Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 999

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Chapter 999: Golden Blood

After gazing at the tiny figure on the ground for a few seconds, the illusion of Dragon God Asha, who appeared behind the true form of Star Hunting Dragon, began to transform into countless disappearing starlights.

At this moment, the energy consumption of the teleportation power from God's Domain in the north to this crystal disk space has exceeded a ratio of ten thousand to one.

To sustain the energy displayed by the true form of Star Hunting Dragon every second, if converted into gemstones in Western God's Domain, it would be enough to bankrupt a small-scale God's Domain instantly.

The entire Endless God's Domain can only support such a ratio of space consumption for the arrival of a few supreme beings.

In the silver-white pupils, flames burn fiercely, flames that even the young Mumu wouldn't possess.

Why does Star Hunting Dragon exist?

Like the golden chaotic Demon King who showed his initial prowess, this is the first time the super ace apostle of the dragon clan from the northern God's Domain has been deployed in actual combat.

Regardless of whether it is heaven, hell, abyss, or nightmare, as long as there are clues about the child of stars, they must be hunted down to the end!

No matter what, even if it means starting a war with the other supreme beings, they would do it without considering the consequences!

No matter how small the clues are, as long as they are certain they are related, it is worth putting in the greatest effort!

That flame, it's a flame of determination, a flame of duty, shining with the blessings of stars and dragons.

"Ding!" The Chain of Star Dragon smoothly transferred ownership, switching the master to the awakened form of the Star Hunting Dragon.

Being trapped in a time imprisonment of more than thirteen rings, even if gods were here, they would have a hard time escaping.

This is the prison dilemma specifically created for the children of the stars, Mumu Narabel*Asha, as the Star Hunting Dragon. Every strand of hair and every dragon scale on their body was born for this purpose.

No matter where they chase, they must find their father!

Wherever dad is, Mumu is there too!

They hold the most powerful chains of the stars, wielding the Lord God Weapon level of the Star Hunter, traversing every corner of the Endless God's Domain!

If Endless God's Domain cannot be found, they will venture outwards towards the distant unknown barren starry sky beyond Endless God's Domain!

Swearing towards Star Hunter - to find Dad! This is the vow Mumu Narabel*Asha made after hatching from the star gem's eggshell.


Asha's will is Mumu Narabel*Asha's will, a mission she was assigned before she was even born.

Furthermore, she herself follows this will, longing intensely to meet her dad.

For her, there is no greater happiness than this, it is like a natural instinct for a creature to crave air.

The tip of Star Hunter's gun spins, releasing a massive light blade, targeting that rebellious, soaring, pitch-black figure.

Judgement from Supreme Dragon God Asha - this is an enemy that needs to be defeated!

Input, command of the dragon oath.

"... Atak ..."

Countless cutting light blades danced in the air, each one possessing the power to cleave mountains and rivers. They were the attributeless blades of starlight, a gift from the Star Hunting Dragon.

"Let me see... the power of the Creator God..." Astarot's chaotic and nameless golden eyes shimmered with excitement.

Yun Xi, who shared consciousness with Astarot, saw the chaotic golden sea begin to ripple.

In the beginning, it was just a small pebble that accidentally fell into this vast ocean.

Compared to the vast and boundless golden chaos, this pebble was as inconspicuous as a grain of sand in the river of destiny.

However, this marked the transformation from "nothing" to "something."

Located in the deepest abyss, beyond the reach of external observation and interference, the Golden Sea of Chaos had its first visitor.

The small pebble shattered the long silence of the Golden Sea of Chaos, just like plucking the strings of destiny, awakening this sea from its slumber.

Yun Xi, this tiny pebble.

At this moment, the powerful Supreme Dragon God Asha of the creation level appeared, just like a meteor crashing into the Golden Sea of Chaos, following the path opened by Yun Xi, the tiny stone of destiny, and ushering the entire Golden Sea of Chaos into a turbulent era.

An existence that should not have appeared in this era.

The golden Demon King that was still in the process of gestation opened its eyes.

Activate The Realm of Infinite Desires!

Her name is Astarot.

Recognized by the Abyss, born from the magnificent Golden Sea of Chaos, the strongest Demon King!

The body is undergoing changes.

The golden blood rushes rapidly within this body, boiling.

The human body is not capable of supporting such changes. Yun Xi witnessed the rapid disintegration, reorganization, and regeneration of the human body structure he was familiar with.

This body came from a distant future but exists in the present.

Because of the Golden Sea of Chaos, the past, present, and future all coexist!

The predictions made by the White Lotus Secret Treasure can only simulate future paths of destiny.

However, the creative power of the Supreme Dragon God Asha can turn the impossible into possible. She can directly elevate Mumu, who is still young, to the ultimate form, which is the current Star Hunting Dragon state.

This is the privilege bestowed upon Mumu as a Star Hunting Dragon. When necessary, Supreme Dragon God Asha can use her body as a vessel.

Even at the cost of tenfold consumption, they must catch the escaping child of the stars and not give him any chance to escape.

The Golden Sea of Chaos can also accomplish the same thing.

Following the future path deduced by the White Lotus Secret Treasure, after confirming the existence of "Elise" within Yun Xi's body, the Golden Sea of Chaos responded to the will of "Astarot," opening up a passage. This transformed Yun Xi's future, which was originally just a projection, into the true embodiment of the Demon King.

Only those who are recognized by the Chaos Sea and possess even a fraction of Astarot's will can bring this golden chaos into their own blood.

This is a characteristic that comes from the Chaos Sea. Creatures with this blood can even produce golden magic crystals equivalent to the highest-level strategic magic resources.

Similarly, only those with this golden blood have a chance to open the door to the endless desires of the [Field].

The human body cannot be infinitely strengthened, but those with golden chaos blood have this possibility.

The golden blood of the Demon King is proof of recognition from the golden Chaos Sea. It is the Demon King's proof belonging to Astarot!

Endless golden runes run through this body, converging into an ocean equivalent to infinite rules.

Just like the advancement from the White Holy Dragon to the Star Hunting Dragon, symbolizing the ultimate perfect evolution of Mumu's life, Astarot standing before the Star Hunting Dragon has also completed this step.

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