Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 88

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Chapter 88: Villain Task? Acting Cool!

The next morning, Rin appeared in the restaurant as usual.

After scanning the room, Rin fixed his gaze on Elise, grabbed breakfast as usual, and sat next to her.

Elise blushed, almost burying her face in her plate, but her eyes kept stealing glances at Rin with watery deer-like eyes.

Yesterday when she returned home, she specially checked the book her sister gave her...

Oh, just thinking about it makes me so shy, all about boys and stuff, hehe.

But, even though Little Rin is usually so easily shy, why does he seem unbothered today? Is he pretending?

I should probably comfort him properly.

"Little Rin, be good, it's okay, actually it's not a big deal! Hehe..."

Emilia happened to float over at that moment and sat across from Rin, saying calmly, "I can help, you, look back."

"Silly Emilia, don't say that! Only I can do things like that!"

Rin glanced at them, sounding disdainful, "Why in the world are you acting strange this early in the morning? Do you think ordinary people can understand what you're saying? Should I go find a slime translator?"

Elise was suddenly stunned, "Um, Little Rin, yesterday..."

"What happened yesterday?"

Rin thought for a moment, feeling a bit dizzy in the head, like he had just had a drink.

Ding, due to unforeseen circumstances, this time the villain's reward is delayed and will now be distributed.

Congratulations to the host for bravely and recklessly continuing to act foolishly, being tied up again by the second female lead demon king, vividly portraying a classic case of how a villain is humiliated.

Unlock Villainous Achievement: Binding Spell (Intermediate)

To receive an achievement reward, you can now use an advanced Fire Thorn Trap (improved version): by using a small amount of magic, without chanting, set up a very hidden trap circle within twenty meters. It cannot be noticed by opponents with a level difference of more than fifteen or with relevant perception skills. It takes ten seconds to cast and has a cooldown of 30 minutes. Only one trap can be active at a time.

The host has performed exceptionally well, hoping to continue excelling and creating the Holy Light.


A question mark slowly popped up in Rin's head, and then suddenly he remembered. Last night, the black fox tied him up to remove a curse, then played some tricks and left.

He didn't remember much after that, but it seems that silly elk and Waste Hero brought him back to the dorm.

He didn't expect that boys could enter the girls' dormitory.

Rin's thoughts drifted for a moment, then he shrugged it off and continued eating breakfast.

Emilia tilted her head, stared at him for a while, then started eating too. Elise let out a sigh, feeling both relieved and complicated.

Little Rin... in general, should this be considered a good thing?

After eating, three people rushed to the classroom. As soon as they sat down, Elise suddenly remembered something and tugged on Rin's sleeve.

"By the way, Little Rin, there's a royal banquet tomorrow night. Don't forget, okay?"

"Royal banquet?"

Since tomorrow was a day off and he hadn't gone home yet, he had no idea about this matter.

The silly elk smiled and explained, "Well, it was my sister's idea to host the banquet, mainly to entertain the counts and above, as well as those with children studying at the three major academies in our country. It's probably for sharing about the House Cup."

Rin touched his chin and nodded, "I see."

He tried to remember and it seemed like there was a related plot, but not much was described in the original novel. He had forgotten what happened, but he was sure the villain made the silly elk cry again, right?

Oh well, it didn't matter. He would find out tomorrow when he looked at the plot hints from the system.

"Anyway, Little Rin, you must dress up handsomely tomorrow! I'll also dress up beautifully!"

Elise smiled even sweeter, her ahoge hair swayed, her eyes filled with hope and joy. The thought of appearing in public with Little Rin as an engaged couple made her feel happy and proud.

"Okay okay, stop blabbering. Do you think I would ever lose you?"

Rin tugged at her ahoge hair, then disdainfully glanced at the weary hero who was almost asleep on the table, starting the final day of classes for the week.

After school in the afternoon, the silly elk was taken away, and Yuki had left school earlier on royal duties assigned by the queen, leaving Rin alone to ride back home in a carriage.

Back at the Duke's mansion, Rin met with Duke Orlan, who indeed mentioned the upcoming banquet the next day.

After quietly spending the night at home, Rin put on the fanciest suit he had and struggled for a while with his tie in front of the mirror until he was somewhat satisfied.

"Ding, friendly reminder, the storyline exclusive to the host and the third female lead Elise is about to begin.

In this storyline, Elise will encounter an old friend and be reminded of a sad past by a cunning minor antagonist in private. The antagonist not only fails to comfort Elise but also tries to establish a relationship with her. This leaves Elise so heartbroken that she hides in the garden crying for half the night.

Finally, Princess Eve becomes furious and secretly sends someone to beat up the antagonist, making him unable to leave the house for several days.

Please try your best to portray a heartless villain without emotions or conscience, dear host."

Rin's mouth twitched, and there were several dead fish eyes rolling in his heart.

Am I crazy? Why am I standing next to a stranger instead of silly elk?

How dare anyone mock Elise's status and identity in this country? Besides herself, who else has the courage?

If you dare to bully silly elk, I will smash your brain to pieces.

As for the villain's task, just go away. If you have the guts, just electrocute me. Anyway, such small tasks cannot erase him.


In the evening, Rin and Duke Orlan attended the banquet together and entered the palace.

The people passing by were dressed in luxurious attire, the ladies in elegant gowns fluttering with flowers, and the gentlemen showing graceful manners.

Rinn finally got to see the Queen and the Princess in person.

The first one looks well-maintained, appearing to be around twenty years old, with a gentle smile mixed with a hint of dignity. The latter exudes a decisive and resolute presence.

Hmm, just like Elise, they both have pink hair and bear some resemblance in their appearance, making them easily recognizable.

Not long after, the adults were invited by the Queen to another banquet, leaving only the young people in the venue.

As soon as the adults left, the young boys and girls started to become restless.

Silly Elk walked up to Little Rin, lifted her skirt in a princess-like manner, and asked with a playful smile, "Little Rin, do I look nice in this outfit?"

Little Rin looked Silly Elk up and down, who was dressed in pure white today, resembling a wedding dress. With her pure and gentle demeanor, Silly Elk indeed exuded a stronger sense of a little angel.

With others around, Rin naturally didn't say anything else, just cleared his throat and turned his head away.

"Hmm, Elise looks very cute today."

Elise's hair suddenly stood up, her face turned red, her eyes twinkling with stars, sweetly saying, "Little Rin always looks very pretty, even prettier today!"

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