Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 94

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Chapter 94: Sorry, Sister

Rin was too busy to deal with the Princess right now, because the system's notification had just sounded.

"Congratulations, host, on displaying the qualities of a villain perfectly in this mission. Your cruel words, rude behavior, and brutal Throwing Spell have once again changed how people see you.

Unlocked Villainous Achievement: Doing Evil Deeds (Small),

Achievement Reward: Slight increase in resistance to water magic.

Please continue to excel and push the limits as a villain in the future."

"Congratulations, host, on being cold and heartless, making the third female lead, Elise, cry again.

Triggered Villainous Achievement: Flower Destroyer (Small), reward..."

The system's loli voice sounded a bit strange, with some doubt, but after a pause, it continued reading.

"Reward of 200ML Celestial Forest Holy Water, specialized for magic use. Sprinkling it on magical beings will have unexpected effects."

Because he didn't even know there was such a place, the system didn't even say "encouraging" afterwards.

Rin tried to remember the geography of the mainland first, including the original novel content of Rin Wuyue, but couldn't recall it for a while.

"Huh? It's gone?"

Rin wondered in his heart, today his own story was a mess. According to his past experiences, wasn't he supposed to get beaten up to consider it a success?

"Since you, the host, said so, then accept the punishment. First, as the villain, make Elise cry, you even hugged her? Then..."

At this moment, Eve noticed that he was ignoring her while daydreaming, she became somewhat annoyed, one hand was still on Rin's shoulder, the other hand grabbed his collar.

"Oh my goodness!"

Rin only had time to let out a sad cry in his heart, then electricity surged through his entire body again, and this time... it was unexpectedly more than twice as big as last time.

At that time, his whole body was already paralyzed, he could only stand in place trembling slightly, electric arcs leaked directly from his body, continuously emerging.

Eve's hand suddenly felt numb, followed by a surge of electricity that swept through her body. She stood trembling in place, her face turning red inexplicably, feeling unsteady on her feet.

Luckily, the electricity didn't last long and then disappeared.

Rin stood in place feeling a bit prickly all over, unable to come back to his senses for a while.

Eve, on the other hand, forced herself to stand still, her legs shaking. When she realized what had happened, she quickly stepped back as if she had encountered a scary creature, like a snake or a monster.

Rin also recovered from feeling numb and strange in his body and mind. He glanced at Eve who had her head down and looked very peculiar, causing his mouth to twitch.

"Um, I was just thinking about something, you..."

"It's okay, I have something urgent to do, so I'll go first."

Eve didn't even lift her head. She reached out her hand to stop Rin from speaking, then turned around and ran away without looking back.

Rin scratched his head, thinking she's crazy, and then prepared to leave the palace.

He came out late, and the elders' banquet had already ended, so there was no family carriage available. Luckily, silly elk specially sent their carriage to take him back.

As he rode back to the manor in the carriage, Eve had already returned to her own chamber. After dismissing the maids, she eagerly climbed into bed.

The blow she received today was too big, so she really needed to adjust herself.

While playing with the spinning top, Eve's mind was full of images of Elise and Rin being affectionate, as well as some secret illustrated novels with characters added in.

So what was that strange shock earlier? Her hand still stung a bit, it was just... truly magical, almost like she wanted the electric shock to be even stronger!

Finally, as the spinning top came to a stop, Eve let out a long sigh of relief, feeling the pressure instantly reduce.

Then, a strong sense of guilt and shame crept into her mind.

She felt a lot of pressure because of her future brother-in-law and needed to find ways to relax. In order to relieve herself, she even imagined herself as a different character.

"I'm sorry, sister, I'm sorry!"

"I... I'm a shameless woman, I'm sorry!"

"I'm really sorry! I promise I won't do this again!"


Meanwhile, Rin sat in the carriage, her body slightly leaning against the carriage wall, her eyebrows furrowed, deep in thought.

Thinking about the sorrowful look of the silly elk, and the uneasiness of fearing he would walk too fast and leave her behind, Rin felt a great sense of responsibility.

Deciding to join the demon king camp was actually quite complicated. On one hand, she was worried about being wiped out, so she stood on the side of the antagonists. On the other hand, it was to rescue Yuki.

But in fact, there were other reasons as well.

According to the original, after Suyu reclaimed the position of the demon king, she had planned to continue maintaining peace with humans and recuperate.

However, all these decisions were abruptly halted because the Magic Shell Continent suddenly began to sink, engulfed by seawater.

For the survival of their entire race, Suyu had no choice but to start a war with humans in order to find a place for the magic beings to live before the Magic Shell Continent completely sank.

Luckily, with the protagonist's help and Suyu's investigation revealing that the sinking was a conspiracy, once the conspiracy was solved, the Magic Shell Continent stopped sinking and both sides agreed to cease the war.

Then, with the protagonist's influence, both sides decided to make peace, start trading, and slowly build towns where both humans and magic beings could live together on different continents, signaling a new relationship between humans and magic beings.

This is a typical fantasy happy ending... Would you believe it?

Just like some authors, Rin Wuyue enjoyed creating problems without solving them.

And she created some really big problems!

In the end, because she didn't want to make the effort to fill the plot holes, she just wrapped up the story hastily, leaving many unresolved issues that would be apparent in the new world.

The planet had several continents, including one that nobody had ever reached called the Edgeless Continent, which Rin Wuyue mentioned only a few times.

The Edgeless Continent was protected by a powerful barrier, keeping everyone out.

And Suyu's mother, who was the former Demon King, disappeared together with the former hero. Afterwards, Suyu found her mother's message during the investigation, mentioning her relationship with the hero and witnessing the prophecy and signs of the world-ending disaster. She then had to follow the wise ones in the prophecy to enter the Edgeless Continent to find a way to stop the whole world from collapsing.

Yes, it's this huge pit... that could bring complete destruction to the world where Rin is now.

It's clear how despicable those authors who dig pits and don't fill them are!

For the silly elkWaste Hero and the silly Sword Saint whom he valued... maybe one of the reasons is not wanting to see all those living, breathing lives disappear. He must join forces with Suyu to uncover the so-called world-ending disaster.

Oh, thinking about it, I really do carry a heavy burden.

Rin pursed his lips, feeling somewhat surprised.

Clearly, he originally just wanted to play the villain well and then leave, so why has his mindset completely changed now?

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