Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 99

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Chapter 99: Freya's "Redemption"

Early that morning, Rin was woken up by the alarm clock.

Without thinking, Rin swatted the alarm clock away. He grabbed his hair and sat up, staring ahead with a confused look in his eyes.

After a while, he gradually regained consciousness. He remembered Suyu, his face suddenly changed. He looked around, his face filled with horror.

Rin hurriedly lifted the blanket and checked his clothes to make sure he was still wearing the pajamas from last night, before he finally relaxed.

"Luckily, I'm not tied up, nor turned into a specimen by the black fox."

Feeling relieved, Rin yawned and was about to get out of bed when he suddenly wrinkled his nose, instinctively picked up the blanket and sniffed it.

It was the scent of lavender from Suyu's body...

Realizing that he and the fox were lying on the same bed felt like indirectly sleeping together, Rin blushed a little and quickly jumped up as if bitten by a bug.

After washing up in the bathroom, Rin calmed down and changed into the school uniform to go downstairs for breakfast, getting ready to go back to school.

Following the usual routine, Rin should have returned to school yesterday afternoon or evening, but there was a special banquet yesterday, so today had to leave early.

After breakfast, Rin rushed to the school, entered the classroom, and walked towards the old seat where he always sat. At that moment, Elise was already sitting in her own seat, reading attentively.

Before he even walked in, Elise turned her head and immediately looked up, showing a sweet yet slightly shy smile to Rin.

Well, after returning to his own dormitory last night, silly elk couldn't stop thinking about Rin's "confession" and the obvious signs of affection between them.

As a result, silly elk didn't sleep well all night, tossing and turning in bed.

"Good morning, Little Rin!"

"Not good at all."

Rin frowned and rubbed his neck, it hurt when he didn't move, and it hurt even more when he did.

"Didn't sleep well, got a stiff neck."

Blaming Suyu for taking his spot last night, causing him to climb on the table for half the night and end up with a stiff neck.

How dare you think I'll be fine just by putting me back in bed, I won't forget this.

Elise felt sorry for Rin and quickly cast a healing spell on him while massaging his neck.

"Little Rin, are you feeling better now?"

Rin hurriedly pushed away her hand, grabbed her ahoge hair to make her behave, and asked, "Since you cast the healing spell, do you think it worked?"

Pointing to the empty spot beside him, Rin let go of Elise's ahoge hair.

"Where's Waste Hero?"

"I don't know, maybe she overslept again."

"That's true..."

The incompetent hero was quite useless to begin with. If he was still in school, at least she would eat with others. You could say she's half useless.

If he's not present, either she overslept or passed out from hunger, basically disabled.

So, is it really a good idea for this Waste Hero to save the world...? Does the goddess have good judgment?

Rin muttered to himself, twisting his neck, realizing that the pain was gone.

At this moment, the students who had already arrived in the classroom were gathering in small groups, enthusiastically discussing the College Cup and trying to recruit teammates.

In less than two minutes, Emilia appeared at the classroom door, her eyes emptier than usual, walking like a ghost, and swiftly gliding back to her seat.

"Tsk tsk, I thought I'd have to build a tombstone for a certain Waste Hero."

Rin tightened his arm and habitually made a sarcastic remark.

Waste Hero remained unfazed, staring at him for a few seconds, then suddenly grabbed his head and tried to bite him.

Both silly elk and Rin were startled, the former pouting and shouting, "Emilia, don't suddenly act so intimately with Little Rin!"

Rin remembered Emilia's frightening fangs, struggled to push away Waste Hero, but when unable to escape, she cleverly came up with a plan.

With lightning speed, Rin took out a meat roll from her ring and stuffed it into Waste Hero's mouth.

Miss Hero was indeed distracted by the meat roll, released Rin, and hugged the meat roll... just like how she ate an ice cream last time, she continuously fed herself in chunks until she finished it in no time.

After having breakfast, she regained some consciousness, tilted her head to look at Rin's head, wondering if the big meat bone she saw earlier was this.

However, her stomach started growling again, and Waste Hero continued to look eagerly at Rin.

Rin had to grumble while feeding her, making silly elk both envious and annoyed.

"You fool! I put a lot of food in the ring I gave you before. Are you still acting like a starving ghost?"

"Can't go out when you are not here. Ate it all."

"Haha, last night I danced and got close with Little Rin!"

The Waste Hero's eyes turned into cat eyes again, stopped eating, then suddenly pounced on the silly elk. Bit down on the silly elk's ahoge hair and grinded with teeth.

"Ouch! Stupid Emilia, let go, it hurts! Little Rin, help me!"


There are two sides to every story.

Rin Wuyue was like a slime, crying on Freya's door, sobbing while saying "little brother" with each word.

Suddenly, her crying stopped, looking as if she saw a ghost.

"I also like my older sister."

Rin Wuyue heard a familiar voice coming from behind the door, she got startled and without thinking, she kicked the door with her foot.

Freya happened to open the door at that moment and saw her action, quickly stepping aside to avoid being hit.

The evil god who kicked the door open didn't care about anything else at that moment, excitedly scanning the room, but his joyful expression froze suddenly.

"I... I clearly heard my younger brother's voice just now."

She knelt on the ground in despair, her head hanging down, feeling completely drained of color once again.

As she wiped away her tears and tried to smile at Freya, she said, "I must have been imagining hearing my brother because I miss him so much."

Freya felt a pang in her heart seeing her friend's pitiful and funny appearance, the goddess of love and dreams softened a bit, feeling a trace of guilt towards her dear friend.

Oh well, after all, she's her best friend...

When she thinks about it, it's not a big deal for Rin Wuyue and Rin to meet in their dreams. After all, dreams are under her own control and nothing can go wrong.

In the end, they are a united front and will eventually become a family living together.

Hmm, Rin also seems to like his sister a lot. If I can make them meet, it might be a bonus.

Of course, it's important not to do it too many times.

Thinking about this, Freya gently rubbed Rin Wuyue's head and thought to herself how fortunate it was that her sister-in-law was kind-hearted and gentle.

With that in mind, Freya quietly leaned in to Rin Wuyue's ear and whispered, "Don't worry, dear sister, I have an idea..."

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