Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1009

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Chapter 1009: Furious Hua Huo





Four creator level beings revolve around the previous generation's Starchild and make different choices, but they all have the same outcome.

None of them truly obtained the Starchild.

The Starchild has a special connection with all of them, but it doesn't belong to any one person.

A love-hate relationship.

Sometimes far, sometimes near.

He is within reach, yet his image always slips away.

Confused and uneasy, the four creator-level beings, possessing the power of creation, malfunctioned for the first time.

They couldn't be sure what he was thinking, what he was expecting.

They could give him everything, but he never asked anything of them.

He wanted the throne, the highest throne in all four directions of God's Domain would open for him: north, south, east, and west.

He wanted power, no kind of power would refuse him, whether it be the gates of heaven or the depths of the abyss, they would open for him.

Throughout, they never truly understood what he desired.

The seven towers, which constructed the civilization foundation of Endless God's Domain, connected the star bridges among the major God's Domains. Starchild left contentedly, disappearing into Endless God's Domain.

Or rather, he escaped.

The last thing that happened was the scene seen by Yun Xi when he turned sixteen.

Hmm, it looks like the escape attempt failed.

Now, he has to face the same difficult situation again.

The only thing to be happy about is that, due to the rules of Endless God's Domain, the four former girlfriends didn't appear in their true forms, but instead used the power of the star bridge to choose their own avatars.

And, they are not completely certain that the Starchild they are looking for is here.

From this perspective, Yun Xi's disguise is still perfect. The starlight just now was just a decoy thrown out by Mei’er. The real Yun Xi is still in a fused state with Astarot.

"Former girlfriends... all four of them..."

"Do they correspond to Mumu, Red Lotus White Lotus, Su, and Zi Yuan... are they all chosen apostles?"

"Hmm, there is one more... she is the Guardian of the Sky Tower, corresponding to the neutral Queen Mother of the West..." Calmly analyzing the current situation, Yun Xi once again enters a state similar to when he was immersed in the Battle God Sand of Time with Casina.

Time has slowed down, as if at the bottom of the river of endless time.

Countless threads of fate intertwine within the White Lotus Sword Domain.

The threads belong to the ex-girlfriends of the four creator-level beings.

The threads belong to him and the future strongest Demon King, Astarot.

The threads belong to the Queen Mother of Kunlun God's Domain, Her Majesty Xi Wangmu.

Oh, there are other threads too?

Although they appear weaker compared to these creation beings, they contain a stunning power that is almost equal to the strongest Demon King, Astarot.

That is... his childhood friend... Hua Huo's thread.

Even on this stage, Hua Huo is not a mere spectator; she has the power to intervene here.

This is the first time Yun Xi directly observes the bloodline power of his unbeatable childhood friend, Hua Huo.

That kind of power is currently hidden, but it has an unimaginable ancient feeling, as if it has existed for a very long time.

In the perspective of Sand of Time, that power seems to trace back to the ancient times that are almost impossible to observe in the river of time.

Thousands of years, tens of thousands of years, no, that is an era far beyond this concept!

It was a divine era where the boundary between gods and humans was still unclear, where the highest of the gods and Dragon God Asha walked on the earth, and Naiya and Nameless Lady were in the distant past when they were still in the stage of outer gods.

Hua Huo's bloodline is a legacy from that era, a past that has already disappeared in the current Endless God's Domain.

The wings of soaring are not bound by any laws!

Moreover, compared to the five primordial beings who have not come here in their true forms, Hua Huo's power is hidden within her own body.

The power loss through the star bridge projected by the five primordial beings is approximately one hundred to one, with an unknown upper limit.

The power loss controlled by Astarot through the Golden Sea of Chaos is approximately ten to one, with the same unknown upper limit.

Hua Huo had a hidden power within her blood, with no known limits or losses.

Even though she had not joined the battle, like Astarot, she was not under the control of the four creator levels.

She simply had no reason to participate in the fight, so she stayed in a watchful state and had no intention of getting involved.

"If... it's Hua Huo," Yun Xi hesitated. He wanted to escape from this life-threatening situation, but he didn't know if he should involve Hua Huo as well.

This is the previous generation's Starchild, the problem that arose in his previous life.

He didn't know what mistake he had made that caused all four of his ex-girlfriends to chase him.

It would be unfair to involve innocent Hua Huo in this matter.

However, if he were to be captured by his already gathered ex-girlfriends this time, Yun Xi had a feeling that he might never see Hua Huo again, no matter who had him.

This feeling was so strong, it could even be said to be an inevitable future.

His ex-girlfriends from his previous life would chase after him to the ends of the earth, even to the corners of the universe.

"Hua Huo... are you watching?" Through the gaps of the Chain of Star Dragon, Yun Xi saw three Zaka and an Hua Huo who seemed restless for some unknown reason.

She didn't know what happened here, but she seemed to sense something.

Should we say this is the telepathy between childhood sweethearts who like each other?

Hua Huo didn't hear any sounds, but a wild instinct bubbling in her heart told her that something terrible had happened.

On her special "radar for Yun Xi," five enormous red dots appeared, representing enemy units. These dots were so massive that they occupied almost the entire detection range of this fantasy radar.

The targets represented by the five dots were unmistakably clear, visible through the shattered Chain of Star Dragon.

Twin witches who looked identical and had a great advantage.

Despite being a half-human, half-dragon super giant, Mumu possessed alluring contours and a majestic chest.

Her sweet smile at the corner of her mouth made people instantly like the mysterious girl, Su.

Zi Yuan, the cold beauty as chilly as an iceberg, was surrounded by sinister creatures.

And finally, there was Lilibet, wielding the Azure Excalibur, a crimson alarm raising to its highest level, causing Hua Huo's hair to stand on end.

"Little Xi!"

"When did you get into so much trouble? Even if you flirt, there should be a limit!"

Hua Huo got angry, the mighty Dragon Emperor Sword roaring, and the dormant power of her bloodline began to shatter.

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