Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1001

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Chapter 1001: Star Bridge

"That child... woke up..." Unlike the first time Star Hunting Dragon opened its eyes with coldness, this moment, Yun Xi inside Astarot could clearly feel the budding enthusiasm.

Mumu was making its own sound.

The power to make Mumu Narabel*Asha's own sound was given by the three Dragon Furnaces that were not yet fully constructed.

Although compared to the Supreme Dragon God Asha's power of creation, this power was still very small, but it truly belonged to Mumu itself.

Mumu had the potential to become a Sunwalker, just like the Golden Crow Princess.

The golden sunlight formed three intertwining orbits, directly confronting the Dark Mark cut by Astarot with Abyssal Condemnation.

The three golden threads kept advancing in that deep black sword scar, until the power was exhausted.

This was the first actual battle of the young Mumu's own sound, with the participation of the three Dragon Furnaces.

The result of the battle was that Astarot's Dark Mark was torn and consumed by about one-third of its power.

After that, the Abyss reappeared and the body of the Star Hunting Dragon was dyed in the black color of the Abyss. An endless abyssal aura erupted, making the once sacred and pure body appear tainted.

More golden crystals stood tall on the battlefield, like a giant forest extending and thriving.

With the increase of golden crystals, the abyssal marks entwined on the body of the Star Hunting Dragon became even more terrifying, and even started to unnaturally grow.

The exquisite pure white body of the Star Hunting Dragon was being invaded by the power of the abyss, and even started to assimilate.

This was not something that could be exempted by any curse-immune constitution. This was a direct devouring from the abyss, as if biting into the body of the Star Hunting Dragon.

"Not enough!"

"Not enough, use more power!" Astarot savored the increasingly chaotic and golden taste surrounding him.

The world was being corroded by the power of her own Demon King, and the direction of the battle was developing overwhelmingly unfavorable for Supreme Dragon God Asha.

The taste is good, it is perfect for hunting the Child of God.

Dragon God Asha, who should have had a higher level of power advantage, is actually at a disadvantage.

The reason for this situation is really simple.

This is not the home field of Supreme Dragon God Asha, the ruler of the Northern God's Domain. Just opening a channel to send the power of creation here consumes more than a hundred thousand times the energy.

Moreover, more than half of the power projected here is used to maintain the Chain of Star Dragon, which spans more than thirteen rings. Only the remaining half is used to construct the body of the Star Hunting Dragon.

In comparison, although not in their true form, Yun Xi's body with "Elise," as well as the uncontaminated nature of the Starchild's soul, Astarot can be said to be extremely comfortable on this battlefield.

Compared to Asha's consumption ratio of a hundred thousand to one, Astarot's consumption ratio to extract power from the golden chaotic ocean is less than ten to one.

To put it bluntly, this place is equivalent to her absolute home field.

Holding the Abyssal Condemnation, she is not afraid even when facing the creation dragon god.

Asha wanted to interfere more on the battlefield, but she needed to use up more power!

Normally, no renowned general would dare or could fight with a loss ratio of 100,000 to 1 against 10 to 1. It was a guaranteed defeat.

However, Asha insisted on fighting, and not only that, she wanted to win!

The power to create the world was so arbitrary and unreasonable.

Not to mention a loss ratio of 100,000 to 1, even if it was 1 million to 1, the Supreme Dragon God of the Northern God's Domain didn't care.

The only thing that restrained her was the ruler of the Kunlun God's Domain, which also existed since the creation of the Eastern God's Domain - the Queen Mother.

This wasn't the Northern God's Domain. Sending power across billions of light-years was an impossible task, even for Asha, the godly dragon of creation. She still needed to follow certain rules of the cosmos.

A loss ratio of 1 million to 1 didn't discourage the Supreme Dragon God Asha, but there was a limit.

Even though she used her power of creation to remodel this secret space, she had reached its limits.

This is the land of the Eastern God, and we cannot allow any more power from the Northern God to pass through.

The main reason why Star Hunting Dragon is at a disadvantage is because the limit of its support power is almost reached, and this limit has not exceeded the maximum attack value of Astarot Abyssal Condemnation.



Supreme Dragon God Asha is thinking.

Supreme Dragon God Asha made a judgment based on a certain intuition deep within.

Supreme Dragon God Asha has decided to activate the highest authority as the master of the Dragon Tower and unlock the hidden ability of the star bridge.

Astarot severely bullied Star Hunting Dragon with Abyssal Condemnation, finally causing dissatisfaction from the Supreme Dragon God in the far Northern God’s Domain.

As a result, everyone in the Endless God’s Domain noticed that about one-seventh of the light bands connecting all the God’s Domains in the Endless God’s Domain through the star bridge have changed.

As a bridge connecting the Endless God's Domain, the star bridge, which is connected by the seven towers, has incredible power, allowing it to completely cross billions of light-years in a very short time.

This is a way of connection that far exceeds the speed of "light", and it is also the foundation for the existence of the Endless God's Domain.

The several primordial beings and many ancient gods located at the highest point of the Endless God's Domain are the ones who established the seven towers and ultimately built these star bridges.

However, even they are not the true creators of the star bridge.

They are just builders, and the principles of the star bridge and the construction of the seven towers all trace back to an even older person.

A person who can design and build the seven towers and these star bridges.

A person who can bring together different civilizations and gods that were originally impossible to meet.

A person who is loved by many, many gods and even great beings of the primordial level, but eventually becomes hated because of love.

One of the principles of the star bridge's existence is that no matter how far the distance, it can search for the person one wants to find.

To meet you, a bridge was built towards the stars.

As long as the brilliance of the stars continues to shine, there will be a day when we will meet again under this starry sky.

One of the seven creators who built the star bridge, Supreme Dragon God Asha, holds one-seventh of the highest authority.

At this moment, she used this privilege.

Following a certain intuition brought by her youngest daughter, Mumu Narabel, she broke the established rules since someone disappeared and projected her power into the White Lotus Sword Domain.

In front of the Sky Tower, the blue divine sword on Lilibet's head suddenly stood up, pointing to the highest point of the Sky Tower.

One-seventh of the star bridge changed its color.

That was the signal of the arrival of the will of the Dragon God of Creation.

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