Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 103

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Chapter 103: Demon King Joins the Battle, Hero About to Strike


Rin suddenly felt a bit ruffled and a bit wronged.

This silly elk... we only kissed once before! How dare she try to slander me!

He couldn't help but pull Elise's ahoge hair, and angrily said, "Don't talk nonsense! You're so stupid! Do you really think that a curse like this can only be solved with a kiss in your head? You stupid elk, your mind is so filthy!"

"But... but."

"No 'buts'! Think with your pig brain, if kissing is the only solution, I would really have to prioritize finding you and... ahem..."

Rin suddenly felt that what he was saying wasn't quite right. Quickly, before Elise could react, he changed the subject, "If that's the case, do you think a fake Sword Saint would use that method? She was the one who helped me control it the first time it happened."


Elise pouted and thought for a moment, not to mention that Yuki was so cold and strict, she didn't seem the type to be intimate with anyone.

Even though she favored Rin more, they were just like brother and sister, so how could they be kissing each other?

Thinking this, she felt she might have been too sensitive, so she gently poked her fingers together and whispered, "I... I'm just worried, worried that Little Rin might be tricked by wicked women and... lose your first kiss or something."

Rin immediately stomped his foot, "Sir, my first kiss just now wasn't meant for you...hmph."

He turned his head, scratched his face, gently patted Elise's head, "Don't think too much for no reason."

Maybe because of the previous kiss, he actually felt a bit unable to be fierce to Elise, and even a bit...shy.

Elise rubbed his hand, "Little Rin hasn't told me who Suyu is yet."

Rin paused, unsure how to explain at that moment.

What should he say? Telling her that Suyu is the former Demon King? Can Elise accept this information?

However, he didn't want to deceive Elise and Emilia, and he was planning to formally join Suyu's faction and explain to them.

He just didn't know how to say it.

Sensing Rin's dilemma, Elise grabbed his hand, "It's okay, as long as Rin doesn't have any strange relationship with her... I don't need to know, just tell me when you're ready! I always believe in you!"

Rin felt really warm inside, being warmed up by this silly deer.

"Okay," he softly replied.

"But, I have to stay by Little Rin's side all the time, ready to break the curse! Little Rin can't ask for help from anyone else!"

"??? I said no need for a kiss to break the curse! Having strong magic is enough!"

Elise suddenly burst into tears, "No, I don't want to! Why doesn't Little Rin tell me anything and won't let me help! I don't care! I don't care! I just need a kiss! I want a kiss!"

"What kiss?"

Suddenly, from not far away came the Waste Hero's voice, flat but with a hint of coldness.

The two turned to see the Waste Hero walking towards them, holding a sword with a majestic air.

With a few steps, he closed the distance in a flash, very quickly arriving in front of them, bringing a sharp wind that pricked their skin.

"No, nothing."

Rin quickly decided not to mention the accident. He had a feeling that if the clueless Waste Hero found out, life would be incredibly messy and troublesome afterward.

The silly elk, wanting to show off, suddenly stopped himself from speaking when his ahoge hair twitched.

Hmm, can't tell Emilia now, or she'll know Little Rin's curse-breaking method and might try to steal a kiss from him, and he can't beat her.

So, this becomes a secret between him and Little Rin, sneakily kissing is fine!


Emilia looked at Elise with a dull expression.

The silly elk pouted and said. I am Little Rin's fiancée, there's nothing wrong with asking for a kiss from Little Rin!

"You're not allowed."

Emilia replied and then glanced at Rin and Elise again, still unable to figure out what had happened.

"Alright, alright. Waste Hero, why did you come back so quickly? It's only been a little over two hours, right?"

"Felt danger, came back early."

Waste Hero immediately replied, then she sheathed her sword and her presence instantly disappeared, returning to her vacant and clueless self.


As she put away her sword, Waste Hero's stomach rumbled. Holding her stomach, she looked eagerly at Rin.

"Let's go! Let's grab a meal with me!"


Something's not right, something's not right meow.

It's already the third day, and Emilia still feels very strange.

Lifeless eyes moved back and forth between Elise and Rin.

At that moment, Rin looked disgusted as she used her hand to wipe off the cream from the corner of Elise's mouth...

Something is definitely different this time, absolutely not right.

Are they hiding something from themselves?

Am I being excluded?

Why does it feel... so uncomfortable?

Emilia tilted her head, feeling a sourness and sharp pain in her heart. Her talents seemed uncontrollable, making her feel a bit lost.

Finally, she clenched her fist and silently made a decision.

Instead of doubting, it's better to...

"Okay, students, quiet down. Before we start the lesson, let me introduce a new student to everyone."

As soon as the teacher finished speaking, a girl with black hair walked in confidently.

She was very pretty and bright, with shining brown eyes. She had a graceful and elegant demeanor, with a touch of boldness.

She first looked at Rin, then smiled gently and made a noble gesture towards everyone.

"Hello, my name is Xingli. I'm an 11th-level spear warrior, transferred from the Radiant Magic Academy. I hope to have a pleasant three years of study with everyone."


Rin suddenly felt confused. A transfer student? And an 11th-level spear warrior? This part was never mentioned in the original story?

This doesn't make sense!

A talented spear warrior, who was also very pretty and had a standout personality, was a new student at this level... he was unforgettable once he appeared in the book.

Usually, girls like this would have some interaction with the male lead.

Thinking like this, Rin glanced at Rayne.

Lately, Rayne seemed to be living a peaceful life. A blonde girl, known as the Rose Knight from a duke's family, was making advances towards him. Additionally, a cute girl with a rare Summoner rank was not backing down either. Both girls publicly expressed their love for the male lead and their friendship with Sherlock was also very close.

So recently, even the dog Rayne didn't come out to bother him.

Lost in his thoughts, that transfer student happened to be sitting right behind him.

After sitting down, Xingli poked Rin with a pen. Just as Rin was about to turn impatiently and speak, she suddenly winked at him.

"Junior brother, missed me?"

In his mind, a sudden familiar voice startled Rin so much that he almost bit his tongue.

"Black... Black fox?!"

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