Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 102

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Chapter 102: Who Is That Woman? Could It Be That You Were With Her First..

Rin thought that kissing must be a very disgusting thing.

Just like the romance novel he read yesterday, he felt as if his head and body were crawling with bugs.

But in reality, it wasn't like that at all.

The silly elk's lips, soft and slightly sweet, entered his body, a sensation seeped into his mind making him feel a bit dizzy, another sensation drilled into his heart, dispersing the pain and gently comforting.

Under this dual effect, he felt his mind and heart turning tender.

The heartbeat was still fast, but all the other senses were replaced by a wonderful and intoxicating feeling, making the brain feel fuzzy and numb, as if... all worries disappeared.

How strange, how strange, how strange.

Similarly, Elise now feels light and floaty all over, with a gentle tickle in her head that gives her a wonderful feeling. It makes her mind feel relaxed and numb, not noticing the passing of time or remembering anything else.

Just light and floaty, almost flying away.

Elise's thick eyelashes trembled lightly like a small fan. Instinctively, she reached out and hugged Rin's back.

The two were just close together, not diving deep, their already numb brains blank.

And then...

Both of them almost suffocated from holding their breath, quickly moving away, breathing heavily and taking in fresh air.

The silly elk had a small lung capacity and now felt dizzy and almost passed out.

"Ding, the host is truly crazy, forcing the kind female lead to do such shameful acts and almost suffocating her to death.

Triggering the achievement again, scum of the earth (intermediate).

Achieving rewards, increasing lung capacity, able to stay in the water for a longer time.

Unfortunately, Rin is completely clueless right now, and didn't hear the system's voice at all.

The heartbeat overshadowed by the wonderful taste, now beating rapidly, almost at the same rate as after running a thousand meters.

Rin opened his mouth wide, breathing heavily, while holding his chest and not daring to look at the silly elk.

What on earth is going on?

Feeling never experienced before, such intimate behavior, he actually... didn't feel disgusted at all, even... quite comfortable, somewhat nostalgic?

Elise also dared not look at Rin, turned her back on him, her lake-colored eyes trembling with mist, both cheeks blushing with happiness, her body slightly trembling, the light and lingering aftertaste still lingering.

She couldn't help but put her fingers on her lips, a sweet smile forming at the corner of her mouth.

Although... feeling very shy, but... wanting so much, so much, to do it again, no... countless times!

"Tsk tsk."

Sha Ye watched the two's awkward behavior, clicking his tongue and then teasing Rin, "Isn't it just a kiss? Why are you acting like a girl? Look at yourself now, so embarrassing!"

"Shut up! Get lost!"

Rin turned to her, baring her teeth, and viciously yelled.

"I saved you, didn't I?! You animal! You said I deceived you, right? Come on, tell me now, did I deceive you or not?"

Rin heard the word "kiss" from her, his body shuddered again, unable to help but think of that wonderful feeling, stealing a glance at Elise, quickly looking away.

"Don't... don't you dare... say anything about kissing, you dirty old bat."

"Who's old? Who's old! If you have the guts, say it to her..."

Sha Ye hesitated but changed the subject, grinning, "You are engaged, right? What's a kiss between you? The one just now... can only be considered a basic kiss, with closed mouths. Let me tell you..."

Listening to the dead bat, Rin was surprised as she started describing the legendary French style... Rin felt a loss of control again, with very embarrassing images playing in his head.


He forcefully threw the Magic Book at Sha Ye, hitting him squarely in the face.

As the Magic Book fell down, Sha Ye looked comical, with his sneaky smile turning to a mix of surprise and pain.

She felt... her nose bone, really hurt.

Holding her bleeding nose, Sha Ye raised an international friendly gesture towards Rin, saying, "You wait, one day I'll hang you from a tree, you rascal!"

Feeling embarrassed seeing her bloody nose, she quickly ran away.

When the trash left, the atmosphere quieted down.

Standing back to back, both of them remembered the previous kiss, unsure of how to respond.

Surprisingly, stood there foolishly for over half an hour.

Rin took a deep breath, gritted his teeth to make a decision, and looked at Elise.

"Silly... Elise, I'm sorry, I..."

The silly elk turned his head, feeling shy and hesitant, took a moment, then softly said, "It's... it's okay, Little Rin, if... if it's for Little Rin, I can do anything, even... even have a baby..."


Rin stepped back, pointing at Elise, "You silly goose! What are you talking about babies for? Do you not know, just now... kissing, only couples can do... and, kissing, can lead to... having a baby!"

That's right, in movies and books, the main characters only kiss, but they end up having babies!

Parents also often say, don't kiss girls, or else there will be a baby!


Elise glanced troubled at Rin, then her eyes softened with affection.

If she hadn't read the guidebook her sister gave her, her thoughts would probably be the same as Little Rin's.

But now...

Elise said seriously, "We need to kiss while lying in bed together, Little Rin, and you can't wear your clothes, so we can have babies."

"Hmm? Like this?"

Rin froze for a moment, then he let out a sigh of relief, but the feeling of guilt still remained.

He... actually had a slight desire to experience love, but he wasn't sure what that feeling was like. Growing up, he heard his sister say that love was high-risk and even life-threatening, so... he had conflicting feelings of yearning and rejection, which made it all very complicated.

For a moment, he really wanted to try dating the silly elk... but then he remembered Elise's words, about how her liking for him was the same as her love for her sister and mother...

Rin also felt a bit bewildered, as he realized that his feelings for Elise and Emilia were exactly the same when he thought about it carefully.

Well, maybe it's not really love?

Oh no, so complicated, can't tell them apart!

"In conclusion, absolutely, absolutely can't tell anyone, that k-kiss, it was an accident."

"Uh, since Little Rin said so, okay! But, Little Rin, if the curse acts up in the future, I'll help you break the curse!"

"...Then I guess there's no need, I'll find Suyu to solve it later, the fake Sword Saint should also have a way."

"Who's Suyu?" silly elk suddenly stared sharply at him, "I've been wanting to ask Little Rin, sounds like a woman's name, who is she? Little Rin... wouldn't have been with her first...?"

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