Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 84

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Chapter 84: Circuit Diagram

"Hehe...Little Rin."

Elise felt dizzy, as if a thousand Little Rins were gently touching her heart, not wanting to think about anything for now.

Emilia shivered, gazing blankly at Rin's profile, fidgeting with the hem of her clothes uncontrollably.

Rin cleared his throat and changed the subject, "By the way, how did your few hours of tutoring go?"

Upon hearing this, Elise's mood dampened.

"Emilia is so clueless, she has no basics at all, so I have to make her memorize some formulas first."

Waste Hero didn't feel ashamed, "Hero doesn't need math."

"Hero doesn't need it, but students do! Since Waste Hero, you're a student, you better study well and don't embarrass us. Silly Elk, you need to teach well too."

Rin thought for a moment and added, "I have already caught up with today's lessons, and I will join later as well."


"Then I will learn."

The playful elk, with its quirky hair sticking up, suddenly noticed something and grabbed Rin's hand.

"Little Rin, Little Rin, why do you have an extra ring?"

Rin glanced at the blue ring on her ring finger and replied casually, "Oh, this one? It's new, what's the matter?"

The silly elk's eyes widened, her face turning as red as a steamed lobster, and steam seemed to come out of her head.

Rin poked her head curiously, "What's wrong with you, silly elk?"

Elise shook her head like a bobblehead, then smacked her face and tremblingly held out her hand, revealing the ring on her middle finger.

Clever, the style of that ring is exactly like Rin's.

"Hmm? Rin, did you get a new ring?"

Before, Elise's ring had a pink crystal on it, she said it was a gift from the Queen last year on her birthday.

It's surprising, one day passed and she changed it again.

"Oh, this one was given as a reward by Mother again, hehe, it's exactly the same as Little Rin's!"

Rin rolled his eyes, thinking if the silly elk knew this ring was taken by a fake Sword Saint from a demon's arm, would she start crying immediately?

Knowing he still had a bit of kindness, Rin restrained himself and didn't tell the truth.

Upon further thought, he suddenly felt envious.

"Alright, alright, we know you're rich, damn it, cursed rich person, changing such a good space ring just like that, silly deer, are you just here to show off?!"

"No way, Little Rin, look!"

Elise said, taking off the ring and putting it on her ring finger. She blushed when she held hands with Rin, and even her pink ahoge hair turned red.

"Like this, it's... it's a couple's ring!"

Clap! The sound of clapping hands rang out.

Silly elk's paws instantly turned bright red. She rubbed them together, looking angrily and pitifully at Emilia. "Emilia, that's so mean!"

But Waste Hero's eyes had turned into vertical pupils. No longer showing any conscience or restraint, the two tufts of blue hair on the sides of their head stood on end, emitting a cold aura.

"Nonsense! Who... who wants to wear a couple's ring with you!"

Rin looked even more embarrassed and covered his ring with his hand, shouting, "I'll really get angry if you say things that could be misunderstood! It's just a coincidence, just a coincidence!"

"Eh? But..."

"Stupid deer, be quiet!"

Rin pulled her ahoge hair roughly, with a fierce face. He reached out to take off the ring, but hesitated when touching it, and eventually gave up.

Anyway, it was just a coincidence. If others see it and start talking, let them. Do they talk less about my matters?

Besides, the silly elk is a crybaby who needs a lot of comforting when crying. Such a hassle.

Of course, he didn't want to take it off. Naturally, the "cat" couldn't stand it anymore. Meowing, she leaped towards the silly elk. However, Elise ran off directly, waving at her triumphantly.

Emilia eventually focused on Rin's hand, sitting on his lap and trying to pull the ring off with her paws.

"Emilia! Don't sit on Little Rin's lap!"

Elise also got anxious, moving forward to tug at the hero cat.

Rin was also embarrassed by the Waste Hero cat's playful actions, blushing and reaching out to grab her paws.

"Don't be silly, fool! I'll give you one!"

Saying that, he took off another ring, checked it, and seeing that there was almost nothing left except some unimportant things and food inside of the ring's inner space, he handed it to Waste Hero.

"So-called heroes are really thieves! Always robbing me! One day I'll knock you off the tree, meowing in pain, give it to me quickly... Tsk."

Saying that, they handed the ring to Emilia, touched her head, and awkwardly said. "Behave, don't throw tantrums. It's embarrassing if others see you like this, just like a child unable to get a toy, looking silly."

Emilia looked at the ring in her hand, her cat-like eyes brightened, her hair smoothed down. She rubbed against Rin's head, looked obediently.

"Grr, darn it... Little Rin's ring, I wanted it too."

The joy of the silly elk's victory diminished by half, but upon careful thought, the "couple" rings she and Little Rin wore were for engagement and marriage... much stronger than foolish Emilia.

Hehe, she still had the absolute advantage!

"Rin, help me put it on."

Emilia reached out her hand, eagerly watching Rin like a hungry baby bird waiting to be fed.

Rin frowned, muttered something about trouble, then grabbed a ring and tried to put it on any finger of her hand.

But Hero insisted on the ring being worn on the ring finger, Rin didn't think much and simply put it on.

Silly elk suddenly felt gloomy, as she realized her absolute advantage seemed to have disappeared.

She came to her senses and asked Little Rin to help wear the ring, but was coldly refused by a stubborn and envious tundere.

On the other hand, Emilia kept twisting the crystal on the ring, then suddenly turned and asked expressionlessly, "So, who gave you the ring?"

Hearing this, silly elk suddenly understood the key point and perked up her ears.

Rin waved his hand, "Of course it was that poor Sword Saint, offering it as gratitude for being raised by me."

"It's actually Sister Yuki?"

The silly elk blinked its eyes, feeling a bit strange but thinking that it was not a problem.

Although Sister Yuki is a "love child", she and Little Rin are also close siblings, not too distant.

Waste Hero also found it a bit strange, but she had different interests from the silly elk.

Her thinking was different from ordinary people, many things in her mind would directly turn into pictures.

For example, Yuki gave a ring to Rin which happened to be the same as a deer's ring, then she gave herself a ring, making a strange connection diagram.

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