Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 83

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Chapter 83: Arena of Demons? Huh

Rin fled the library in a sorry state.

When his fearful heart calmed down a bit, he noticed that something was amiss.

His own magic seemed to have increased significantly? His mental perception and spell construction had also improved a lot, it was clearly an upgrade.

Hastily taking out a simple measuring lens from her space, he glanced at the glowing numbers on it and Rin was extremely surprised.

"Level 14? Jumped three levels in one go, wow!"

Retracting the lens, she lowered her head in contemplation, and Rin quickly figured it out.

Last time when he defeated demons above his level, even though he used magic cards, he must have gained a lot of experience, maybe his experience points were already enough to level up by several levels, but he hadn't trained his magic so he couldn't break through.

So... When Suyu checked the curse on him, she must have infused magic into it.

A Demon King who is as strong as eighty-nine levels and has double the magic power of an ordinary person experienced strange reactions when infused with magic, helping him unlock his magic restraints and potentially level up by three levels.

It turns out that if you want to fleece sheep, you really have to find Suyu.

But this black fox doesn't seem to be as powerful as he thought. He believed she could easily lift the curse with her magic, but it turned out to be quite tricky.

Rin smacked his lips, silently criticizing Lord Demon King, and suddenly slapped his head after walking a few steps.

Where's my image crystal! Could it have been taken by her?

How despicable, this guy is so cunning!

Now, I can only hope that Demon King will stick to his principles. Well, at least he hasn't been punished for attacking her, indicating that Suyu still has a good impression of him and hopefully won’t break his promise.

"Oh, it's already so late!"

The sun has completely set, the sky turned into a deep blue canvas with a few twinkling stars visible, which means the restaurant must be closed.

Rin just hoped that the silly elk could save some food for themselves, because the ring only had Waste Hero's snacks and dry food in it, but he really wanted to eat a warm meal.

Coming back to the dormitory building, unlike last time, there was no one gathered at the entrance of the dormitory building, it was empty.

Rin wasn't disappointed. After a moment of thought, he walked in a different direction.

Arriving at the remote fountain where he had fed before, he indeed saw two small heads, one pink and one blue, sitting with their backs towards him on the bench.

He could faintly hear their conversation.

"Emilia! It's enough with me here, you should go back soon."


"You should quickly go back and review those arithmetic formulas I just taught you, or else if you fail the exam, Little Rin will definitely be upset!"

"But I want to prepare food for the tsundere."

"They're already prepared! That's the responsibility of a fiancée! Emilia doesn't need to prepare an extra one! Little Rin can't finish it all!"

"Stubborn tundere, if you want to eat, eat mine... okay?"

"No no no, I don't care! Little Rin can only eat mine!"

Hearing the two arguing, Rin quietly approached, grabbing the ahoge hair with one hand and making a secret gesture with the other.

"What are you quarreling about? Making such loud noise for no reason, letting passersby hear you two idiots, is that not embarrassing enough?"

Elise instantly turned around happily, "Little Rin is back! Did you not eat anything? I brought you something!"

While Emilia winced in pain and shrunk her neck, she lifted the meal box in her hand like a treasure and gave a soft "meow."

Silly elk and Waste Hero glanced at each other and then looked away simultaneously.

"Little Rin, eat mine!"

"You're mine, silly tundere."

Rin lifted his dead fish eyes, walked assertively to the front of the chair, and pointed to the middle before gesturing to the sides.

"Move aside, let me through."

So, silly elk and Waste Hero each shifted a bit to let Rin sit in the middle.

"Little Rin, eat mine, eat mine!"


As soon as he sat down, two lunch boxes appeared in front of him again, and they kept getting closer to his nose.

Rin immediately impatiently pouted, "Why the rush! I'm starving today, I can eat everything, you two idiots should be grateful for offering food."

Silly elk hesitated for a moment, then opened the lid, picked up a piece of beef stewed in red wine, and handed it to Rin.

On the other side, Waste Hero also didn't back down, and handed over a small tomato.

"Here, Little Rin, eat quickly."

"Stupid tundere."

Rin's ears turned a little red immediately, looked around, found no one nearby, then quickly took two big bites, chewing vigorously.

After swallowing, he then said. Luckily you two fools still have a little conscience. Since you owe me so much money, you should serve your creditor well!

Silly elk adjusted their hair on both sides, with a sweet smile, a happy blush appeared on their cheeks again.

"Little Rin, have some more."

This time, Rin couldn't stand it anymore, directly snatched the meal box and chopsticks from silly elk, gulping it down, and also pinching things back and forth in Waste Hero's box.

He had a limitless stomach, of course he wanted to eat more, satisfying his appetite.

"Little Rin, I want to eat too."

Elise blinked her big watery eyes like a deer, making a pleading sound, while pushing her hair back with one hand and opening her pink mouth.

Rin shook the chopsticks, glanced at her, directly picked up some vegetables with the chopsticks and stuffed them into her mouth, then picked up a piece of meat and stuffed it into the mouth of Waste Hero who was about to speak.

"Stop blabbering, just eat and close your mouth!"

The two idiots immediately became excited, the previous confrontation disappearing in an instant.

"Giggles, Little Rin, I want more."


To prevent the two idiots from disturbing his meal, Rin decided to take a bite himself, and then feed them each a bite to make them stop talking.

But realizing he might not have enough to eat, he immediately stopped feeding, staring disapprovingly at the two while protecting his lunchbox.

"Ah, full and comfortable."

Finally, Rin wiped his mouth, patted his belly, returned the food box to the two people like a sir, leaned back against the chair, and fell into a paralyzed state.

Elise, who had been fed, stayed in a pink state for a long time without coming to her senses, feeling like her heart was filled with strawberry yogurt cake, feeling very happy.

Emilia on the side seemed expressionless, but there was a faint blush on her face, and something seemed to have changed in her blue eyes.

After resting for a while, they gradually quieted down. After a glance at each other, they felt a little uncomfortable again.

Emilia tugged at Rin's sleeve, "In the future, I will bring an extra portion for you, don't eat, silly elk's food."

Elise puffed up her cheeks and anxiously waved her fist, "I don't want that! In the future, I will be the one to bring it to Little Rin, Emilia is not allowed! Silly Emilia should stay in the room and study math well!"

Rin gave a disdainful snort and said, "Why are you all arguing? If you continues, I will go to the teacher's restaurant with the poor Sword Saint. Tsk..."

With that, he turned his head away, scratching his face with a bit of embarrassment, and softened his tone a little, "Anyway... thank you both, it was very delicious, I was a little happy, and in the future... cough cough, let's leave it at that."

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