Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1008

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Chapter 1008: Hope in Despair

Even though it was surrounded by the dazzling brilliance of the Chain of Star Dragon, that strand of starlight was so insignificant, and it was even hidden within the Dark Mark wielded by Astarot.

But when the four creators appeared at the moment the starlight appeared, they all made a move.

The manifestation of the Supreme Dragon God Asha, Mumu Narabel, directly shot out his Star Hunter from his hand and let out a roar that shook the heavens and the earth.

"The Lover's Spear of Hunt!"

The manifestation of the God Supreme Ionia, the twin witches, held hands together and wrote the language of the gods on the stone tablet that recorded the names of the gods.

"Seal, strike down!"

The manifestation of the Chaos Lord Naiya, Su, transformed the giant sword in the hand of the black giant at his feet into the shape of a bow and shot out thousands of black arrows that pierced the sky in one breath.


The manifestation of the Nameless Lady, Zi Yuan, the Hundred Ghosts Sword, which was originally one of the divisions of the Ghost Sword, evolved into a slender blade over three meters long, the true form of the Sky Sword.

As the blades danced, countless demons and monsters surged out from the open cracks, as if hell and the underworld had descended.

This sentence is from a story book, please translate it into English: 1. Well, only a certain Empress Xi Wangmu stood by and watched, feeling very pleased with herself.

"Master... you must endure!" Mei’er's heart was pounding as she was being hunted down by four powerful Creator-level beings. Any one of them could easily squeeze the life out of this tiny little star sprite countless times.

Luckily, the four of them stood united, even Supreme Dragon God Asha and the almighty God Ionia, who were the closest allies among the four, would never let go at this moment.

They were four creators who joined forces, but their relationship was not simply adding one and one together. Instead, they contradicted each other and competed with each other in a chaotic way.

Asha's shooting love gun was hit by Naiya's pitch-black arrow hundreds of times.

The creatures of Nameless Lady, more than half of them were sealed by the stone tablet of the Supreme God.

The intermingling of four powers of creation ultimately gave Starchild, who was fleeing, a brief moment of respite.

This is the hope that Mei’er talked about. If someone is caught by one of these four ex-girlfriends, it's like being trapped in the Chain of Star Dragon by Dragon God Asha, there is absolutely no way to escape.

But when all four ex-girlfriends arrived, a glimmer of hope emerged instead.

The hope of breaking the deadlock was the conflict among the four of them, along with other variables.

More golden crystals spread out, and the strongest Demon King from the Golden Sea of Chaos was not the least bit afraid, even when faced with five creator-level beings.

The stronger the enemy, the stronger the desire for victory from within the heart.

Like a string pulled to its limit, the pressure increases, causing Astarot's The Realm of Infinite Desires to boil even more.

Reflected in this body is the blood of the Demon King from the Golden Sea of Chaos, cheering.

Collecting the power attributes of five Endless God's Domain creator-level beings at once has an immediate impact on the growth of The Realm of Infinite Desires.

A frog at the bottom of a well can only see a small piece of sky at the well's opening during its lifetime.

Mortals cannot escape the world in which they reside until death.

The Golden Sea of Chaos, located at the deepest level of the abyss, can contain all powers.

No matter if it's a dragon, an angel, a deity, darkness, or even those unnameable things, The Realm of Infinite Desires welcomes them all!

Astarot's Demon King attribute is the ultimate Demon King among Demon Kings!

Her potential for growth is limitless!

When the four creators joined forces, their powers clashed and canceled out. But in that moment, Astarot unleashed the strongest and craziest Dark Mark ever.

This sword almost made the golden blood within her body completely evaporate. It was a sign that Astarot's Demon King power had reached its limit.

Countless runes rearranged and danced, weaving scars on par with dividing heaven and earth.

The jet-black scars were like the abyss itself. They first devoured Naiya's dark arrows, then swallowed Nameless Lady's sinister creatures, instantly expanding more than tenfold. Finally, they broke through the rainbow light of the Ionia stone tablet and crashed onto the hunting lover's spear that posed the greatest threat to Yun Xi.

As the focal point, Astarot unleashed a power at least ten times greater than her own, perfectly illustrating the concept of leveraging strength and infinite imagination and creation.

If the scoring system of the White Lotus Secret Treasure trial were still in place, this Dark Mark would undoubtedly receive a perfect score of one hundred. After all, it was a sword technique guided by the power of creation itself.

Originally representing the Demon King's most fundamental sword skill, the Dark Mark was unexpectedly used by Astarot with astonishing effects. This single move shattered the balance of the four primordial beings and also opened an escape route for Yun Xi.

However, just this is not enough.

For the four creator beings who had activated a seventh of their respective star bridges' highest authority, the word "defeat" simply didn't exist in their dictionary.

This sword from Astarot, only postponed the moment when a Starchild would be captured.

No matter if this strand of starlight is him or not, there is no mistake in killing and letting go.

If I miss this opportunity, I don't know how long it will take to find another clue. Starchild, who has the blessings of the stars, is a target that cannot be captured by any fortune-telling or prophecy.

All the prophecies about Starchild might be true, but it's more likely that they are completely wrong.

About this matter, the four primordial beings have already attempted countless times.

When it comes to the existence of the [Field] they were in, it was expected to be all-knowing and all-powerful, but once it encountered the Starchild, this law would completely fail.

The situation of Supreme Dragon God Asha.

She used the highest dragon soul contract, trying to bind Starchild to her side.

The contract stipulated that "no matter the era, his soul would always be with you."

Hmm, this is not a lie.

The current Mumu is a part of Starchild's soul, so in a way, Asha truly has Starchild's soul as her companion every day.

The condition of the supreme goddess Ionia.

The highest wish spell - as long as you open your eyes, you can see the same stars as me every day.

Similarly, it is not a lie. In Pantheon, the star bridge connects the star maps that perpetually accompany Ionia. No matter the era, she and he can see the same stars.

The occasion of the Lord of Chaos, Naiya.

Uh, without a contract or a wish, what Naiya got was this kind of promise.

As long as the Abyss exists, our agreement will never change.

That agreement, it's a secret.

On this side of the Nameless Lady.

The king is lonely and powerful, I believe one day you will become the most outstanding person.

This tower, it is built for you, it will witness your greatness and glory.

So, the Nameless Lady decided to constantly choose the strongest kings, letting the brilliance of the King Tower shine throughout Endless God's Domain.

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