Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 93

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Chapter 93: Sister-in-Law's Words Are Also Very Kind..

"Goo wu wu..."

Elise's head was still dizzy, steam coming out continuously, her little hands clenched into fists in front of her chest, back straight, and trembling occasionally.

The ahoge hair on her head had lost its ability to move, buried directly in the pink hair.

Making a completely incomprehensible sound, silly elk slightly opened her mouth, breathing quickly but weakly, her heart being trampled by ten thousand Little Rin's, almost passing out.

She had already ignored the words behind her, her mind full of chibi Little Rin spinning around, shouting "like you, like you, like you," in a continuous loop.

"Li... Little Rin."

Rin released the hand covering her eyes, turned her head aside, and continued to say with a stiff face, "Anyway, silly elk should just be silly as usual, don't think about anything else!"


Elise blinked and suddenly started crying, hugging Rin tightly, burying her face in his shoulder, trying hard to hold back tears, sobbing intermittently.

"But... but Little Rin, waaah, feeling so helpless, I don't want to feel like that again, waaah, especially... especially if something happens to Little Rin, then I..."

Rin gently patted her back, gruffly saying, "Nonsense, how could anything happen to me! I can't believe you're such a silly goose, actually wishing misfortune upon me?"

"It's not like that... it's not! I, I..."

She struggled to speak, only crying so much she couldn't catch her breath, finally wiping away tears and gazing at Rin with pleading eyes.

Rin understood her meaning, reaching out to wipe away tears from her face, saying disdainfully, "Silly elk, remember, even a god isn't necessarily all-powerful. As a silly elk, just do what you can, and what you can't do temporarily doesn't mean you can't do it later.

Self-blame, guilt, regret, they can exist, but don't let them control you. These jerks only serve to push people to work hard and try to avoid repeating tragedies.

Silly elk, you've actually done well... I'm not very good at comforting people, so... well, never mind, I just feel sorry watching you being silly and sad..."

In the end, Rin couldn't continue pretending anymore and bluntly said, "I don't care about other big ideas or life philosophies! I just don't want to see you cry anymore! You're annoying me!"

Elise pouted and said. But I can't help wanting to cry.

"That's why... that's why I said, besides my patience, who else can tolerate you? You should be grateful for my great kindness!"

The silly elk actually wanted to say that her mother and sister could also tolerate her, but seeing Little Rin returning to his "haughty" state, she decided not to provoke him further.

She rubbed Rin's face and said. "That's why I like Little Rin the most, and I will definitely work hard to catch up with her steps, I won't let Little Rin be left alone like last time."

"That's about it, you better keep up with me, I walk fast... Of course, if you behave, I can wait for you."

With a disdainful look, he pushed away the silly elk who had a wet face and nudged her face.

"Your tears and snot are all over the place, you dirty elk, it's disgusting."

"Sniff sniff."

"No crying allowed!"

Elise rubbed her cheek, her ahoge hair spinning around. She suddenly blushed, her lake-colored eyes shyly blinking.

"If Little Rin can stick with me a little longer, then no crying!"

"How dare you! You actually dare to make demands to me!"

Rin growled at Elise with a fierce grin, but still opened his arms. "Today is an exception. Come, but let me make it clear - if I see you like this again, no matter what the reason, I'll hang you up!"


Elise pouted and sat in Rin's lap, hugging him happily with tears still on her face.

"Hey! I didn't say you could use... use this position!"

"But you also didn't say I couldn't."

Rin was firmly hugged around the neck by Elise, rolled his eyes, but still quietly sighed in relief, gently wrapping around her.

In fact, he also knew that the things he had randomly made up before were not really useful, and the self-blame and guilt would never be forgotten by someone like Elise.

But as long as he could help her quickly hide the sadness in her heart and restore her optimism, that would be enough.

The two sat on the ground, embracing each other in a very intimate posture, making others envy them.

This person who envied them was none other than Princess Eve.

Initially, she was at the garden gate, but now she had unconsciously moved closer behind the bushes where they were.

So she could clearly hear and see everything they were saying and doing.

She was almost blinded by jealousy, currently grinding her teeth hard on a gemstone.

Envious, very envious, so envious that she felt like dying!

Who is this amazing boyfriend? He looks good, has a lovely personality, protects girls, cares for and comforts others. Most importantly, he acts arrogant and wicked in front of others, but he is gentle only to his girlfriend.

This... this...

Eve said if she were Elise, she would also feel very nice!

Why doesn't the goddess send me a cute little one like this! I swear I will treat him well, no matter what he likes to do!

Whether it's younger sister or Xiaoyu... why is everyone so lucky.

This prince also wants a brother-in-law like him!


A beautiful red ruby was bitten and crushed, making a noise that woke up a pair of "wild" mandarin ducks.

Elise and Rin jumped up at the same time, both looking flustered and confused.

Eve saw the situation and walked out, softly clearing her throat, "Sorry, I see it's getting late, so I came to check if I disturbed you?"

Rin always felt that the last few words she said sounded very strange.

On the other side, Elise felt extremely embarrassed, covering her face she exclaimed, "Sister is being too much!" Then with a mumbling sound, she ran away.

Rin also felt very embarrassed, but then she thought, isn't this just comforting between good friends?

When you see your good friend crying, isn't it natural to comfort them? As for crossing the line with hugs...

Rin grimaced... Anyway, it's not the first time, and besides, this is the last time.

Seeing his expression change, Eve was a bit puzzled, but she walked up to him and placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Well, thank you for today, about my silly sister... I'll rely on you to take care of her more in the future, this is a sister's request."

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