Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 86

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Chapter 86: Elise, Your Husband Was Taken by a Bad Woman!

"The College Cup is jointly organized by three major empires, six top kingdoms, and one allied nation. It is divided into three levels, with first-year students only participating in the first level.

Our Gualarrap Kingdom and our three academies are participating in this College Cup competition. According to the rules, apart from team events, each grade only has two spots for each event.

The events include alchemy - magic devices, alchemy - potions, magic card crafting, spell deconstruction, rune inscription, magic array, individual championship, individual hunting, four-person team championship, four-person hunting, totaling ten events.

Each person can participate in up to two events besides the combat event. We will hold selections at the end of the next month. The competition rewards are extremely generous, including but not limited to advanced magic device magic card weapons and equipment, scholarships, honor medals, and the favor of masters in various fields.

We hope everyone will participate enthusiastically to win honor for our country and academies, applause, and a bright future for themselves!"

Rin snapped out of it, looking at the College Cup promotional booklet in his hand, thinking to himself that the second round of the main plot had finally begun.

In this main storyline, the male lead is still a rising star, announcing his dual profession to the world and attracting attention by participating in combat competitions with a non-combat job.

As for himself, he got humiliated by the imperial genius and then got humiliated by the main character.

But... that doesn't matter anymore, the storyline has taken a turn.

Leaving that aside, Scarlet Leaf would never appear in the competition. She doesn't have the courage to compete against so many experts, so Rayne's teammate won't be from the top team.

On the other hand, Waste Hero and silly elk will definitely be on the same team. Waste Hero is level fourteen and is surpassing his peers, even rivaling students from the three major empires. If he fails, he might as well give up.

Well, being defeated by Waste Hero is still a possibility.

Hmm? Given the current direction of the story, could it be possible that he will actually be defeated by Waste Hero in the end? It seems to fit the system's requirements for the antagonist.

Of course, that's not the focus now. The focus is not on the upcoming selection process, but on... the fact that an extra piece of paper was found in his promotional booklet.

Glancing back at Scarlet Leaf, who was still handing out pamphlets, Rin sneered and casually opened the note to take a look.

"Younger brother, six o'clock, behind the library in the small woods, don't leave until we meet."

Wow, the black fox finally contacted him!

Rin's anxious heart finally calmed down a bit.

After class, Rin chatted with Silly Elk and Waste Hero about the College Cup before heading to the small woods alone.


"Oh, so annoying! Why do I in my hundreds have to be a student and be held back?"

Sha Ye muttered, impatiently picked up a lollipop with a sour face, spat, and kicked the nearby trash can.

The low morality is outrageous.

After wandering for a while, she suddenly slapped her head and got excited.

"By the way, can I sneak a peek at what Suyu and the short guy are doing?"

Without knowing what strange images came to her mind, Sha Ye blushed, shifted nervously, tightened her legs, cleared her throat, and headed straight to the small woods behind the library.

Without saying anything else, she was somewhat confident in her ability to hide.

She swiftly made her way to the small woods, looked around, and soon spotted a man and a woman standing somewhere.

"Huh? Suyu didn't even use spatial refraction? Could it be... she likes this kind of exposed area?"

Sha Ye's heart pounded as she felt more excited, about to jump onto a tree, when she suddenly saw a figure stumbling into the woods, causing her heart to skip a beat.

Fortunately, for some reason, Lord Demon King wasn't in top form today and didn't even notice someone approaching.

Sha Ye transformed into a shadow, swiftly approached the person, scooped her up, and leaped onto a tree.

The newcomer was Christina, who had planned to eat something in the empty small woods to avoid everyone. However, now that she was caught, she was nearly in tears.

Sha Ye quickly covered her mouth and made a hushing gesture, pointing to two figures in the distance.

Christina blinked in confusion, followed her gaze, and suddenly froze.

Sha Ye noticed she had quieted down, so she let go of her hand and eagerly continued watching the scene unfold.

In their eyes, the Lord Demon King was angrily touching Rin, who showed no resistance, closing his eyes and spreading his arms silently enduring.

With a bit of theoretical knowledge, Sha Ye smirked, stroked her chin, her eyes sparkling with excitement, and even licked the corner of her mouth.

Christina, looking at Rin, felt even more sympathy and pity.

Being kissed in his sleep by the princess, being kissed while being carried by the hero, that was one thing... and now being taken advantage of by an unfamiliar senior student.

Young Master Rin... so pitiful, I wish I could save him.

But, she didn't dare...

Christina felt very bad about herself and guilty, when she looked up, she almost screamed in surprise.

Because she saw that hateful senior sister again, who used a dark purple rope or chain to tie Young Master Rin to a tree.

Sha Ye's smile became even brighter.

Wow, So Suyu likes this kind of thing... Hmph, that shorty dares to give me attitude every day, intentionally putting me down for no reason. Finally, I've got something on you!

She was still thinking about how to get back at Rin, while Christina beside her was so anxious that tears were about to fall, she didn't care, climbed down from the tree and ran away.

This sudden action startled Sha Ye, but luckily Suyu was acting "crazy" and didn't notice, which made her breathe a sigh of relief and continue watching.

Christina ran for her life, exhausted and almost out of breath, but she persisted in running until she reached the restaurant.

She bent over, panting heavily with hands on her knees, wiped the sweat off her forehead, scanned the restaurant, and saw Emilia and Elise sitting across from each other, her face lit up with joy.

At this moment, she ignored her instinctual fear of entering the crowd and ran directly to Elise's side.

The silly elk was thinking about what to bring to Little Rin and how to enjoy being fed by Little Rin happily and bubbly.

Seeing Christina hurrying, she put down the spoon and asked with concern, "Christo, what’s wrong?"

When it came down to it, Christina hesitated again because... these two... had also done some terrible things.

But... no matter what, they wouldn't harm Young Master Rin's safety!

So, she gritted her teeth, held back her fear, and whispered, "Princess Elise, it's not good, I... I saw Young Master Rin being tied to a tree by bad women!"

The silly elk immediately dropped the spoon she had picked up, and Waste Hero on the side was already emitting a murderous aura, standing up at once and walking out without saying a word.

Elise realized what was happening and hurriedly followed, her eyes filled with worry.

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