Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 90

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Chapter 90: Are You Worthy?

The woman in front of him was about the same age, looking somewhat average in appearance, with a dignified demeanor, showing no sign of being so harsh.

At the start of the feast, Rin had indeed heard the Queen introducing them as hailing from the Hameel Kingdom, one of the three great kingdoms of The Mangekyou Continent, known as Meggan, including a twin brother who was among those circling around Eve at that moment.

Rin glanced at Elise, seeing her usual cheerful face now looking gloomy, feeling uneasy inside.

It took the woman opposite a while to react, her chest heaving with anger, pointing her finger at Rin, " are rude!"

Rin shrugged, still very arrogant, even imitating the other person's earlier tone, saying, "Sorry, your taste is truly unique, I'm worried that my fiancée might get sick from the smell. So, we will take our leave."

Saying this, he took Elise's hand and was about to leave, reluctantly comforting the silly elk, so she wouldn't cry in public.

"Meanie!" Meggan stomped her foot angrily. "You know who I am and yet you dare insult me like this, Elise. You truly deserve to be called a villain who is disliked by everyone for your rude behavior."

Elise was feeling guilty, but when she heard that, she suddenly looked up, about to say something, but was pulled back by Rin.

With a fierce look and a forceful tone, he wrapped his arms around Elise. "Who do you think you are? You may be well-mannered, but why are you spreading rumors in front of another country's princess? Let me humbly ask you, can you perform purification magic?"

Meggan wanted to keep arguing with him, but as soon as Rin mentioned purification magic, she immediately pointed the blame towards Elise, "Only the Holy Healers know about purification magic, Elise..."

Rin interrupted her before she finished and said in a very disdainful tone, "Since you can't do it, why do you claim to be my fiancée?"

Meggan felt a sharp pang in her pride. She was born as a high-level Therapist, with a treatment success rate of over twenty-five percent higher than an average Therapist, so she had always been proud of herself.

However, when Elise appeared, being a Holy Healer, a top-tier role that was considered universally helpful, she immediately outshone Meggan. Even the teacher, who used to favor Meggan during their lessons, showed more preference towards Elise.

From that moment onwards, jealousy filled her heart.

Through gritted teeth, she said. "If I were a Holy Healer, I would never be like her! Elise, do you dare admit that if it weren't for your incompetence, you unable to learn purification magic back then, that child would have been saved a long time ago!"

Elise trembled all over, her head hung low again.

"You watched as that child's brain got burned and turned into an idiot, it's all your fault, Elise!"

Rin sneered, "So, may I ask, where were you at that time?"

"I was definitely there!" Meggan looked strange, "But I don't know purification magic. That village was too remote, the teacher wasn't there, and no one could have saved her except Elise..."

Rin interrupted him again, tapping his own head, "Do you have worms in your brain? Oh my, so you were just standing there watching. Can I say that if it weren't for your incompetence, if a holy healer had awakened, that child would have been saved long ago? Oh, because of your incompetence and inability to learn purification magic, that child's brain got really sick! You're a sinner!"

Joke, do I not know how to play dirty tricks?

From the conversation, it can be gathered that three years ago, Elise hadn't learned purification magic yet, and so she didn't manage to heal a child in time, resulting in serious consequences.

Silly elk had always been very hardworking and kind-hearted. Rin could relate to the time when she tried her best to learn purification magic but ended up feeling endless self-blame.

And this woman...

Well, this girl looks a bit like some of his classmates on Earth.

At the sports meet, no matter how hard a certain player trains and strives for glory for the country, if they lose, they blame all the athletes, calling it a disgrace. As for himself, he's not an athlete and can't even compete, so what does it have to do with him?

"You... you're talking nonsense! That's completely different! It's obviously all Elise's fault! She's not worthy of the title of Holy Healer at all!"

"Haha, you have a bad brain and an ugly face, do you really deserve it? Ah, so pitiful, you clearly want to become a Holy Healer so much, but why are you just a Therapist? Do you deserve it, deserve it, deserve it?"

Meggan, from childhood up until now, had never faced this kind of teasing. Feeling angry and upset, she burst into tears with a loud cry.

"Evil dog, uncivilized evil dog! I am the princess of the Kingdom of Hamel."

When she started crying, it drew the attention of others at the banquet. They all looked over, and when they saw that Rin was the one she was arguing with, they were not surprised.

Megan's twin brother Warren also noticed the situation and quickly came over to comfort his sister, then stared angrily at Rin.


He had investigated beforehand, so he could recognize it at a glance and immediately questioned, "My sister and I came from far away to visit, and you treat my sister like this? I command you to apologize immediately!"

Rin still had a face of disgust, but since he was infamous, he didn't care about his image now that things had escalated.

"Do you even realize you are guests here? Please make sure to watch her words, don't let me hear her saying anything odd in front of my fiancée. Apologize? Are you capable of that?"

When Meggan heard the words "Are you capable," she felt a psychological shadow, clinging to her brother and crying loudly as if she was terribly bullied.

Warren's face turned pale with anger, gritting his teeth and saying each word slowly, "Don't think you can be so arrogant just because you have the Fenix family behind you. We will seek an audience with Her Majesty the Queen!"

"Ah, reporting to our parents? I can do that too. How about we go together, and by the way, let your sister explain what she said to Elise at that time?"

Meggan sobbed quietly, saying, "I... I was just meeting Elise to... catch up..."

As she said this, she felt guilty herself. She had been jealous of Elise's happy and contented appearance before, which caused her jealousy to flare up again, and acting on impulse, she confronted her.

Originally, she knew Elise wouldn't argue back even if provoked, but she didn't expect a troublemaker to show up out of the blue.

As for Rin, he wasn't afraid of this at all. It was ridiculous to think that a squabble between juniors could influence the higher-ups.

And if the Queen Giolel's love for Elise were to be revealed, who knows who would demand an explanation first.

It's important to note that intentionally picking on someone without cursing or being sarcastic is much better than directly insulting and being rude.

So, he just yawned, turned to look at Elise, who seemed visibly sad with worried eyes fixed on his silly elk without batting an eyelid.

With a sudden feeling, he couldn't resist reaching out to pat Elise's head, then realizing he was still being watched, he quickly withdrew his hand.

Seeing Rin completely ignore her, Warren became so angry that blood rushed to his head, he took off his gloves and threw them to the ground.

"Rin Fenix, I am Warren Hamel, and I challenge you to a duel!"

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