Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 92

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Chapter 92 the Princess, a Coming

Rin looked at Warren lying on the ground, blood coming out of his cracked head, and sneered.

Is that all?

He still had many combos unused, this was just a random first set of combos he thought of, never expected it to be a one-hit kill.

But it's okay, the College Cup is coming soon, so it's good to save some tricks.

Hm, in that case, there's no need to trigger the Flame Thorns Trap either.

Warren was knocked out, so naturally it counts as Rin's victory in the duel. Anyway, Therapist was there to help treat Warren.

As for Rin, Elise was the first to react.

She temporarily forgot her sadness, excitedly shouted "Little Rin!", proudly ran over, and without caring about the situation, jumped into his arms, hugging his neck.

Rin panicked and glanced at the hundred or so people around, feeling his cheeks turn red.

Initially thinking of pushing Elise away, Rin hesitated, realizing that pushing her away in this situation would likely make her cry.

Besides, she was already upset from someone touching a sore spot in her heart...

Oh, never mind, I reluctantly decided to give her some face. If she really starts crying uncontrollably, it would be so embarrassing in front of all these people, and stopping her from crying would be even more difficult.

So Rin had to lean in close to her ear and whispered, "In front of everyone, silly elk, you should behave yourself, or you will regret it later."

"But Little Rin is so wonderful!"

Elise lifted her head from his arms, looked around, suddenly felt very shy, and simply buried her head in Rin's arms without looking at them.

With her actions, even a fool could see that she was deeply in love, completely in a state of love.

The crowd could only sigh in admiration.

Indeed, good and innocent girls are more easily captivated by bad guys.

Eve's eyes and mouth twitched, clenched her fists, thinking she must remain calm, it's just her little sister and future brother-in-law showing affection in public, right?

In the future... Maybe they will see each other often, so for now, just consider it as a... um, mental preparation, get used to it.

But why does my heart ache like this, even my brain longs for that sour lemon?

The little sister and her fiancé were having a sweet and pink love affair...

Eve really wanted to find a place to relax and comfort herself, and if that didn't work, she would find something to chew on!

"Ahem, Elise."

Eve coughed softly, reminding her younger sister to pay attention to her appearance.

The silly elk reluctantly crawled out of Rin's embrace, walked up to her sister, held her hand, still looking cute and obedient.

Warren also regained consciousness, struggling to accept his defeat, his face turning pale and green, clenching his fists and gritting his teeth in disbelief.

Eve didn't bother with that, she just coldly announced the duel's outcome, and then added, "By the way, I really want to know, Meggan, what did you say to my sister?"

She was a very commanding person. When she spoke, her fierce and determined manner directly scared Meggan, making her tremble in fear and too afraid to even speak with her head bowed down.

Rin added, "After all, today is a royal banquet. I'm giving you face. Don't let me see you tomorrow."

Eve glanced at Rin, looking mysterious. Then she announced the end of the banquet, preparing to leave with Elise to have a private chat to comfort her little sister.

Elise started to feel sad and guilty again. The joy of victory faded away, and her face turned a bit gloomy and uneasy.

She tugged her dress and whispered to Rin, "Little Rin, don't leave yet. I have something to tell you later."

After that, the two sisters left together.

With the show over and the banquet cooling down, the young people began to leave one by one. The remaining few gathered in small groups, softly discussing among themselves.

Rin was actually quite worried about Elise, so he decided to distract herself by sitting down at a pavilion near a street lamp, casually taking out a book to read attentively.

After some time passed, Eve came looking for her, with a worried, self-blaming, and tired expression.

Upon seeing Rin, she spoke up, "My sister is usually optimistic, but sometimes she gets stuck in her own thoughts. Can you go comfort her for me? It's also your responsibility as her fiancé."


Rin didn't have time to act like a villain, worry covering his face completely, followed Eve to the small garden behind the palace.

This place is not open to the public, Elise usually comes here when she is in a bad mood or thinking about something.

Walking up to the neatly trimmed bushes, Eve said goodbye and let Rin go in by himself.

Of course, after Rin left, she immediately found a hidden spot, her eyes fixed on the situation inside like a night owl.

As Rin walked in, Elise was sitting by the fountain, hugging her knees, chin resting on her knees, eyes empty and red like walnuts.

Obviously, Eve was not good at comforting people, not only did she not comfort, but also made silly elk cry.

A hint of disdain for Eve rose quietly in Rin's heart, then sat down next to Elise and grabbed her ahoge hair.

"Fool, you made me wait for you and then you sit here foolishly?"

Elise snapped out of it, looked at Rin, eyes misting up again, "Little Rin, am I so useless? Clumsy in everything, always causing trouble."

"Yes, that's right."

Rin answered firmly, making Elise pout and almost cry. But then she was suddenly embraced by someone, who gently rubbed her head and whispered some comforting words.

"Ahem... Don't misunderstand, this, it's just comforting between friends... just this once, absolutely just this once."

Her breath caught, she lifted her head in disbelief and murmured, "Little... Little Rin?"

This was still Little Rin, the first time taking the initiative to get closer to her!

Her watery eyes, shimmering, reflected Rin's face, causing ripples to appear.

"Who made me so smart and capable, so in order to highlight my wisdom, you silly elk need to act foolish sometimes, moreover, I..."

Rin clenched his teeth, suddenly reached out to cover Elise's eyes, preventing her from seeing his embarrassed, flushed face, then struggled to speak with a "firm" tone, stumbling over his words.

"I... just... just like... like... clumsy, slow-witted, silly, crybaby, clingy dear, trouble-making silly... silly silly elk!"

After speaking, Rin quickly added, "My liking is like liking a good friend!"

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