Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 100

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Chapter 100: This Is Your Best Chance, Hurry Up!

After the only class in the afternoon, school was over.

However, as soon as the class ended, before the students had left, the teacher called Emilia over.

Originally, Rin thought Waste Hero was being summoned because she failed the alchemy chemistry test this morning, but it turned out that Silly Elk informed her that Princess Eve wanted to see her.

I heard that the princess wants to talk to Miss Hero about the College Cup and ask about her plans for the teammates. It's certain they will stay and have a meal together.

Emilia is not around, and Elise feels the air is filled with a pure sweet scent, making even her smile more beautiful.

"Little Rin, should we go to the library to study next, or head to the training ground?"

After some thought, Rin said. Let's go to the training ground, prepare some tactics in advance. It's a pity that Waste Hero is not here; training together would be more effective.

Elise's curly hair shook as she spoke, "By the way, we are still missing one person in our team. What are your plans, Little Rin?"

Rin was taken aback by this, he glanced at Elise and playfully punched her on the head, saying, "The team doesn't only have me. Even if your deer brain can't come up with anything, you must think hard!"

Silly Elk covered his head, sticking out his tongue, "I don't want to, as long as Little Rin is thinking, it's enough!"

Rin made a disgusted face, pursed his lips, and turned away, ignoring her.

So, whether it's the Deer or Waste Hero, these two guys are really not the brightest, with intelligence comparable to an octopus.

Is that it? Saving the world?

Ha, without me, going out might not survive three days.

Having to take care of Waste Hero and the Deer, being a dad and a mom at the same time...

Rin's eyes twitched at the corner, suddenly feeling a bit pitiful as the villain.

However, when it comes to the College Cup competition, it's something to consider carefully.

College Cup, besides individual and team competitions, the only thing left for him to participate in is a magical spell deconstruction...

Well, a spell is like an equation constructed in the mind when casting magic, the analysis and structure are essential for a wizard, it's like calculus in a science major at university.

His foundations were already good, and he would occasionally research and develop new spell structures, so signing up with his expertise is completely fine.

Apart from that, both individual and team competitions are mandatory. After all, among the freshmen of the same level, his combat ability ranks top.

To be precise, among his peers, he ranks third, and he is using data from level 11. Emilia naturally holds the first place.

So he is very confident in being selected as a seeded player for the individual competition.

There are two types of individual competitions: tournament and hunting. Students can only choose one. Rin definitely prefers the tournament as it is the path for a magician, while hunting is usually dominated by physical occupations.

Naturally, Waste Herosilly elk and his three companions participate in the team competition, but... they are still missing one teammate.

Thinking about whether to choose an attacking profession from the Dagger team or a high defense profession from the traditional formation, he and Silly elk have already arrived at the old training ground.

The old training ground still only has Christo hiding in the most remote location, training hard by himself.

Rin wanted to say hello to this timid person, but when Christo saw him, he couldn't help but yell out in surprise. His face turned red instantly, tears filled his eyes, and he ran away as if escaping for his life.

Helpless Rin could only clench his teeth and quietly keep this grudge against the pseudo-girl in mind.

He was planning to talk to Elise about the effects of Flame Bramble Trap and how to coordinate with auxiliary profession to trap foes when they heard a loud roar from afar.

"Christo! Little Christo!"

Rin turned his head and indeed saw a smelly bat walking towards them.

Sha Ye saw him and wasn't surprised, but she had a strange smile on her face as she quickened her pace towards them.

Rin looked like he saw something dirty, with a mocking smile on his face and a strong sense of disdain.

"Hmm? Isn't this the short dead guy... ahem, not to mention Princess Elise."

Sha Ye seemed to have just noticed Elise, and the once removed lively girl "mask" was put back on.

"Enough, stinky bat, your foul smell can be sniffed from afar, why pretend."


Elise's spiky hair twitched, remembering what Rin had said before and recognizing the familiar aura on Sha Ye, she immediately realized that the person was the succubus she had encountered before.

So the silly elk made a quick decision and prepared to draw out the staff.

"Elise, she's not an enemy, I'll explain later."

Rin softly said something, and Sha Ye no longer bothered to pretend, showing her villainous face once again.

"Where's Christo?"

"Your scent scared him away."

"Are you looking for trouble, you rascal?"

"You know darn well that I will scold you, yet you still came over here on purpose, asking for it?"

"Well, when I pulled your sorry rear out of the pit, you still had manure on your turnip head!"

"Oh, when grandpa was scaring a pig-faced bat with a spear, you were feasting and drinking in the moonlight sand!"

The two of them were communicating in a way that was below the quality of conversations between humans and demons.

Elise felt a bit dizzy, couldn't help but step back, and looked around Rin and Sha Ye with a confused expression.

At this moment... should it be considered a good relationship? Or a bad one?

It should be a bad relationship, right?

At least the silly elk had never heard Little Rin speak so elegantly, compared to these two who had reached a world-class level of insults, last night, Little Rin's sarcasm at the banquet... was really far more refined.


Little Rin, who had such a sharp tongue, was also so cute!

The two of them continued their heated argument, neither giving in, like two evenly matched opponents.

In the end, Rin couldn't control his high blood pressure and couldn't help but take out the Magic Book.

Sha Ye snorted coldly, saying, "Don't scare me this time. If you dare to hit me, I'll hit you back."

Rin kicked her butt, not too hard but very insulting.

Sha Ye instantly became furious, reaching out her hand and patting him on the head like dribbling a basketball, of course not using too much force.

Rin also felt insulted and was about to continue kicking when suddenly...

The familiar piercing pain struck again, Rin's face turned pale, clutching his chest, almost falling to the ground.

The silly elk beside them was scared, quickly hugging Rin and asking, "Little Rin, what's wrong?"

Saying that, she looked in astonishment at the fresh red lines appearing on Rin's neck, "Is this... Is this Little Rin's curse?"

Elise naturally didn't know what curse it was, so she hurriedly cast a purification spell on Rin.

This also helped Rin calm down his anger and aggression that he was struggling to control. Gritting his teeth, he said to Sha Ye, "Stinky bat, hurry up... go find Suyu."

Sha Ye stared at the red mark on his neck in shock, only coming back to her senses after a while.

"Um... Suyu took a leave from school for something, and I don't know where to find her..."

Elise immediately teared up, saying, "Why isn't the purification spell working? What should we do, is there any other way?"

Sha Ye cast a strange look at the red mark, blushing a little and clearing her throat, "Um... well, maybe a kiss can suppress it."

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