Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 82

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Chapter 82: Good Sisters, Watch "Live Broadcast" Together and Bear Sadness

Leave that the black-bellied fox, who suddenly remembered that she had not told her younger brother about her business, alone. The evil god and the God of dreams were in a bad state at this time.

The two people originally gathered together to have a heated discussion about the rules and regulations of the world.

After that, the topic ended to a certain extent. Bored Ling Wuyue wanted to see her brother's life, so she took out her notepad and opened the live.

Freya showed little interest, turned to make tea, and just looked over quietly while Ling Wuyue was staring at the screen.

"Brother, hey, brother, PA Ji."

Ling Wuyue looked at the familiar face and couldn't help and kissed the screen. She wiped her saliva happily, and her smile was still abnormal.

Freya frowned at some water stains on the screen, and finally said nothing.

No way, she is so generous. Since she had said that she could let her best friend kiss her husband, she wouldn't eat her words.

Fortunately, she controlled her strength and didn't crush the teacup.

She breathed a sigh of relief, handed a cup of tea to Ling Wuyue, and then leaned back to find a position, so that she could continue to watch the screen without being noticed by Ling Wuyue.

"Hey, hey, my brother is so cute!"

Ling Wuyue seemed to have forgotten the unpleasant things before, covering her face and shaking her body left and right happily.

Until Suyu appeared.

She looked at the Demon King's figure and suddenly realized.

Yes, that's right. When building the Demon King before, I thought for a long time and finally, I simply used my own body data directly.

It's mainly because she had shaped too many good bodies, which made her a little unhappy.

In order to vent her anger, she also specially set the attribute that Suyu can't make a+ grow no matter what method she uses.

Speaking of, well, it's also a pity to be forced to be in the same boat.

Of course, if the Demon King is not a bitch and touches her Little Rin, it would be better.

Sure enough, Ling Wuyue saw that Suyu actually tease her "Little Rin", touched his hand, and finally let her brother take off his clothes. She was immediately angry and jumped in place!

"Bitch, bitch! Bitch! Damn! Every time I looked at little Rin's body, I was sneaky. Why is she so brazen? I knew I'd set her blind!"

Freya rolled her eyes and said that she deserved it.

If you didn't get sick and send your brother away, I wouldn't have to spend so much time meeting him in a dream.

But on second thought, if not, I'm afraid I didn't know her brother was so cute.

Well, I'm in a good mood now.

However, this good mood immediately disappeared after seeing the two people kissing on the screen.

With a "Click", the cup was crushed, and the golden eyes were full of cold.

Fortunately, no one will notice Freya's eyes, because Ling Wuyue was worse than her.

This evil god was first angry and regretful. Finally, she rolled around sadly, danced her hands and kicked her legs, crying like a child.

From this point of view, Ling Wuyue is actually very cute, which is why Freya can become friends with her.

"How can..."

Freya was interrupted by Ling Wuyue before she finished speaking.

"How can it be like this, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!"

There was another burst of heart-rending crying. Freya could only cover her ears until Ling Wuyue was out of breath and began to sob, and then she loosened her tortured ears.

Of course, she was also very uncomfortable, but after adjusting her mood a little, she felt better.

Rolled her eyes at her silly friend, Freya came forward and rubbed Ling Wuyue's head, "OK, OK, good, don't cry. Anyway, your brother's first kiss has gone. Last time, didn't we just agree to wash away the history of the world?"


Ling Wuyue raised her head, with tears in her eyes and pouted lips. Her expression was very similar to that of a silly elk, but her eyebrows were more like Rin.

She tried to wipe away her tears, but she couldn't wipe them all off.

"I just regret it! I haven't regretted it so much in my life. Freya, hurry up. Well, can I meet my brother in my dream first? As long as I see him, I can be satisfied."

Freya pulled out the corner of her mouth, took back her hand rubbing Ling Wuyue's head, and said indifferently, "I haven't figured out how to put an evil god into a dream without being found yet. Please bear it a little longer."

"If I continue to wait, my brother's virginity will lose!"

"Peace of mind, one day I will find a way to stop it! Stop it!"

Freya was gnashing her teeth when she said this, without the usual appearance of elegance and tenderness.

She patted Ling Wuyue on the shoulder and said, "Good sister! Give it to me!"

Ling Wuyue felt better now, and her pretty face, which seemed to be formed by everything beautiful in the world, also regained some luster.

But the eyes were still red and looked pitiful.

"Don't worry, Freya, I won't throw everything at you. I also have a way to do it myself, but the operation time will be a little longer."

Freya paused with a smile, "What can I do?"

"Secret ~"

Ling Wuyue thought of her "Genius" idea that day. For the time being, she was not so sad, and even had the time to tease Freya.

"Well... well, good luck."

Freya coughed softly and continued, "If you don't feel comfortable, you can say it later and I'll give you advice."

"Peace of mind, this is my unique ability as a first-class evil god, which ordinary people can't think of. Even if the divine world comes down to check, they may not find clues, hey hey, brother, hey hey."

With that, Ling Wuyue's mouth opened, and she began to laugh again. Then she suddenly remembered something and hurriedly said.

"By the way, I really have something to trouble you."


"Please let me live here these days. You also know that my parents are out of business. As a result, they often called me these days. Tsk... Fortunately, in order to protect Little Rin, he didn't have a mobile phone, and my parents could only call me, otherwise, it would be exposed if they found that Little Rin was missing!"

"Well, so?"

"I fooled them with my brother's recording, but if my parents came on a whim and asked their friends to our home, or just come back by themselves, we would really be in big trouble! So I had to say that I took little Rin to a friend's house. As a result, I need to stay here for the time being!"

"It won't take long. I'll try to dispel their worries. Please!"

Looking at Ling Wuyue, who said with a flattering look, Freya smiled more reluctantly.

It seemed to echo her friend's words. Freya sighed gently and muttered to herself, "It's... it's really a great trouble."

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