Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 87

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Chapter 87: Will Your Fiancée Forgive Me?

You deceitful senior sister, if you were helping me lift the curse, why did you tie him up again?

Rin gritted his teeth and glared fiercely at Suyu.

Suyu turned her face to the side, a hint of panic flashed in her eyes, but she remained very calm on the surface.

In normal times, tying up would just be a casual thing, satisfying a twisted sense of fun.

But now, she had a different purpose, and since the purpose was not pure, the previous state of mind was completely gone.

Of course, her goal is not as simple as her pen pal had said.

Even if she was at a loss, she was still a dignified Demon King, how could she do anything messy?

Now, she was just putting her thoughts into action, confirming her mentality, and whether it was really as the pen pal said, something that had not happened in over a hundred years... love.

Suyu had read over a million books, including romance novels, and she couldn't help but feel a bit curious, after all, love was too extravagant for a Demon King.

"Why? Because I am afraid you will attack me like last time?"

Suyu spoke naturally, her purple eyes sparkling as she reached out her finger and brushed across Rin's cheek.

Rin felt his cheek itching from her actions, and combined with a sense of embarrassment from being teased, he quickly turned his head and bit Suyu.

"Quickly lift the curse! Stop fooling around with me! You silly black fox!"

Suyu quickly withdrew her finger, a faint blush appearing on her face, and her hand trembling slightly behind her back.

She still remembered getting close to Rin before, just for playful teasing. But now, she felt a faint electric sensation in her fingers, as if a current flowing into her heart, causing a slight burning sensation.

She looked up, her eyes shining brightly, as if she had found a new interest and was eager to try it out.

So, she opened her arms, and with her frail body, she hugged Rin, pressing her face against his chest, trying to feel with all her heart.

"What are you doing?! Get off me! Stop hugging me! I'll catch a disease being near you, you rotten scoundrel!"

Rin started to struggle intensely, instinctively resisting Suyu, making him feel a chill down his spine, not experiencing the embarrassment and joy he felt when being close to Waste Hero and the others. However, the sense of panic was the same.

Suyu listened to his thoughts, feeling uncomfortable for some reason, she couldn't help but bite her lip.

She didn't care at all how others saw her as the Demon King, but... she didn't want her junior to see her as a fierce beast.

Clearly, they kissed.

"Don't move, this is to make my magic fit better, to soothe impending curse."

"Ah!? You're not lying to me, are you?"

Suyu wasn't just lying this time, her magic was special, close intimate contact could indeed temporarily calm the curse.

So, the best way to break the curse is actually...

She took a deep breath, shook off the tantalizing scene that made her heart race, activated her magic again, and opened a curse inscription.

Rin's face twisted in pain instantly, his eyes flashing red, until he felt a strong but comforting breath surrounding his heart, the sharp pain slowly fading away.

[Wow, it doesn't hurt anymore and that angry feeling is gone too. It's amazing! I didn't expect the black fox to really not trick me. Was it too much to say that just now? Who let that guy have a bad reputation!]

Suyu pulled back her hand, gently stroked his cheek, and leaned close to Rin's ear, whispering softly, "Junior, sister won't lie to you anymore. Would you like to consider being my... my pet?"

Rin was surprised when he heard that, then he angrily shouted, "Get out of here! Who wants to be your pet! Are you still half asleep or sleeping upside down? I can't believe I... just thought you weren't so bad."

Suyu chuckled, "It's okay, you'll see how good I am in the future. I'll make the junior willingly become my hamster."

"Go away! Let go of me!"

The Lord Demon King was very displeased with him and was about to educate him, but then frowned, waved his hand lightly, and a purple gas ball flew out all of a sudden.

Scarlet Leaf, who was watching the show on the tree, was directly hit, fell to the ground, and then dared not look at Suyu's expression, quickly ran away at the fastest speed of her life.

Suyu felt upset, her face turned slightly red, and she was thinking of removing the chains from Rin.

"Little Rin! Little Rin! Where are you!"

From far away, an urgent voice was heard. Lord Demon King frowned, snorted coldly, removed the magic from the chains, but they still bound him.

"It seems your fiancée has arrived, my young apprentice. Hmm, I wonder if she will be angry if I... But since I saved you, she will forgive me, right?"

Speaking in a casual tone, Suyu felt a bit awkward. As Elise approached, Suyu held Rin's face and moved closer slowly.

"You there, wicked woman, let go of Little Rin! Holy Light Shield!"

The Holy Light Shield was naturally on Rin's body, accompanied by a sword aura with a wind blade.

Suyu wanted to kiss his cheek but as she got closer, she felt too nervous. Her previous boldness disappeared, so she hesitated for a while and by the time she decided to kiss, it was too late.

Helpless, she had to let go of Rin and used spatial magic to escape directly.

Elise and Emilia, far apart, couldn't see her clearly. Even with the Observation Eye, there was too much of a level difference for any details.

However, at this moment, they didn't have time to think about it and quickly ran to Rin.

Elise quickly checked herself back and forth, while Emilia held him and sniffed, frowned, then sniffed and touched her lips, finally relaxed a bit.

"What are you two fools doing!! Let me go first! Where do you think you're reaching! Are you trying to die!"

Elise, originally reaching into his shirt, had to pull her hand out, and Emilia's crouching body stood up, the two glanced at each other, without expression, but their brain waves were already connected.

Well, although that mean woman called Little Rin names, even worse things didn't happen.

So Elise checked the chain, stepped back, and gave the position to Emilia.

Waste Hero pulled out the steel sword, aimed at the chain, and used sword skills.

After a few flashes of sword light, the chain was directly cut off and fell to the ground.

Rin was about to move his body, when suddenly he felt... a cool sensation on him.


Christina, who had finally caught up, let out a loud gasp like a little girl, quickly covering her eyes and turning away.

Elise's face turned red instantly, steam coming out of her head, she also covered her eyes with her hands, but left a small gap between her fingers, and her ahoge hair spun wildly.

Emilia, still expressionless, stared at Rin, tilting her head.





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