Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Crawl for Me!

"Unlocked achievement: Smash Your Dog Head (small)

Gained the skill — Fire Raven V2.0: Congratulations! From now on, your Fire Raven will be replaced by a skill that looks like the Fire Raven magic spell, except it is actually a Throwing Skill called Smash Your Dog Head.

With this Throwing skill, your weapon will have the attack power and physical force of an axe.

My dear master, please keep up the good work, think outside the box and do more dynamic provocative attacks and bad acts!"

Wait, where's my Fire Raven magic?

Replaced? What the hell?

What important supporting character was smashed in the head?

Ah, there is so much information all of a sudden, where should I start to think?

Oh no! Right now, there is someone who has been smashed by me!

After a brief period of 1.15324 seconds, Rin reacted decisively and rushed towards the person who had fallen to the ground.

At this time, that person held his forehead in a dizzy state, sat up with blood dripping from his forehead; there were even traces of energy burns.

So miserable!

Rin wanted to pick him up and apologize.

Only before he could get close, the system's domineering voice rang out.

"How can the villain take the initiative to apologize without being hit in the face? My dear master, please face up to your position and do what a villain should do."

This … this is simply scum!

Rin felt that his conscience was strongly torturing his heart.

The support character finally regained his consciousness. Looking at Rin standing in front of him, he was terrified, while shivering he stood up and turned his body to run.

"Stand still!"

Rin reprimanded the thin short boy. He did not turn his body back, scurrying away as if seeing a ghost.

No, I can't let him run away! Otherwise, I really will become a bastard!

Rin thought and said, "Christo! If you continue to run, I will find you and break your legs!"

Being audibly called out by name with such an intimidating threat, the thin boy quickly stopped.

Even so he trembled with fear.

Rin didn't remember that he had any interactions with this thin boy. His fear could only be explained by how notorious the original Gur Fenix was.

"Turn around."

Christo turned around slowly with his head bowed.

"Raise your head."

Finally, Rin had a good look at his wound, it was not bloody, but still pretty bad.

Of course if he just healed him, it would go against his cold-blooded persona.

Rin's eyes wandered around, and soon he had an idea.

"You saw the disgraceful scene of my failed spell casting, and you actually wanted to run away?"

"I … I will not say anything!"

He seems to be too young or may have slight developmental issues, his voice did not sound like a teenager, but androgynous or even partially feminine.

Rin didn't bother to listen to his sophistry, "You said you wouldn't? How do I know if you're not lying? Do I look like such a naive person?"

He took out a small healing potion from his bag, opened the lid, pinched the thin boy's chin and poured it directly into his mouth, while saying viciously, "This is the Fenix family's unique curse bottle, other people can't analyse it and can't cure you. You'll be cursed if you dare to disobey me, with heart rendering pain!"

"Cough, cough, I … I know, please …"

He coughed while begging for mercy, looking like a timid support character.

Rin was relieved to see that the thin boy had stopped bleeding, and even the burn marks were slowly receding.

However, even though the healing potion can help heal the wound, it is of not much use for scar removal.

The magic book hit the thin boy so violently that a scar was left on his head.

Sigh, no matter what I say it was because of me. If I don't help him, it would be shameful in having so many years of education.

That being the case, Rin while grunting, grabbed the boy's hair without being forceful; because the other party was very short, he needed to lift his head.

Then, Rin took out a cloth towel, dipped it in water to wipe the blood stains off his forehead. After that, Rin looked closely at that thin boy's face.

Wow, he is very suitable to become a cross-dresser!

Probably because he was too thin, he looked younger than other boys at the same age.

His small white face actually looked cuter than the other girls.

His distinctive features were his silver-gray hair and silver-gray eyes, and a pretty face oozing with pitifulness.

Rin had a bad chill in his heart, then hurriedly took out the ointment and applied it to the wound.

Christo stared at Rin's impatient but serious look, with his silver-gray eyes wide open, seemingly a little confused as to why Rin would do this.

Rin finished smearing the ointment and loosened his grip on Christo's hair.

"If others saw the wound, they would definitely ask about it. I don't believe a timid person like you can keep it a secret. Now it's healed, the scar will disappear after a while."

Rin said, and continued to demean Christo, "Otherwise, with your lowly status, do you really think that you are worthy of this expensive ointment? What are you looking at, why don't you go away? If I find out that you dare to leak any words of this, you’ll know of the consequences."

Seeing that Christo was still covering his head and stood there dumbfounded, Rin could not help but aggravate his tone, "Crawl away from me!"

Sure enough this caused Christo to become scared, with tears pooling on his face, he turned and ran away, and actually fell down halfway.

"What a shame! This cross-dresser is a little too timid, but fortunately this situation is settled."

Rin while touching his chin, recalled the skill description, suddenly became upset like a deflated ball.

The cool Fire Raven magic… was just replaced by the so-called Smash Your Dog Head skill… it disappeared from his acquired skills before he could successfully cast it.

Sigh, forget it. As long as I don't cast it, no one will know that I can't use it.

At the moment, it was almost dark. He focused on learning magic but forgot to eat.

Fortunately, the restaurant was still open at this time point. He just needed to ask the chef to make a meal for him.

With this in mind, Rin took back his magic book and walked towards the restaurant.

On the halfway, he suddenly remembered who Christo was.

It was one of the protagonist's best friends, a very important supporting character.

Christo grew up as an orphan in his uncle's house, because of the merits of his parents, the Queen let him join the Royal Academy.

When he was little, he was often bullied by his cousin and developed a weak and inferior character. His class was Wind Archer, but his talent wasn't too good. In the novel, because the protagonist helped him several times, the two became friends.

After that, he developed a talent for business, setting up a very powerful chamber of commerce for the protagonist, selling the protagonist's magic cards and rare products made of alchemy, earning a lot of money.

Moreover, his face was top-class even compared to the other beautiful girls in the novel.

Of course, Lin Wuyue was half a fujoshi, and it was normal that such a character appeared in the novel she wrote. (Fujoshi: women who like Boys Love)

Rin himself didn't want to have any interactions with the people around the protagonist.

However, he suddenly remembered one thing.

In the novel, this guy would conduct combat training against him tomorrow!

Well, Christo's head was smashed by him today, and tomorrow he would have to beat him up again…

Is this fate?

How can it be a coincidence?

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