Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 81

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Chapter 81: Suyu Is Not Clean Anymore

"First, you want to get everything for me in the Fenix family. It's mutually beneficial for you, is it a problem?"

At this time, Suyu was putting her hand on Rin's heart, and seemed to find something. Her eyebrows frowned slightly, but she was still distracted and nodded.

"Second, untie Yuki's curse. I know you have a way."

When Rin said this, he was a little nervous. First, he was worried that Suyu would refuse, and second, he was worried that the system would suddenly jump out.

Fortunately, neither of them happened.

Suyu's attention was still on his curse, and she just asked, "Why is it so kind? Is it true that you have a good relationship with the swordmaster, junior brother?"

"No, no, it's just like this... so that she can repay my kindness completely for my use, right! It's much more stable than the loyalty gained with any curse."

When Rin said this, he was still nodding secretly, thinking that this reason was really wonderful.

But he didn't know that his worry and love for Yuki had been clearly heard by the Demon King.

Suyu didn't expose him, but promised happily.

"Third... I haven't figured it out yet. I'll talk about it later." Rin didn't forget to leave a back door for himself.

"Junior brother, aren't you asking for a little too much?"

"Didn't you also let me do three things for you? Anyway, I'm the same. It's all small things for you."

"Hehe, I didn't expect that the hamster was still a little cunning, but I didn't really want to refuse... But."

Her voice suddenly became serious, "I'll try to remove the curse, but you have to stick to your mind."

Rin felt nervous when he heard the speech. He immediately calmed down, took a few deep breaths and waited silently.

Purple gas ran down Suyu's fingertips and directly into his heart.

The sharp pain of his heart being crushed hit again, but this time Rin was prepared and didn't want to be as tired as last time, so he grit his teeth and stick to it.

"Poop, poop."

Under the heart twitch, two red lines were faintly visible under his white skin, and rose to his neck. The red lines were woven into two left and right lines, bright and magnificent.

Suyu carefully observed the lines, whispered "Sure enough", and then moved her fingers to remove the lines of the curse.

However, she just picked up one, and a powerful resistance immediately bounced Suyu's magic away.

Rin's mind almost burst at this moment. After a burst of buzzing, an extremely strong impulse to attack spread from his mind to his whole body.

He was half unconscious and half awake, and he couldn't control his body and that terrible "Aggressiveness".

Rin's eyes completely turned into ruby, glittering red. When he stepped forward, Suyu, who was still adjusting her magic, was suddenly slammed directly to the wall.

Then Rin's body instinctively learned from the experience of last time, and put its lips on Suyu.

"Ding, Congratulations, my dear master is so crazy that he even dares to attack the Demon King.

Trigger the villain's achievement: Scum (middle).

Gain the achievement reward, dark magic resistance medium range bonus. "

It is still the system's prompt tone that no one hears.

The Demon King was shocked. After feeling the soft touch on her lips, her eyes widened, her pupils narrowed, and her body trembled unbelievably.

The blush immediately covered her cheeks. For the first time, she felt shame and anger, like a bullied little girl. A fog rose in her eyes and turned into tears.

The black wings behind her stretched out, and suddenly the black feathers flew away, one of them crossed Rin's cheek and cut a blood mark on it.

Suyu reacted, her state of mind exploded, and she was angry. A magic force bounced Rin away directly, and the black wings wrapped her body, so as to cover the fear and shame in her expressions.

I'm not clean anymore!

Strong killing intent rose in the Demon King's heart. As long as she killed him, no one would know and her heart would be pacified.

So there was a black mass in her palm, which was terrible at first sight, and she looked at Rin, who was shaking his head on the ground, as if he was still trying to wake up because the curse had been temporarily suppressed.

Finally, she ground her teeth, took a deep breath, and her slightly flat chest fluctuated a few times, successfully suppress the murderous intent.

She is the Demon King after all, she can control her emotions well.

After all, it's her carelessness. Since she knows this is the charm spell, she should predict all the consequences first.

'So what's the deal with this damn curse'?!!

This level of curse, even the current leader of the demon can't release it, right?

How unlucky is this stupid hamster to be cursed by such an ancient spell?

Of course, she can remove it... But, the straightforward way to remove it is...

Just thinking about it in her head, Suyu felt unbearable.

Therefore, she can only try to remove the curse over and over again. But the curse will become stronger and stronger as time goes by, so she needs to do it as fast as possible.

No, now I should punish him first, right?

No! This kind of thing... Absolutely, absolutely can't let others know.

Thinking of this, Suyu couldn't help but wet her eyes again. She bit her lower lip and released the "Calming" magic for herself. She forcibly restored herself to her usual way and took back her wings.

At this time, Rin also stood up, dazed, looked at the feathers on the ground, and touched his cheek.

He looked at Suyu in panic, "I couldn't control my anger just now. Did I attack you?"

He couldn't remember the details at all, only knowing that he was quite irritable at that time, and seemed to attack directly.

Think about the state before. He was trying to kill Suyu but was subdued by her.


Suyu rolled her eyes. After listening to his heart, she also reacted.

He was controlled by his instinct, so he regard that impulse as... aggressive?

In fact, that's right, because when the curse makes people feel impulsive, there will be some similar manifestations of irritability.

It's just that Rin didn't have the memory of "Attacking" Suyu in his head, and because the spell was suppressed, some of the reactions he should have began to calm down, but he didn't find it at all.

Suyu breathed a sigh of relief, but at the same time, she was a little unwilling.

So... He doesn't remember such a thing? Have I been taken advantage of in vain?

However, she will have to suffer this loss.

Suyu wanted to teach Rin a lesson, but she didn't bear to hurt him. Finally, she could only sigh in a complicated mood.

There was also a little hidden desire that she didn't want to admit.

"If you 'attack' me next time, I can't guarantee whether you will be made into a specimen."

Suyu threatened, and then with a wave of her hand, the scattered black feathers disappeared completely, and even the enchantment was disabled by her. By the way, she quietly took away the Impression Crystal.

"Get out of here! Your curse can be solved, but it's not something I can do in a short time. I'll find you later."

Then, she drove Rin away directly.

She leaned against the wall and couldn't help but touch her lower lip with her fingers, looking inexplicable.

Just pretend it never happened.

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