she liked Yun Xi. She even used the ancestral power in her bloodline to secure a position closest to him.

On the battlefield of love, she has always been the winner.

Yun Xi was not someone she considered belonging to her, she never even thought about it.

Always, always together with Yun Xi, no matter if it's the White Lotus Sword Domain or the Sky SwordGod's Domain, or any other God's Domain.

As long as Yun Xi is there, she will be with him.

Whether it's the ends of the earth or the corners of the sea.

Whether it's heaven or hell.

It was from Yun Xi that Hua Huo learned how to adapt to this world, how to show her excellence without causing tragedy like in her childhood.

While others score 60, you can get 100, and everyone will envy you, seeing you as a goal and wanting to be friends with you.

But if others score 60 and you get an impossible 900, then you're a monster, and no one wants to be near you, afraid and unable to look you in the eye.

Initially, it was Hua Huo's display of forbidden power, an unpermitted stance, that triggered that event, leading to an irreparable tragedy.

During the time spent with Yun Xi, Hua Huo learned how to blend into the world, how to smile and run together with the humans around her, freely enjoying it all.

Ordinary love.

Ordinary childhood sweetheart.

Growing up together, watching him gradually fall in love with this version of herself.

Only he, no matter how she changes, will accept her.

If she can be with him, it doesn't matter what mission she carries in her blood.

In this world, there are countless humans, and in the future, she will encounter gods, fantasy species, and even save the world.

But for Hua Huo, there is no one who can compare to Yun Xi. He was the one who held her hand in the darkest times and brought sunshine into her life.

Yun Xi was wrong. The shining queen of summer in his eyes was actually very fragile inside. If it wasn't for him, she would have fallen into a dark world long ago.

Because of his reaching hand, her world was once again filled with radiance and hope for the future.

Because Hua Huo knew there was a future with him, she boldly moved forward without any hesitation and bravely took on her responsibilities.

The mistakes she made cannot be changed.

But at least she would prove with her actions that her decision to continue living was correct and not a mistake.

Life cannot be measured on a scale, but her strength can change the destiny of many more people.

Just like now, when Hua Huo felt the danger of Little Xi, she immediately and without hesitation released herself from all the burdens in her bloodline, responding to the heartbeat in her own heart.

Perhaps it was on the day she met Little Xi that she fell ill.

The illness is called "love."

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