Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 101

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Chapter 101: First Kiss


Rin and Elise simultaneously exclaimed in surprise, both blushing and heartbeating.

Rin's heart was already in pain, but now it was beating so fast that she couldn't speak properly due to lack of blood flow.

As for the silly elk, his face was flushed and steam was coming out of his head, while his ahoge hair was shaking up and down at a motor-like speed, creating a blur.

She lifted her head, closed her eyes tightly, and asked in a shy yet excited tone, "I-is this… really the only way?"

"If it's… Suyu or someone with special abilities in this area…"

Sha Ye paused, suddenly realizing that someone with special abilities in this area would be like her, a succubus, right?

Pah! She wasn't a true succubus, and she hadn't inherited the disgusting abilities of a succubus. The one with exceptional abilities should be her older sister, a pureblood succubus over a hundred years old with a loli body shape and a severe case of cleanliness OCD.

"This should be able to be stopped, but for now... you can only kiss."

The silly elk's mind was filled with pink kiss scenes, not even realizing who Suyu was. At this moment, thinking about whether to kiss directly or wait for Little Rin's consent.

"Wait... hold on."

Rin held his chest, gritted his teeth, and looked at Sha Ye, "You... vampire bat, you... won't trick me, right?"

Scarlet Leaf coldly laughed on the spot, "I'm not worth it, do you know what the red mark on your neck is? That is the letter M..."

Originally wanted to explain directly, but suddenly remembered something. According to Suyu's abilities, unlocking the curse should be easy, right?

After all, she didn't receive proper succubus education growing up, so she only knew that it was a succubus curse. But she couldn't distinguish the specific type or level of curse, only thinking it was a slightly higher level curse.

Now, Rin's neck lines have two fewer marks, but the newly grown M mark is faintly visible, clearly indicating that Suyu had undone two marks. Due to the curse's self-aggravating nature, it would recover on its own.

So, why didn't the Demon King just remove it for him?

Sha Ye thought for a moment, then suddenly got a bright idea.

The reason is simple, most likely because they saw the curse as some kind of playful interaction between lovers!

Oh my!

Indeed, Suyu knows how to have fun!

Wait... isn't that short guy's fiancée a Holy Maiden Healer, who seems to have some unclear relationship with the hero from last time?

Stealing... stealing men?

Thinking about the times when Suyu played pranks on him, from being hung upside down to having menthol rubbed all over him, and all the other miserable situations...

Sha Ye quietly clenched her fist.

What a great opportunity! Watching Suyu and a few women fight over men every day is just... so... not fun at all!

Oh no, I won't let her get away with this so easily! I must add more firewood!

So, she sneaked a glance at Rin with ill intentions and then looked at Elise, "Princess, your purification spell can only suppress for a while, it's better to make a decisive move now. Once this curse starts taking effect, it will only get worse..."

Speaking, she leaned in to Elise's ear and whispered a few words.

Rin couldn't hear clearly what the bat was saying, she could only see Elise's eyes, already widened in fear, looking like mosquito coils.

"Li...Little Rin, for now, this is the only way..."

Elise swallowed hard, trying hard to maintain a serious and worried expression, the worry in her eyes was genuine... but she couldn't control the urge to smile.

Her ahoge hair twitched, she shyly closed her eyes, pouted and leaned towards Rin.


Rin was scared to death at that moment, already feeling pain in her heart, she almost passed out from the double attack.

"You shorty, why are you acting like a girl!"

Sha Ye playfully tapped him on the head, and then...

Kiss...he got kissed!

He felt a bit of a moist, soft, and warm breath, Rin was frozen on the spot. first kiss.

Elise also felt the faint outline with a touch of coolness, soon followed by a burning sensation. His heart, which was pounding wildly, stopped at that moment.

Oh no, someone's first kiss... No, no! It's Little Rin's first kiss!


"So they didn't think it was fair for the hero to participate in the competition at all. It was only after we argued our case that we managed to keep Miss Emilia's team competition qualification."

Eve took a deep breath, "But the individual competition is not possible anymore. I plan to let you have a chance to challenge the champions of the three levels after the individual competition is over. It depends on how Miss Emilia decides. If she agrees, I will decline on your behalf."

Emilia, with no expression on her face, suddenly said. Please don't be formal. I am very grateful that you let me into the academy, so please, don't be formal.

Eve paused for a moment, a few traces of sincerity appeared in her usually formal smile, "After all, Emilia is still my sister's friend. I was indeed rude just now. I shouldn't have acted that way. So, what is your decision?"

"Sure, no problem."

"That's good. In addition, for the team competition, Emilia can only join the highest level. To balance the competition, teammates can only be chosen from the first grade. This means you will have to compete against third graders in the team competition. Do you have a suitable teammate, Emilia?"

"Rin, I only need Rin."

Eve's smile stiffened, feeling her emotions were quite delicate.

Although she had long known from her sister that hero lacked common sense and sometimes did inappropriate things, like competing with her for Little Rin.

Now hearing such a decisive... almost like a confession from her.

It's true, worrying for my little sister.

This... clearly doesn't seem like just being friends, right?

Is it that she doesn't understand people's hearts, or she made a mistake due to lack of dating experience?

"Um, it's a team of four."

"Then, add Elise."

...Well, at least she still has her sister as a friend in her heart.

"What about the last person?"

Emilia tilted her head, "Aren't these decisions supposed to be made by Rin?"

Eve's mindset became even more delicate, how should I put it... when she asked her sister, Elise gave the same answer.

So, it was clear where this team stood.

Whatever, let them be. I just need to make sure my sister's husband is securely tied up.

After that, Eve started explaining some detailed rules of the competition at her academy.

"Like a hunting competition, Emilia needs to be mentally prepared, you might be targeted by everyone..."


Eve was speaking, but then she saw Emilia suddenly stand up, trembling like a shocked kitten, looking around alertly.

"What's wrong?"

"Sorry... I suddenly felt a chilling sensation, like a beast, ambushing."

Miss Hero felt a bit suspicious about it, why did she suddenly have this strange feeling of unease in her heart?

Could it be that the silly deer was secretly meeting the cold-hearted character behind her back?

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