Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 91

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Chapter 91: Hmm? Just This?

Throwing the white glove means a duel, of course.

The crowd was in an uproar, they never expected that this prince from another country could be so impulsive.

It is true that Fenix's reputation is not very good, but he is after all the son of the most powerful Grand Duke in the country and also the fiancé of the princess.

Although they didn't understand why the queen knew about Fenix's behavior but didn't cancel the engagement, as long as his identity remained, no one dared to touch him.

Oh, well, Warren is from another country, maybe they don't care?

Warren gave a discreet glance at Eve, already planning in his mind.

His sister may be a bit slow, but he is not.

In the Kingdom of Hamel, he is third in line, with two older brothers above him, each of whom is more outstanding than him. Therefore, he has no chance at the throne. Besides, their country is different from the Gualarrap Kingdom, and as a failed competitor to become a prince, he has no authority to meddle in affairs of state and army.

Now he saw his best chance to marry Princess Eve, who is three years older than him doesn't matter much to him. The key is that she is beautiful, and after marriage, he can have some power.

He had already heard that Fenix had a bad reputation, Eve loved her sister very much, and even asked the queen to cancel the engagement. It seems that nothing came of it, but it is certain that she hates Fenix.

And this conflict is definitely caused by the evil young man.

When young people duel, as long as they don't go too far, the elders won't intervene. Teaching the evil young man a lesson can help restore his sister's reputation and impress Eve.

Hearing this, he immediately perked up.

Wow, life at the academy is so boring, he has a bunch of skills that he can't even use.

Every time in combat class, Yuki pulls him aside to teach him alone. Although it feels good to have special attention, there is no fun in combat at all!

Recently, Rayne didn't know what got into him, he didn't come out to duel, busy taking his sister out. Others don't have the qualifications or courage.

He had been annoyed by "silly elk" and "Waste Hero" every day, couldn't win arguments with "stinky bat," and ended up being bullied by the black fox.

His hand always feels like it's missing something, the magic spells in his mind itch to come out.

Someone actually came to him voluntarily? Falling asleep with a pillow is the best.

Rin was about to show off his strength and say some harsh words, but then heard a cold and very stern female voice coming from behind.

"A duel?"

Everyone turned around to see that it was Eve who had walked over, her expression somewhat icy.

"Big sister..."

Elise whispered, then nervously rubbed her hands.

She naturally has a lot of confidence in Rin, always has been, but worries are still unavoidable, and... afraid that Rin will be scolded by her uninformed sister.

Eve's expression relaxed a bit as she ruffled Elise's hair, then glanced at Rin.

She was busy attending to the guests, but she was also secretly keeping an eye on her younger sister and her sister's greatly admired fiancé, feeling both envious and curious to find out what kind of person Rin really was.

Without going into detail, she didn't know the specifics of what happened, but just the fact that Rin placed himself in front of her sister in a protective manner was enough to earn him some points in her assessment.

However, she didn't come out to stop them, just to see if her brother-in-law had the ability to handle the situation was also an important part of her observation.

As for Warren, a person who jumps in without understanding the situation is usually not very wise, in her mind, he was like a bug under a stone in a puddle.

"Are you planning to duel?"

"Yes, Princess Eve, he insulted a princess, I am not only her brother but also a prince of the Kingdom of Hamel, it is necessary to defend our dignity."

"Oh, I see..." Eve showed no expression, and asked calmly, "Fenix, do you accept?"

Rin crossed his arms, disdainfully glanced at Warren, but still maintained a respectful attitude towards Eve, saying, "I have no choice."

"Very well, I will be the referee, how shall we determine the stakes for the duel?"

Warren quickly said. If I win, then Fenix must apologize to my sister in public. If I lose, it's the same.

"Your apologies mean nothing to me. I just hope that your sister, and you, won't appear in front of me and Elise again. Go around, understood?"

Rin's nasty and arrogant tone once again angered Warren. He clenched his fists, trying to control himself.


The palace naturally had a training ground, and a group of people set off in a grand manner.

Ultimately, Rin and Warren stood on opposite sides of the training ground, waiting for the duel to begin.

Following tradition, they first announced their names and positions. Of course, the levels didn't need to be mentioned, as it would make the duel more suspenseful.

"Warren Hamel, water mage, Level 11."

"Rin Fenix, fire mage."

Rin didn't tell them that he has a level of 14, suddenly leveling up by three seems very strange no matter how you think about it.

Even if he didn't say it, those who were well-informed knew that he was level 11 when he came back from his adventurous expedition.

Both of them are at the same level, but in the early stages, water magic is strong against fire magic. However, Rin is a famous genius magician, so the outcome is really uncertain.

In the duel, using magic devices and magic cards, potions, and similar external items is not allowed, but weapons are excluded.

As Eve shouted "Let the duel begin," Rin got a little excited. Without hesitation, he cast a flame halo on himself, while the opponent also used water-based defense magic.

Magician duels are like this, the next step is to first use small spells to test and evade, and then take the opportunity to chant a powerful spell.

But Rin didn't have that patience. While dodging a few water bolts, he was already silently preparing a thorn trap.

Ten seconds, for a skilled player every moment counts, but for a beginner at level ten, it passed in the blink of an eye.

In the eyes of most spectators, they could only see Rin dodging around without singing any incantations, but Eve, skilled in mental magic, quickly noticed that Rin was clearly beginning to set up a spell.

What is that, a silent magical spell?

Sure enough, as Warren stood still, a circle of flames suddenly appeared around his feet above the Magic Book, followed by three flame-like thorns spreading out, along with the water shield around his body, wrapping him tightly and continuously shrinking, seeming like it would shatter his shield any moment.

Then, Rin finally began to sing.

"Spirit of fire, bestow your power upon me, transform into a blazing Fire Crow, spread your wings!"

That's right, it's a Fire Crow (crossed out, throwing technique)!

A giant bird covered in flames soared into the sky, heading towards Warren.

While Rin was singing solemnly, Warren also didn't care about the thorns binding him, and sang along. Then, following closely, a water snake appeared and pounced directly towards the firebird.

At the same level, the water serpent would surely extinguish the flames.

However, unexpectedly, the bird... it flew!

And the water snake kept its mouth wide open, trying to bite the bird's bottom, it also... flew away!

In the end, they all disappeared!

There was only one heavy Magic Book that smashed through Warren's shield of thorns and landed heavily on his head.

"Bang! Thud!"

"Huh? Is that it?"

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