Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1000

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Chapter 1000: Abyssal Condemnation

Golden light dances behind Astarot, reflecting the scenery of the endless golden Chaos Sea.

With a gentle touch of fate's strings, Yun Xi opened the door that should not have been opened.

A miracle that brings together countless impossible elements has arrived!

A golden Demon King, Astarot, who should not have appeared in this era.

The cursed sword, Abyssal Condemnation, which shouldn't have been born in the present.

The strongest Demon King and the Star Hunting Dragon!


Like a predetermined destiny, this battle begins with the dance of the Star Hunter.




Even though the heart was beating intensely, there was no feeling of rapid breathing, which was astonishing.

Maybe it was because this body didn't need to breathe at all!

With Abyssal Condemnation held in both hands, Astarot stepped into the sky and swung his sword boldly under the suppression of the Chain of Billions of Stars.

He could hear the sound of jubilant cheers, as the golden blood within his body boiled, constantly pouring out power in response to Astarot, the strongest Demon King's will.

The huge ripples turned into towering waves, sweeping everything, covering everything, devouring everything!

The ultimate desire is infinite freedom!

As the Demon King of the Golden Sea of Chaos, he is not bound by any common knowledge.

Even if the opponent is a supreme deity, he will never retreat.

Even though they have a similar body shape to humans, the sword aura released when wielding Abyssal Condemnation completely consumes the starlight wielded by Star Hunter.

It looks as if there is an endless abyss of darkness, devouring all the starlight.

The aftermath of their clash causes the earth to tremble and the sky to shake.

And this is merely a tentative warm-up between the two.

On the ground, golden crystals have emerged at some point. They are a manifestation caused by the magic flowing out from Astarot's body, corroding the land with a golden crystal landscape.

In the sky, the Chain of Star Dragon is the main stage. More star gems are attracted by Star Hunting Dragon Mumu, who possesses the blessing of half of the stars, releasing the power of the stars contained within.

The earth undergoes transformation towards the abyss.

The sky begins to form the outline of a nebula.

The heavens and the earth.

Light and darkness.

Abyssal Condemnation and Star Hunter.

This battle is powerful enough to destroy the entire White Lotus Sword Domain.

If it wasn't for the complete blockade of this space by the Chain of Star Dragon, combined with the creation power from Supreme Dragon God Asha that expanded this battlefield countless times, not only would the White Lotus Sword Domain be affected, but also the surrounding stars would be affected by this battle.

The Starwings Knights, who were originally one of the instigators of this war, have been relocated to the outer area of the Chain of Star Dragon by the Star Hunting Dragon Mumu Narabel Asha.

This is not a place where they can stay, not even for a moment due to the aftermath.

The battle has reached a level where no one can stop it.

Yun Xi cannot stop it.

Astarot, who is in an excited state, cannot stop it.

Mumu couldn't resist the influence of Dragon God Asha's will.

So, let's fight!

"Tsk!" The enormous Star Hunter spun again, its gun tip sparkling with dragon language inscriptions.

"Dapo... Atak..."

Ice-cold, Star Hunting Dragon Mumu uttered flawless dragon language syllables, taking a step back and then gripping the gun with both hands, locking onto the tiny Astarot.

In this battle with such a huge difference in size, it doesn't mean that the larger one has an absolute advantage.

In a battle where both sides have similar strength, the giant wanting to kill an ant as powerful as itself is a big problem.

So, we need to use the power of dragon language inscriptions to amplify and lock onto our opponent!

"Atak," representing absolute attack, and "Dapo," granting double impact.

"The time has come..." Astarot stretched out its comfortable black wings, and countless black chains connected to the heart of its body on Abyssal Condemnation.

This sword doesn't need to be charged.

Because the charging process was already completed during the warm-up activities just now!

Only Yun Xi saw clearly how Astarot effortlessly drove its body, which was filled with chaotic magic in its golden blood. It turned the moves that would normally require some time to prepare into numerous pre-programmed actions, and then unleashed them!

Undoubtedly, this is also a divine sword technique, a technique that the human body cannot bear. It is completely different from theoretical and Yun Hai Limit Sword, the Sky Flying Sword.

Perhaps, it should be called the Demon King's Sword, because only those with golden blood like Astarot can perform this technique.

It is the ability to transform the infinite flowing desire into power.

Just like countless rivers converging together, eventually becoming like the ocean, the outcome is already decided even before the sword is drawn. The desire to defeat the opponent becomes stronger, with no visible limit.

Perhaps, this is the power that can kill the "Genesis" existence in the Endless God's Domain!

The black sword light became a tear in the ground, a flowing light that pierced the sky, leaving a deep scar in the world.

Demon King's sword technique - Dark Mark.

Power - unlimited.

That black sword mark, like the abyss itself, can tear apart any world and bring destruction.

Even facing the Lord God Weapon from the era of the Twilight of the Gods, Abyssal Condemnation still exhibits absolute suppression.

This is also the first time Yun Xi truly understands why this magic sword is recognized by the stars as one of the three swords that reign over the endless starry sky in the past, present, and future.

Unlike the Starwings, which still cannot unleash its power in his hands, Abyssal Condemnation, in Astarot's hands, made its debut in Endless God's Domain and revealed its terrifying power to completely suppress a divine Lord God Weapon.

The body of the Star Hunting Dragon, exceeding ten thousand meters and weighing more than triple that of comparable celestial bodies, was blasted dozens of body spans away under the Dark Mark of Abyssal Condemnation.

For the first time, visible black marks appeared on the untouched Lord God Weapon gun body from the era of the Twilight of the Gods.

"You...are..." For the first time, the will of the Supreme Dragon God that descended into Mumu's body appeared slightly surprised, and its voice became somewhat intermittent.

In the instant when they were pushed back, the energy transmission from the northern God's Domain to this secret treasure space consumed thirty thousand times more than its peak, reaching a horrifying level.

"If you're not will die soon..."

"No, you are already dead..." A cruel arc appeared at the corner of Astarot's mouth, extremely ferocious, belonging to just a small glimpse of the most powerful Demon King.

A deep black mark appeared on Star Hunting Dragon Mumu's originally pristine white belly.

It was a wound caused by the Abyssal Condemnation, and also the entrance for the erosion of the boundless power of the abyss.

As a Star Hunting Dragon blessed by the dragon clan and the stars, she was supposed to be immune to all toxins and curse power, just like how there could never be water in the sun.

However, this strike of the Abyssal Condemnation shattered the Star Hunting Dragon's absolute blessed physique, forcefully sending immense abyssal power into her body.

Or perhaps it shouldn't be called a "curse," as what is corroding Star Hunting Dragon Mumu's body is none other than the "abyss" itself.

You can break the curse of the Abyss Projection and reject all the whispers of the ancient gods, but when facing the Abyss itself, there is no other way than to confront it with an equal level of power.

Luckily, as a Star Hunting Dragon with the characteristics of half a constellation, I possess this level of power.

The Dragon Furnace on my shoulder ignites, releasing a power equal to that of the sun, forcefully dispelling the abyss.

One sun, two suns, three suns appear behind the Star Hunting Dragon, and a faint golden dragon shadow can be seen at its core.

That is the unfinished part being constructed by Mumu, a war tool created with the sun as its core. Even Supreme Dragon God Asha cannot forcibly enhance it - the special auxiliary weapon called Dragon Furnace.

After all, in a certain sense, this is the only legacy left by "that person" for Mumu.

"Light Furnace... a modified version?" Mixed within Astarot's consciousness, Yun Xi gazes at those three small golden Light Furnaces.

The structure of the Light Furnace is the same, but there are many inexplicable things mixed within.

With the incomplete memories inherited from the constellation, it is impossible to tell what the structures beyond the original version of the Light Furnace are.

However, it seemed obvious that these things were specially prepared for Mumu, with a style that perfectly suited the characteristics of a giant dragon.

Is this my past work?

Or is it an unfinished masterpiece?

"Forever... blazing sun..."

This time, it wasn't the dragon language inscription system, nor the penetrating sound that belonged only to the Supreme Dragon God Asha, but Mumu's voice.

Three unfinished Dragon Furnaces released a massive sun's true fire, gathering at the fingertips of the Star Hunting Dragon Mumu.

In Mumu's eyes, there was joy, nostalgia, and longing. The intensity of these emotions even dispersed some of the absolute order aura from her mother, Dragon God Asha.

"This is more interesting... Even if it's the sun... I will extinguish it to show you!" Astarot stepped with graceful strides.

The outcome was predetermined long ago.

The boiling Realm of Infinite Desires had already prepared all the power that Astarot needed.

The process of gathering strength, not needed.

Changing my real name is not necessary.

The strongest Demon King's power is being able to use it whenever they want and release it whenever they want.

Mumu completed the combination of the sun runes on her fingertips. It was the legacy that her dad had given her, the special talent she possessed but had never used before - a shining brightness.

"Every day, the sun rises from the ground, even when surrounded by unforgiving darkness, I will use my imperfect body to shatter it for you and for it."

Like a nursery rhyme etched in her memory, she possesses a side of her father's sun, destined to radiate a brilliant light that illuminates everything.

The name Mumu Narabel symbolizes a holy and pure light!

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