Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 98

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Chapter 98: Evil God Meets Me at Last

Is this guy pretending to be asleep again?

Rin felt doubtful in his heart, he quietly walked up to her.

"Hey, Fox?"

Suyu still showed no reaction, her facial features were very gentle.

"Stupid fox? Black-hearted demon king? Meow... meow? Ahem."

Well, even though he pretended to be the Waste Hero, Suyu didn't joke around as usual, it seemed like she was really asleep.

Strange, didn't the book say that Suyu sleeps very little and very lightly?

Oh no! Am I hypnotizing people by telling stories?!

And why is this demon king taking up his bed? Where will he sleep then?!

Rin was a little angry and poked Suyu's head with her finger, trying to wake her up. But Suyu was sleeping so deeply that she didn't react at all.

So, is this sleeping pig-like creature really the legendary Demon King who sleeps lightly and guards against possible nightmares of murdering people in her dreams?

Rin thought for a moment. Suyu was probably too tired, and since he wasn't very strong and had nothing to defend himself with, he ended up falling asleep because of the mesmerizing story.

Rin originally wanted to wake her up and send her away, but seeing how deeply she was sleeping, Rin hesitated.

"Forget it, since the stubborn fox is the boss. And if she wakes up in a bad mood, I'll definitely be in trouble... Let her sleep for now. I'll ask her for the accommodation fee next time."

Rin finally glared at the sleeping Demon King, then returned to sit at the desk.

Rin glanced at the pink book in disdain and tossed it into the space ring.

After sitting there blankly for a while, Rin yawned, feeling a bit sleepy. He looked at the Demon King on the bed and thought about taking out a sleeping bag to sleep on the floor somewhere, but the idea felt... strange, making him feel like he was worth less.

So, he simply took out a pillow, placed it on the table, and quickly fell asleep on it.


Suddenly, Suyu opened her eyes, and the pitch-black surroundings quickly became bright. She looked around in confusion and rubbed her head.

Seeing Rin sleeping on the table, Suyu suddenly remembered what happened the night before, feeling a mix of emotions.

Glancing at the time, she realized she had slept for about four hours. In two more hours, it would be dawn.

Ever since her mother disappeared... this was the first time she had slept so soundly and peacefully.

It was strange, just four hours of deep sleep had somehow dissipated all the accumulated fatigue.

"The more I live... the more the past seems to fade away."

The Demon King let out a deep sigh, feeling ashamed of behaving like a child who only fell asleep after listening to stories.

But then, upon second thought, since the younger brother wouldn't tell anyone, he could treat it as a little secret between them. Actually... it wasn't so bad?

The fox quickly found a good reason in his heart and relaxed, stretching lazily.

Crawling out of the quilt, she adjusted her long hair and slowly walked to Rin's side, looking at his calm profile leaning on the table.

With a slight movement of her heart, a warm feeling passed through, and she couldn't help but reach out and touch his head.


Rin mumbled unclearly, frowning because he didn't sleep comfortably.

Suyu smoothed out his furrowed brows with her fingers, using magic to lift him up and gently place him on the bed.

Lord Demon naturally wanted to pick him up directly, but... just the thought of it... felt a bit too intimate and shy, so he had to resort to this way.

Standing at Rin's window, seeing his relaxed expression as if he was entering a dream again, Suyu's eyes flickered slightly.

She lowered her head, leaned close to Rin's forehead, about to get closer slowly, but suddenly... widened her eyes, blushing and stepped back.

Almost did something reckless again!

No, absolutely not allowed! As the Demon King, one must uphold dignity!

Thinking back to that kiss, the Demon King panicked again, and could only sneak a glance at Rin before opening a rift in space and running away, looking somewhat disheveled.


In a dream, Rin met his "Dream Guardian" Freya once again.

Entering a room with a decorative style reminiscent of Rin's, seeing the golden-haired older sister sitting on the sofa, Rin realized that he was dreaming at that moment.

Freya was happy to see him, her elegant smile turning warm and friendly as she stood up and grabbed Rin's hand.

Rin instinctively tried to pull away, but as soon as he made a move, Freya stared at him with sad, pleading eyes, softening his heart and stopping him.

"Does Little Brother Rin need my comfort today?"

"Okay then."

Rin remembered the last massage he had and felt really relaxed in body and mind, so after hesitating a bit, he nodded and agreed.

Just as Rin lay down on the sofa, closed his eyes to relax, Freya had already put her hands on his neck when suddenly a familiar sound came from outside the door.

"Woo woo! Little brother, my little brother!"

Originally a very pleasant female voice, it sounded a bit hoarse due to the sorrowful undertone.

Rin was shaken to the core, jumped up from the sofa in utter disbelief, and without a hint of hesitation, dashed towards the door.


He excitedly opened the door, but outside was a misty void, and the corridor was empty.

"Woo woo, I miss my little brother so much!"

A familiar voice rang out again, Rin's eyes turning red with anxiety as she turned around, ready to open all the doors in the house to find Rin Wuyue.

Freya hurriedly stopped him and comforted, "Rin little brother, this is in your dream, so everything you hear and see is just what you dreamt."

Rin felt a bit confused all of a sudden, and then nodded in disappointment.

This voice, it seemed forever beyond a door, always giving a sense of unreality no matter how you listened.

"Freya! Oh no! What should I do!"

The voice echoed again, accompanied by a knocking sound.

Freya twitched at the corner of her eye, trying to maintain a calm smile as she said, "It's all a dream, as long as you don't think about it, it's okay."

Freya! Open the door quickly! I just had a nightmare again! I dreamed that my brother was being taken turns by a Demon King, Sword Saint, Hero, and a princess! I don't want that! My brother's first time should always be mine!


Freya felt a line of worry appearing on her forehead. She hesitated whether to leave the dream now or comfort Rin Wuyue first.

Rin, upon hearing Rin Wuyue's words, immediately blushed, covered his face, feeling extremely embarrassed.

"It's really my weird sister, even in dreams... she has this filthy behavior that not even the waters of the underworld can wash away!"

"Sob... actually, I thought about it, even if my brother is dirty, I still like him!"

Then, the knocking on the door became louder. Freya, feeling helpless, had to say to Rin, "Your emotions are too intense, the dream is ending."

She had sneaked into the dream world while Rin Wuyue was sleeping, but she never expected her good sister to wake up suddenly, and because of the special power of the evil god, her voice even reached into the dream.


Rin suddenly felt very sad, even though it was just in a dream... being able to hear Rin Wuyue's voice made him secretly happy in his heart.

In the end, feeling sad, he could only quietly say something before the dream was about to end.

"I also like my big sister."

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