Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 95

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Chapter 95: It's Not That I'm Being Harsh: He's Just Breaking the Rules Too Much!

Successfully returning to the manor, Rin went straight back to his room.

As the door closed, the system's voice rang out again.

"Ding, the host successfully returned home without encountering any attacks from Eve, and the expected showdown with the villain didn't happen. According to the rules, a second punishment will be imposed. Accept your punishment, you fool!"

Rin looked shocked all of a sudden, a second punishment?

Could it be a punishment scarier than an electric shock?!

No, please, I'm afraid of pain!

He closed his eyes and shrunk his neck, his face instinctively wrinkling in fear.

Yet, one second, two seconds, one minute, two minutes...

The so-called punishment never appeared, just a slight itchiness in the beginning, but it quickly went away.

Rin stood suspiciously in place, still wary, until half an hour passed, muttering curses at the system for trying to scare him, then he went off to take a shower.

After coming out, following the old routine, he sat in front of the desk, ready to read and copy.

However, this time, he chose to study the geography of three continents, which were naturally owned by humans.

The sudden appearance of a powerful but unfamiliar place name piqued his curiosity, so he decided to review his geography knowledge.

By the light of the magic lamp, Rin opened his book, sat up straight, copied some text, and practiced his handwriting at the same time.


"Oh... how could this be."

Suyu tossed and turned, rolled over, and finally lay flat on her back, staring at the ceiling.

She... still couldn't fall asleep during this period!

Even the Demon King wants to have a peaceful sleep to relieve brain fatigue!

With all this mess keeping her up at night, her intelligence might start to decline!

"So... why did I suddenly lose my mind and do such impulsive things?"

Suyu touched her forehead, feeling a bit of regret.

It's all because that pen pal kept encouraging her! She was already confused, but after being persuaded, she actually ended up tying up her junior, and even doing such intimate actions.

Going to confirm feelings out of nowhere!

Even if... even if there are some feelings, it's not worth giving up the Demon King's authority and getting close to someone else!

"Ah! How could this happen! What on earth is going on?"

Suyu thought to herself with countless question marks.

"No, calm down, first figure out what's going on, and never impulsively do such shameful things again."

Suyu used a calm spell on herself, forced herself to calm down, and started to organize her thoughts.

Hmm, at first, she was curious because she saw strange symbols in Rin's heart, and he seemed interested in teaming up with her.

Then, she found that the junior brother acted differently from his words, showing a cute side instead of being fierce. This made her feel like he was a lovely little pet, and she started to like him a bit more.

Mostly, it was just teasing and not actual liking.

The real turning point was... that kiss!

Just a kiss made the Demon King feel confused and lost, even dizzy, indulging in her emotions by tying up her junior brother... even...

Suyu covered her face, unable to face herself because she almost kissed the junior brother's cheek.

Oh, why did she almost do that!

She didn't feel anything before that moment, but after the incident, she started to feel her heart race, panic, wanting to be close and caring about the junior brother.

So, in the end, it all comes down to that kiss.

And she, a Demon King at the top of the world, could actually feel love because of a kiss?

No way, she didn't look like those silly girls in love novels who fall for the male lead just because of a forced kiss, right?

Trying to figure out why she had these feelings of 'liking', Suyu almost wished for a memory cleanse.

"Suyu, oh Suyu, have you spent over a hundred years living on skeleton monsters? Even if you yearned for it when you were young and occasionally thought about trying it when you grew up... but there's no need to fall so low. Just because of a kiss, did it cloud your mind?"

Cursing herself countless times for being embarrassing, Suyu still stared blankly at the ceiling.

"From now on... you can't act like this. Flowing with the bloodline of Lucifer, born noble, don't let those inexplicable feelings of love control you, and that kiss, that kiss..."

Subconsciously, Suyu took out a crystal from the air, lit it up, let magic flow through the image, and finally paused at the fleeting kiss scene.

Her long hair spread on the bed, the crystal's light shining and reflecting a silky gleam, combined with her dazzling amethyst-like eyes, incredibly beautiful.

Closing her eyes, Suyu tightly held the crystal to her chest and curled up on her side.

Sure enough, no matter how many times she watched it, she still felt her heartbeat quicken and a sense of joy.

Otherwise... why not go see her junior school brother, she still needed to tell him the first thing.

Anyway, she wouldn't make mistakes anymore.

With this thought in mind, Suyu sat up and searched for the coordinates.

Last time she tied Rin up and left, she secretly marked Rin's space ring, making it easy to find at any time.

Opening a rift in space, Suyu immediately entered.

She reappeared, right behind Rin.

At that moment, Rin was studying diligently, looking very focused and captivating.

Suyu looked at her and quietly nodded, just like when they met in the library before, both Suyu and her junior brother loved reading and learning very much.

Watching the little pet working so hard and seriously, Suyu suddenly said with a mischievous tone, "Little junior brother."

Rin was quietly reading and studying by himself when he suddenly heard a noise from behind. It startled him, and he jumped up in surprise, almost bumping his waist into the corner of the table.

When he turned around, it turned out to be the Demon King.

Rin looked as if he had seen a ghost, he pointed at Suyu with his finger, unable to speak clearly.

" naughty little black fox who does bad things, don't you know scaring people can scare them to death, and this is the Duke's mansion, how could you..."

Talking halfway, Rin suddenly felt that itchy sensation in his head again, and then uncontrollably let out a "meow" sound.

The sound was a bit squeaky, and had a childish tone that most people couldn't produce.

It was, it was very much like a fierce little cat that hadn't been weaned yet...and sounded similar to a tiger's roar skill, but without that kind of power.

Rin was suddenly angry and embarrassed, covering his mouth and scolding himself in his mind.

Who knows, the second punishment was so shameful! So embarrassing!

Meanwhile, Suyu stared at him with wide eyes, then turned away, covering her nose to stop a nosebleed, her neck turning red.

Darn it, it's not that I couldn't stand firm, it's that the junior was too much of a rule-breaker!

How... how could he make that kind of noise! Doesn't he know I have a weak spot for cute pets!

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