Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 96

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Chapter 96: Late Night Stories

Both of them stayed silent, creating a very awkward atmosphere.

Rin didn't know what to say, only feeling that this shame might follow him for the rest of his life.

[This is bad. If it was Waste Hero, it would be fine, but... but in front of Suyu, I can only imagine the humiliation I will face in the future.]

[Life felt very gloomy.]

[It's as if someone hit her on the head, erasing this memory, but...unable to, how infuriating!]

Rin's face turned a bit pale again, until noticing Suyu staring at him with a very eerie gaze, making him shudder immediately.

"You, stop with the meow..."

Overwhelmed with emotions, Rin almost let out an embarrassed meow, quickly shutting her mouth, nervously grabbing a new notebook, and scribbling down words.

"I just accidentally got cursed! Everything just now was because of the curse! You sly fox, don't overthink it! Forget all of them!"

Suyu stepped forward with interest, extending a finger, lifting Rin's chin. The movement seemed gentle, but Rin realized she couldn't resist that power.

The Demon King feels extremely excited.

All the previous kiss and messy emotions were now unimportant, just need to entertain her junior!

Especially when he gritted his teeth and showed two tiger teeth, pretending to "say hello" to himself, he looked incredibly cute.

Suyu smiled and asked softly, "Junior, can this be considered one of your three requests?"

[I knew it, this smelly fox has bad intentions!]

Luckily, Suyu had already pulled back her fingers, and Rin quickly started writing on the paper.

No! Whether it's you or the demon king, can't you use your brain to think properly? How could I waste such an opportunity! Are you foolish or am I foolish!

[That's right, in these situations, as long as you act more fierce and dominant than the other party, you can gain the upper hand.]

Suyu covered her mouth and chuckled, feeling hesitant to tell the junior the truth.

"Let's do this, if you meow a few more times, then I, as your owner, will forget everything that happened before."

Rin's blood pressure rose suddenly, and he cursed, "Dream on! Get lost, meow!"

And then... his mindset started to crumble, almost giving up on himself.

Suyu held her breath, feeling like she was being scratched by a little cat, but she knew it was not the right time to play with him anymore.

"Younger brother, you are so good."

She reached out to pat Rin's head. Even though he swatted her hand away, she didn't mind and changed the subject, saying, "Actually, the reason I came this time is because of our previous deal about the first thing I asked you to do."

Upon hearing it was about serious matters, Rin felt relieved and quickly wrote, "What is it, tell me."

"Regarding the incident with the demons last time, was it the Kingdom's Sword Saint who cut off that guy's arm?"


"Well, I actually asked Little Leaf to retrieve something from that demon, but it wasn't found on his body. I suspect the item is with your sister."

Upon hearing this, Rin's expression became strange, and he glanced at the ring in his hand.

Hmm, the fake Sword Saint handed over all the confiscated items, but she wasn't too smart and didn't check the things inside the ring. At that time, he cleaned up the ring and got rid of a lot of messy sacrificial items.

As expected...

"What is it?"

"A core, described as golden surrounded by three blue mysterious metal rings."


He had actually seen this thing before.

Rin flipped through the ring and took out a golden and blue glowing object.

"Is this what you're talking about?"

Suyu's eyes sparkled, taking the core and looking at it from left to right, then she looked at Rin with immense joy and said, "Junior brother, you truly are my lucky star!"

"Don't say those useless words. In the end, it's my lucky day. Otherwise, with you, a fox who crawled out of a coal mine, don't even think about it."

Suyu was feeling very happy, she took back her spell and said with a smile, "Oh, I see... Otherwise, I could cast a curse on you, turning you into a little hamster, and then you would have good luck every day as I carry you with me."

Rin's face changed instantly, forgot to write the characters, and said, "Go away! Quickly state your second request."

Oh no! The habit of speaking disappeared! Is it time for punishment? Great!

Rin's expression changed from anger to joy as he listened to Suyu's inner thoughts. He felt a bit disappointed inside but still went on with the main topic.

"As for the second one, I haven't prepared a plan yet, let's talk about it later... Of course, I won't just take things and don'thing. I've met your sister. The curse on her is very mysterious, currently unclear. I plan to sneak into your family's research institute at some point to see what's going on."

"You're not bad, Fox! You actually thought of going together with me! As for this, I have already planned it out!"

He had anticipated this situation before, so he had made a lot of plans, recorded in a notebook.

At this moment, Rin excitedly pulled out a notebook and began to tell the Demon King.

"Oh, and also, we must first make sure there is enough space... hmmm?"

Rin's gaze shifted away from the notebook to the Demon King, momentarily stunned, then his blood pressure rose.

Suyu was now lying on his bed... fast asleep.

[This stinky fox, can't she listen to others properly?]

Rin took a step forward, wanting to wake her up, but... hesitated upon seeing her peacefully sleeping face, then decided not to.

[Goodness, perhaps only at this moment, she is not so detestable.]

Rin suddenly remembered the description of Suyu in the book when he saw her relaxed and peaceful expression, without knowing why.

In reality, when Suyu was young, she was a very timid child who heavily relied on her mother, afraid to sleep alone. Even as she grew up, she only enjoyed reading quietly during the day and would sneak into her mother's bed at night due to her fear of the dark.

Since the Great upheaval in the Demon King's castle rendered her homeless, Suyu has been planning to reclaim the throne and find her mother.

The Demon King who is always full of plots and schemes, sleeps very little and always feels strongly cautious and distrustful towards others, making her easily startled even when sleeping.

[Oh dear, setting aside her identity as the Demon King, if not for the sudden huge change, this fox would just be an ordinary girl.]

Suyu, who was resting with her eyes closed, suddenly clenched her fist, feeling very complicated.

This was the first time she heard someone who, despite knowing her identity, thought of her as... a girl?

These words, how could they ever describe her?

But why does she feel a strange thing flowing in her heart?

That strange feeling grew stronger, making her open her eyes, place her hand on her chest, and turn to meet Rin's astonished gaze.

"Junior, I want to hear a story."

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