Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 85

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Chapter 85: Tie Him Up and Take Action Directly!

The following days were very calm, spent mostly studying.

Worth mentioning is the struggling student Emilia, who even with Rin tutoring, scored only 30 points in math.

Luckily, it was better than single digits from before.

Rin is feeling most uneasy about the curse on himself. Although it seems to be under control because of the suppression by the Demon King before, it hasn't resurfaced, yet it's still like a time bomb, and Suyu has been missing for several days.

Before, Rin didn't want to see the Lord Demon King, but now, not seeing her, Rin starts to worry.

Rin worries about his curse and the deal between him and Suyu.

Little did he know, the former Lord Demon King has been very anxious lately.

She hasn't slept well for several days. Whenever her mind goes blank, she will think of the scene of the previous kiss.

Then the Lord Demon King's face will blush and she will toss and turn in bed. No matter how she shakes her head, she can't shake off the memories. Only by reading some interesting books and deep meditation can she control her thoughts.

At this moment, the Lord Demon King is lying on the bed, her mind filled once again with the scene of the kiss. She feels flustered and restless, changing several sleeping positions and twisting like a worm.

"It's too hateful!"

Suyu suddenly opened her eyes, with a faint black shade visible below the corners of her eyes. Sitting up, she messed up her hair completely, showing no trace of her usual composure and elegance.

Suyu patted her blushing face, took a deep breath, then couldn't help but touch her lips and cover her still hot face.

Suyu, who was usually full of clever ideas, now felt completely lost and didn't know what to do.

The last time she felt this lost was when she found out her mother had disappeared.

Even when she was later usurped, Suyu was mentally prepared, planned an escape route in case of defeat, and didn't panic like this.

Unlike the feeling when her mother disappeared, which was panic, sadness, and loneliness, now she felt itchy, embarrassed, eager, and also joyful and confused.

"Oh, what should I do?"

Suyu knew that she had to seek help from someone in this situation, or she would not be able to calm down for a long time.

However, choosing who to ask for help was a big problem.

She couldn't ask her subordinates, or else her Demon King's authority would be greatly diminished. Strangers were not an option either, as she had not let go of her dignity to that extent.

After thinking for a while, she remembered a pen pal she had never met.

More precisely, a pen pal.

Two years ago, she first came to the capital city and, feeling lazy and in a hurry to send a message, she used a rare and expensive method... sending a letter.

Of course, not just any letter, but one marked with spatial coordinates and considered magical letter paper.

At that time, there was a mishap, and the letter didn't reach its intended recipient, ending up in the hands of that pen pal instead.

Luckily, the letter only contained a few short sentences without revealing her identity. The pen pal kindly sent it back, apologizing for reading it because there was no address marked.

Back then, Suyu was curious as well, and through the exchange, they became pen pals.

Suyu usually recommended books or shared stories from her time at the academy, while the other complained about their heavy workload and strict family oversight.

Those things didn't matter. What mattered was that the other person always seemed to have a lot of dating experience, so...

Suyu hesitated for a moment, then quietly made a decision. She opened a magical paper with empty space, marked the coordinates, thought and edited before finally closing the paper and chanting silently.


On the other side, Princess Eve was also very tired today.

Dealing with two thick piles of documents, her hands were very sore, and the mental pressure was immense.

Her dear Queen Mother had been wanting to retire early to garden, so she was eager to groom Eve, who now handled over eighty percent of the government documents.

Not only that, she also had to attend meetings from time to time, strategize with experienced individuals, stay informed about various associations nationwide, stay updated on the situation with the magical beings, while also soothing soldiers and civilians.

It could be said that she slept for less than six hours every day.

Despite being a mental magic practitioner who can control sleep well, the deep exhaustion and pressure were impossible to alleviate.

So, after completing her official duties for the day, she dismissed all her attendants and soaked in the bathtub for a bath.

Of course, taking a bath is not her best way to feel better.

Working alone to calm herself down is her favorite way to feel better.

Closing her eyes, Eve relaxed her whole body. In her mind, she visualized work scenes as she was about to submit a work report. Suddenly, she felt a faint magical wave, followed by a cheerful wind chime sound.


Eve shivered, feeling a bit reluctant, but she still put on her bathrobe and walked out. She looked at the letter on the desk, her eyes lit up, and all her unhappiness disappeared.

She didn't have many friends, and this pen pal whom she never had to meet was the only friend she could freely complain to without worrying about her image.

As she picked up the letter to read, her expression turned strange, her face full of jealousy.

"Sister can do whatever... even Ah Yu too... It's annoying. Why are they all in such a rush to date? Isn't there anyone willing to wait for me?"

Based on her extensive theoretical knowledge, Eve was pretty sure that Ah Yu was showing signs of being in love...

They kissed before falling in love completely, so jealous and shameless!

But, as a theoretical expert and excellent mentor, Eve's mind was not clouded by jealousy and she dutifully wrote a few words back.

"So, do you often think about his face? Do you feel happy when you think about kissing him? Does seeing him make you happy? Do you want to play pranks on him and see a different side of him? Do you wish he treated you better and worried that he might actually dislike you? Do you hope for more trust and dependence between each other?"

"Alright, yes, so what should I do?"

"Silly, you are in love! Tell me, how do you see him in your heart, and what do you most want to do for him?"

"Umm, he is timid and afraid of pain, looks tough but is actually shy and proud, kind but a bit naive, and incredibly cute. As for what I want to do... play with him, tease him, and cuddle him like a pet!"

Eve's eyes turned red with jealousy. Why couldn't she meet a guy like him!

Taking a few deep breaths to calm her emotions, Eve wrote with determination.

"What are you hesitating for! Just tie him up and go for it! Are you silly! If he’s that good, there must be many girls after him! If you don’t make a move soon, you'll regret it! Trust me, strike while the iron is hot, make the first move, and no one can beat you! Oh, and does he have any friends he can introduce to me?"

Suyu looked at the words on the paper, feeling moved and speechless.

Without saying anything else, if I tie him up...

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