Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 97

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Chapter 97: A Boss Should Not Get on Their Subordinate's Boat!


Rin looked puzzled, watching as the Demon King sat up from the bed, unable to react for a moment.

After saying it, Suyu felt a bit of regret, but unfamiliar and complex emotions overwhelmed her usual rationality.

"Can you tell big sister a story?"

Suyu requested again, staring at him with her purple eyes without blinking.


Rin looked at the notebook in his hand, then glanced at the Demon King. Suddenly, he felt his blood pressure rise a bit and couldn't help but grind his teeth.

"Did you listen to what I just said to you?"

Suyu smiled slightly and said, "I already had a plan, so you don't need to worry at all. But seeing you so happy, I couldn't bear to disturb you, so I just took a rest for a while."

"Little hamster, want to say a story?"

[Rascal! You really are inhumane! I kindly came to discuss with you while you lay in bed looking like you're about to die, and then you tell me you didn't listen at all?! And now you have the nerve to ask me to tell you a story? Do you think I have no temper?]

Rin squeezed his fist, took out his magic book, he was planning... even if the system forced him, he was going to smash this fox's head today!

"Of course, I actually have been listening to what junior brother said, there are indeed many coincidences. Since my little hamster has a perfect plan, how can I not give him a chance to shine? Let's go with the third plan."

"Hmm? So you were actually listening... Hold on... who the heck is your little hamster!"

Although Rin sounded fierce, his blood pressure had dropped slightly, and he asked hesitantly, "Are you sure about the plan?"

"Of course, going straight to the core, isn't it easier to get what we want? Well, junior brother, I am even thinking of joining the Fenix family for you, can't you even agree to a small request to tell a story?"

Rin also thought that following Plan C, letting Suyu disguise herself with another identity to join the family and gain trust to infiltrate the research institute was the safest option, even though it required the most effort.

Since she was so sincere... oh well, I am a big person, I won't get angry.

Isn't it just telling a story? Such a simple request compared to the silly elk who hug and stick all day long. It's as easy as a piece of cake.

"Okay, since you asked so sincerely, I'll be generous and grant your wish."

Rin touched his chin thoughtfully, then clapped his hands, "Let me tell you a story I've heard since I was a child, called 'Never Trust Pretty Women'."

Suyu was stunned for a moment, then felt insulted and directly refused, "I won't listen."

"How about, 'The Woman Below the Mountain is a Tiger'?"

"No, thanks."

"So many problems! It's so annoying!" Rin gave her a stern look and continued, "How about 'The Terrifying Witch's Game'? I personally recommend this one. Basically, it's about a very powerful witch who organizes a series of games and invites people in desperate need of money and power to participate. She pretends to be weak and mixes among the contestants..."

The Demon King's mouth twitched again, feeling insulted once more. He didn't need to listen to the rest of the story. Just from that introduction, he knew what happened next.

So, is this little junior's awkward and cautious personality originating from the Fenix family's education?

"No one wants to listen!"

"Stupid fox, why are you so troublesome! If you don't want to listen, then get lost! I'm not serving you anymore!" Rin immediately glared at Suyu with a sneer.

Suyu spoke slowly, "Otherwise, just find a book to read."

"You really are cunning... Oh well, since I already promised you, I won't go back on my word like a certain fox."

Rin rolled his eyes like a dead fish, pondering which book to read in his head.

[According to Suyu's personal preferences, she probably prefers books about nature and knowledge, right? No, she mentioned wanting to hear stories before. Hmm, since she's a girl, she might like... romance novels?]

Upon hearing the words "a girl" in his mind, Suyu felt stunned for a moment, her breathing becoming somewhat erratic.

A voice in her head kept urging her, since she was already in this situation, she should just continue and experience being an ordinary girl for once.

Rin searched around and realized he didn't have any relevant books. Suddenly, he remembered that Elise had insisted on giving him a romance novel to read last time. The book was still in his space.

He took out the pink book and waved it in front of Suyu.

"I'm going to start now, so clean your fox ears and listen carefully."

He sat at the desk, placed the book on the table, opened the first page, took a sip of water, and read aloud.

His voice was still young, not particularly pleasant, lacking natural talent in reading, with little variation or excitement.

Despite that, Suyu felt very comfortable.

She laid down and gazed steadily at Rin without blinking. As his voice entered her ears, a tickling sensation spread through her mind and heart, making her relax unexpectedly and forget about everything else.

The long-lost feeling of peace, like a gentle spring, flowed through her body and mind, washing away years of anxiety and suppression.

Suyu sighed lightly, then simply slipped into bed, lying on the pillow, smelling the fresh scent belonging to her junior high school brother, relaxing completely, dropping all masks and guards, and slowly closing her eyes.

Meanwhile, Rin was completely focused on the story.

At first, everything was fine, just normal childhood friends spending time together. But then... things started getting weirder. His face turned redder, he felt his temperature rising, and his voice became shaky.

"She... felt... felt the burning heat from his lips... widened her eyes in disbelief... as she watched his cold face moving away from her."

"Weren't they just childhood friends... why did they suddenly... kiss?"

"Bello responded to her silent question, gently leaning in towards Lulu's ear... saying, 'Because... because I actually... deeply... deeply love you, cough cough, deeply love you Lulu, your... your lips... body, I can't continue! This... is too... too disgusting, I'm getting goosebumps all over!'"

Rin's face turned bright red, as if he had seen a ghost in the book, and quickly closed it like lightning.

"Are all love stories like this? What a mess, ahh! I feel like I have a hundred bugs crawling around in my head right now, it's disgusting!"

He said in a breakdown, only then did he remember that he seemed to be reading a story to Suyu.

Rin turned her head curiously and saw Suyu curled up in his own bed, lying on his side, seeming truly asleep. In the silence, they could clearly hear the soft and steady breathing.

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