Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1013

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Chapter 1013: Star Hunting Dragon Chains

Mumu is a special breed of dragon that has never been born in the history of the Dragon Clan.

Everything about her, even the reason for her birth, has only one purpose - to hunt the child of the stars who cannot be foreseen or observed by any prophecy or divination power.

All prophecies about the child of the stars are unreliable.

No matter what results divination may yield, they can be overturned.

The child of the stars is a special and marvelous being who excels in cheating on the scale of destiny and even altering the course of the starry sky.

If you don't hold onto him firmly and keep him by your side, no one knows when he might suddenly disappear, fall in love with someone else, or have multiple love interests.

Even though he is this kind of person, he always wears an innocent expression that makes people misunderstand that he hasn't done anything. Asha has suffered a great loss because of it.

No one has truly captured his heart, and nobody knows who he really likes.

It seems that everyone likes to surprise them unexpectedly.

Every day spent with him is never boring, always discovering new worlds.

How magical it is for Asha, who can even create worlds, to be with someone who has achieved the concept of "creation." They are always smiling and happy together.

She has forgiven him countless times, but he always continues to make mistakes and unintentionally provoke the wrong people.

They maintain a certain distance from everyone, but always easily break that barrier and naturally enter their hearts.

Clever, or rather deceptive?

Although he almost never lies, the situation always escalates to unimaginable levels.

In this world, it seems there is nothing he can't do and nothing he dares not attempt.

At the same time, Ionia and Asha were friends with four powerful beings from the beginning of creation, and no one noticed anything wrong for a very long time. Ionia and Asha were even long-term allies.

It wasn't just a sudden revelation, even Asha couldn't believe that the person they liked could be so deceitful.

And the biggest problem was that Asha was completely unaware of the situation and even had an innocent expression when it was exposed.

"I am not playing both sides, everyone is good people, and I have had a really happy time with them."

"Yes, we have an agreement, but it's a secret."

"Hmm, even Asha couldn't reveal this secret. A promise is a promise, no matter if it's a hundred years, a thousand years, ten thousand years, or even longer, it won't change."

"Who my favorite person is... umm... that's also a secret."

"Oh, please don't get angry, Asha's angry face is really scary."

When it became too much, they simply ran away.

There were four creators in the beginning, and none of them chose their true love. It seemed like their true love was with someone else.

Can you tolerate this kind of thing?

Asha couldn't bear this anymore. Ionia, Naiya, and the unnamed one couldn't bear it either. They finally joined forces and launched that chase, turning the entire Endless God's Domain upside down.

Unfortunately, the result of that chase was a failure. He seemed to have anticipated the ending long ago. He wasn't caught by anyone and turned into countless scattered light gems.

In that moment, Asha wanted to stop him.

For this reason, she took away the most light gems. But the real him wasn't in any of the gems. In the end, she only used the portion she stole to give birth to "Mumu," this unique Star Hunting Dragon.

Mumu lived up to her expectations and showed incredible talent from birth.

Without prophecy or divination, using the affinity of her own soul, Mumu found the White Lotus Sword Domain in the lower region of the Sky Sword God's Domain and sent a signal to her mother saying, "Dad might be here."

Such a good child, truly deserving of being the Star Hunting Dragon she created.

If at first she only had doubts, now Asha could almost be certain that person is right here in this White Lotus Sword Domain.

She could even almost smell his distinct scent.

He appeared very kind on the outside, open-hearted to everyone, willing to accept anyone into his heart. This made people worry if his innocence would make him an easy target for manipulation.

Possessing talents that would amaze anyone, beloved by the stars, he put in great effort to construct the seven towers that connect to the Endless God's Domain, all because of a casual idea she had in the past.

If all this belonged to her alone, it would be like a dream-like romance that would bring even the dragon gods of creation into a blissful world of two.

The problem is, this fellow is a complete and utter fraud!

The star bridge was not built solely for her. He made a promise to the other five creation-level beings as well and fulfilled it by completing this bridge to the stars.

The seven towers are the same. Except for the "Tower of Stars" and "the Shadow Tower," all the towers in the eastern, southern, and western God's Domains are spoken for and have their unique connection to him.

Hmm, perhaps the Queen Mother of the West is the only exception?

Because she stayed at home all the time, busy with "preparing for pregnancy" and "being pregnant," working hard to expand God's Domain of Kunlun.

Clearly, he had relationships with many creation-level beings at the same time. His earliest partner, Ionia, even lived with him during the early stage of the divine era. The two of them also designed Pantheon together. The stone tablet symbolizing the power of the gods was one of his early works. However, no one doubted his promiscuity.

This guy is unforgivable!

Once I catch you, I won't let you have the chance to interact with any other gender - no, not even the same gender.

Let your eyes only look at me.

Let our world always be just the two of us.

Let our footprints cover the endless God's Domain starry sky.

Say to me again, "I like you," "You are beautiful, Asha." As long as you can be mine, my one-of-a-kind treasure, I will forgive all your mistakes.

This Star Hunting Dragon Chains, I prepared it for you - it represents a token of love!

"Hiss!" Yun Xi was shocked to discover that this chain, transformed from the body of the Star Hunting Dragon, was unavoidable.

It seemed like this chain itself, and even Mumu, were a part of him.

Even though the brilliance of the stars had already fallen on the earth, Mei’er's path of trials had connected to some place where the four creators' power didn't exist. Just a little more time and Yun Xi would be able to escape.

This move by Asha made Yun Xi realize once again that even with the help of his childhood friend, the power of the creators was too unfair.

They were prepared for the possibility of him escaping again!

Asha revealed her secret weapon.

The other three creators were not far behind; they all began to use their forbidden arts on Yun Xi, who had entered the state of the stars.

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