Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1010

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Chapter 1010: Hua Huo's Wings

As the heir of the Sky Soaring bloodline, Hua Huo had never revealed her full power.

The closest she came to unleashing her power was the time when she and several childhood friends, including Yun Xi, decided who deserved the title of "Little Xi's closest childhood friend" through a game.

One time, she called upon her ancestors and the powerful beings of the Supreme Dragon God Asha, the god of gods Ionia, the lord of chaos Naiya, and the Nameless Lady from the same era in the battlefield of the game.

It was a time that doesn't exist in any historical records of the Endless God's Domain, where there was no separation between humans and gods, and heroes with half-god bloodline and monsters from the divine era walked the earth together.

It was a mythical era of the Endless God's Domain, where various fantasy species like fairies, dragons, and humans coexisted peacefully, order and chaos coexisted, and the gates of the abyss and heaven were simultaneously open. It was the earliest form of the Endless God's Domain.

The civilizations of the various God's Domains in the Endless God's Domain today are mostly the seeds spread by the intelligent beings of that era.

Hua Huo's ancestors were one of the mysterious beings from that era, possessing wings that were beyond the confines of the world's rules, granting them freedom.

Although they didn't possess the power of creation, they were not bound by the power of creation. They were a unique existence with unlimited freedom.

Awakened within Hua Huo's bloodline is the power of this ancestor with wings of unlimited freedom, a power that cannot be suppressed even by the power of creation.

However, this power is incredibly strong, so strong that Hua Huo cannot control it at all.

Due to her inability to control her own power, Hua Huo caused a great tragedy in the Western God's Domain when she was a child.

In that sad event, several races were completely destroyed, a god fell, and a small god's kingdom collapsed.

Hua Huo, who caused a great disaster, had to leave her hometown and come to a place called White Lotus Sword Domain, where nobody knew her. There, she learned how to control her own power and master the strength of her bloodline that can even kill gods.

After making that mistake, Hua Huo's people finally realized that they had failed in educating her.

Children cannot understand how terrifying it is to possess such immense power.

Because children haven't developed a proper understanding of "right" and "wrong."

They easily kill small animals, dissect them, and tear off the limbs of ants and grasshoppers just out of curiosity to see them struggle.

They are not afraid of danger and don't even realize the consequences of getting into dangerous situations.

This is exactly what happened with Hua Huo's disaster.

She was kidnapped by a certain group who tried to study the secrets of her bloodline. Following the rule of "an eye for an eye" taught by her people, she fought back and killed them. However, her retaliatory power was too strong, resulting in wiping out the entire group.

Next, the powerful group behind the organization considered Hua Huo the demon's child and launched a "judgment" against her, sending out a fully armed army from the church to attack her.

As a result, Hua Huo, who had unleashed her own bloodline power, destroyed them all without any of them escaping.

The alarmed church then used a sacred ritual to summon an ancient being believed in the God's Domain, a legendary divine entity, to personally intervene against Hua Huo.

In the end, the out-of-control Hua Huo also killed the ancient deity, causing the entire God's Domain to collapse, leaving Hua Huo drifting alone in the void.

Even so, Hua Huo didn't die, nor was she even injured.

Anyone who tried to harm Hua Huo was immediately counterattacked and eliminated by her.

When Hua Huo was young, she couldn't distinguish which enemies were "must kill," which were "ignorant fools," and which were "even dumber than fools deities."

Anyone who wanted to kill her was an enemy.

Enemies should be completely destroyed, leaving none behind.

This logic may be correct on the battlefield, but for young Hua Huo, it's hard to accurately judge when to use how much power.

The power in her bloodline is incredibly strong, so strong that once unleashed, it can even kill gods.

Compared to the source of Hua Huo's bloodline power, the so-called gods are just things that can be seen everywhere in the divine era.

In the land of the divine era, fantasy crystals can be found in the form of crystal mines. Even mortals have the ability to forge God Weapons, and some mortals have successfully killed gods with God Weapons, replacing the gods themselves.

Most of the earliest gods in the Endless God's Domain were born in that era, and many were just ordinary people before becoming gods.

However, most of these gods fell during the Twilight of the Gods era, leaving only a few remaining. They were replaced by five creator-level beings who now dominate the Endless God's Domain in the new era.

After the completion of the seven towers, the five creator-level beings of the Four Quadrants God's Domain ascended to the top of the stars. They ended the divine era and ushered in a brand new star bridge era.

The history of the divine era has been erased from the Endless God's Domain by some invisible force.

Except for some incredibly long-lived fantasy species that lived from the divine era to the star bridge era, humans who learn history from books have no idea what the precursor of the Endless God's Domain looked like.

In the time before Endless God's Domain, known as the Twilight of the Gods, the history is like a mysterious box. Nobody knows what that time was like for the star bridge civilization.

In the new era of Endless God's Domain, the existence of the seven towers and the star bridge is taken for granted. They are the foundation of civilization, and people can't imagine life without them.

The star bridge was blocked for less than an hour, and people in different God's Domains started to panic.

They lost their connection with the outside world.

The business and information exchange between different God's Domains nearly came to a halt.

Every second the star bridge stopped working, the losses were enormous.

Just one hour of blockage caused dozens of large business associations to suffer significant financial losses.

"Little Xi... you've really stirred up trouble with the wrong people this time!" After assessing the strength of their rivals, Hua Huo started to get a headache for the first time.

If possible, she really didn't want to fight these people.

But she had a strong feeling that she had to fight back. Little Xi was right there, surrounded by her rivals.

This time, she is coming to save Little Xi.

As for what happens next, we'll have to wait until we rescue Little Xi before we can talk about it.

"Oh, great ancestors... Please grant me true power."

The sentence is from a storybook. Please translate it into English, "The crumbling earth, the despairing sky, only prayers can save us, only faith can redeem us. Even if the angels' wings are stained, we will still soar to the sky, searching for the last glimmer of hope."

"The flying wings of Tianxiang bring the highest light of hope!"

"Only those who grasp their own happiness can smile until the end!"

One, two, three, a total of six wings extended from Hua Huo's back, stretching leisurely into the endless void.