Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 89

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Chapter 89: Being Kissed by a Little Bug

Rin didn't expect that the silly elk, who usually isn't good at learning, actually learned how to compliment people.

This made him a little embarrassed, so he picked up a glass of juice nearby and took a sip.

Elegant music filled the banquet hall, where young men and women were already dancing in the center, some already picking out partners to invite to dance.

Princess Eve was surrounded by many people, mostly men, including princes from other countries who were visiting.

Unable to avoid it, because of Princess Eve's future as the wealthy and prosperous Queen of Gioell, and without any engagement, attracting countless admirers.

The Mangekyou Continent is the furthest from the Magic Shell Continent, where the demon tribe resides, naturally more prosperous, peaceful, and with Gioell Kingdom's natural mineral advantages, trade and transport are very developed, ranking first among the three major kingdoms on the continent.

Of course, in terms of military strength, compared to the three major empires on other continents, it is a bit weaker, just separated by the sea, with advanced maritime defense fortifications, not just a paper tiger.

So the princess of the kingdom was naturally the top target for the young prince and the noble guests at the party, each wanting to invite her to dance, but Eve turned them all down.

Elise glanced at the people dancing, fidgeted with her dress, then approached Rin timidly and said softly, "Little Rin..."

"What's wrong?"

Following the gazes of the silly elk, Rin instantly understood what she meant.

He wasn't very good at dancing, the only experience he had was from the villains, so he felt nervous about embarrassing himself if he joined in.

However, soon he didn't care about that anymore.

Locals knew about his bad reputation, few who tried to compliment him were driven away, and others avoided him, but foreigners were different...

A blonde boy in a white suit walked up to Elise, bowed and said, "Hello, Princess Elise. I am Dylan, the third prince of the Fresnel Kingdom. Nice to meet you. Your beauty is very rare. May I invite you to..."

Before he could finish his sentence, Rin squinted his eyes, feeling his blood pressure rise slightly, and stood in front of him, showing clear disdain, "I'm sorry, Princess Elise is my fiancee from Fenix. I was about to ask her to dance. Can you please not disturb us?"

At the banquet, Rin felt he was being too polite compared to usual. Normally, he would have given him the cold shoulder already.

The blond youth's face stiffened, then he remembered Fenix's surname, and awkwardly smiled before leaving.

Rin wondered where this little prince from an unknown country came from, not bothering to inquire about the royal family of the foreign land.

Since the words had already been spoken, Rin couldn't do anything but happily stare at Elise and reach out his hand.

"Elise, you wanted to dance, right? Let's go."


Elise felt extremely happy and quickly placed her hand, covered with a white silk glove, on Rin's hand.

People around them looked complexed upon seeing the two of them, as if a flower was inserted in... well.

Eve, on the other hand, would occasionally glance at Rin and Elise, with a hint of envy and curiosity in her eyes.

Walking onto the stage, Rin and Elise stood face to face, getting ready to start their dance.

Even though they were very close this time, Rin had been close to Elise before, so he was just a little nervous, not completely at a loss.

Leaning close to Elise's ear, Rin whispered, "Silly girl, um... I'm not very good at dancing, so be careful and don't embarrass me, or I'll pull off your ahoge hair."

Feeling the ticklish breath by her ear, Elise blushed slightly and replied, "It's okay, Little Rin, as long as you're with me."

So, the two of them started moving to the music.

At the beginning, Rin was quite clumsy, but luckily he had some talent and memory, so he quickly became more comfortable in his movements, although he still occasionally stepped on Elise's foot.

After getting better at it, Rin began to focus on people nearby whom he didn't remember from his memory.

The people from their own country wouldn't dare to challenge Elise, so it must be foreigners. And since they were likely to be villains, they probably wouldn't care about national differences, meaning anyone could be a threat.

If they had to blame someone, blame Rin Wuyue for not clearly explaining the other person's identity in the book.

Elise stared at Rin's profile intently, feeling a bit enchanted. Her heart was pounding with excitement. She couldn't go a day without thinking about Little Rin, imagining sweet moments together. She was completely lost in her daydreams, unable to snap out of it.

After a while, Silly Elk realized that Rin was not paying attention to her at all. She felt upset and pouted with anger.

Ahoge hair twirled as she glanced around while changing positions with the boys. The stage lights were flashing, and everyone's attention was on the dancing couples. No one noticed what was happening on their side.

The clever deer's heart skipped a beat as she quickly leaned closer to Rin's neck and gave it a little nibble.


Rin felt a tickle on his neck and touched it. He saw Elise blushing and staring at him with watery eyes, which startled him.

Silly Elk, who had just completed a risky move, could feel her heart beating fast and couldn't stop giggling foolishly.

"Little Rin, what's wrong?"

"Oh, it's nothing. I think a bug just lightly bit me earlier."

"Insects...sob sob."

After the song ended, the two left, thinking about taking a break and grabbing something to eat. Rin deliberately took Elise to a secluded place, mainly to avoid the little troublemakers from finding them.

However, after staying for a while, Elise felt embarrassed and stuck out her tongue at Rin, "I drank too much strawberry juice, I need to go outside. Little Rin, wait for me here, okay!"

"Silly, are you still a child? You're so embarrassing. Hurry up and go back," Rin scolded in a low voice.

Shortly after Elise left, he also felt the urge to pee...okay, maybe he drank too much watermelon juice. So, he hurried off to the bathroom as well.

After a while, he returned to the hall, glanced around, and finally saw Silly Elk in the most remote corner. However, there was another woman in front of Silly Elk at the moment.

Rin frowned and quickly walked over, just in time to hear the woman's sarcastic remark.

"It's been three years, Elise, and you've grown a lot. I heard you finally learned purification magic? Congratulations, but if only you had learned it earlier. I heard that child is still clueless, can't even complete a sentence, it's so pitiful. Elise, do you not feel guilty?" asked the woman.

Elise stiffened all over, her usual friendly and cute smile vanished from her face. She lowered her eyes, bit her lip, and said nothing.

Suddenly, someone tapped on her shoulder, she looked up and saw anger in Rin's eyes, with a vicious smile on his face that she had never seen before.

"Even from afar, I can smell a foul odor. This...princess? May I ask if you are using perfume and toothpaste, or is it the smell of a zombie rat?"

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