Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Is This What a First Kiss Feels Like?

As the candle's light swayed amongst the darkness, the romantic classical music played like a spring, slowly flowing with silvery sounds.

Rin's mind was as tranquil as flowing water, enjoying the steak in front of him.

He was the only student left in the dining hall. Except for the sound of water coming from the back kitchen, it was silent here.

Only at this time, could he throw the so-called villain's mission away from his mind; his soul felt like it could fly away from this world.

As a nobleman, having the chef offer him special food was a very common thing.

However, after Rin saw a young girl who entered through the door, his peace of mind completely disappeared.

The good thing is that when Emilia crossed into the dining hall, her deadpan eyes only stared at the kitchen, not even noticing Rin, who was eating at the corner of the dining hall.

She walked around the table, opened the kitchen door, and was silent for a moment.

"Is there any more food?"

"Eh? Oh, hero-sama, there's only some fish. If you don't mind, I can make…"

Hearing the word "fish", Emilia's eyes instantly became sharp, and she even took a half step back.


After decisively refusing, she turned away, and then her blue eyes fell on Rin's body.

Rin lowered his head to cut a piece of steak meat and was about to bring it to his mouth when his hand suddenly froze.

The kuudere Hero sat in front of him, staring straight at the meat in his hand.


"( ̄~ ̄)…⊙▽⊙!"

Rin's instincts warned out loud in his mind. He hastily ate a piece of meat, stuffing the remainders into his mouth, chewing desperately with his cheeks bulging.

He quickly wiped his mouth, turned around, and quickly slipped out of the dining room.

Humph, hero, you want me to be in more plays and want to steal my dinner? No way!

Back in the dormitory, Rin continued to study hard, mainly for the various skill descriptions of the Wind Archer career.

He had to study, Unlike the heroines who had super strong talents, he had nothing except for that garbage system.

The first heroine, Emilia not only had the "Hero" career but also had the cheat-like Observation Eye. She could see through the target's talents, skills, attributes and even the enemy's level.

The second heroine, the Demon King, although it wasn't explained clearly in the novel, she had a gift called "Foresight", which gave her the ability to predict the enemy's next attack.

Only the Hero's "Elusive" was immune to the Demon King's "Foresight".

The third heroine, Elise, with the blessing of the goddess of light, would have various natural buffs on her body in battles. Even if the enemy sprinting towards her, the enemy may somehow fall and have a fracture.

The fourth heroine, Rin's sister in this world, whose career was "Sword Master", was the strongest human except for the Hero. There would only be one Hero, the Sword Master could be considered as a backup Hero. She was a Valkyrie with very powerful combat instincts.

Hey, I'm just a villain who doesn't have any special abilities, how can I dare to do bad things to them? Any of them could be the protagonist if they were in another world.

After learning the skills, Rin began to sit and meditate, recovering his magic power while also slowly refining and strengthening it.

There were two methods to upgrade a character’s level. The first was increasing your magic power, and the second was gaining experience by killing enemies in battle.

In addition, there is strict judgment about obtaining battle experience. Only a real battle can let a person obtain experience, there is no other way around.

During the student period, because ordinary people couldn't battle at this period, they could only increase their magic power through practice, including the Hero. That's why even the Hero's level wasn't much higher than Rin's, because the Hero hadn't experienced many battles at the present.

Meditating until the middle of the night, Rin felt that his spirit could no longer support him to continue, so he was ready to go to bed.

Before going to bed, he subconsciously looked at the girls' dormitory.

Special magic covered the windows of the girls' dormitory, making it impossible for people outside to see what was going on inside the rooms.

Rin lay in bed with fear, worrying about being forced to play another extra drama with the Hero again.

The next day, the first class in the morning was a theory class, followed by a practical class.

Today the hero actually came late, and her state was very improper.

She was just a kuudere before, but now she looked like a ghost whose soul was drained, lying motionless on the table.

Out of curiosity, Rin even reached out to prod her nose.

"Little Rin, what's wrong with Emilia-sama?"

Elise, who was sitting on the other side, asked in a hurry, and her concerned gaze fell on Emilia's body.

Rin revealed a cold smile, "Dead."


Elise was so startled that she almost was going to stand up straight to cast magic on Miss Hero.

At this very moment, Emilia suddenly sat up like a vampire arising from its coffin. Her eyes were completely out of focus, and her pupils dilated, looked not much different from a reanimated corpse.

"Have you got food?"

"No. Go to hell, cheat holder."

Rin decisively said as he confiscated the cupcake Elise was going to hand over to Emilia.


The hero fell on the table. The hero stopped moving. The hero refused to get up!

"But… little Rin…" Elise felt sorry about Emilia.

Rin viciously grabbed her ahoge hair with his index and middle fingers, "It's class time, don't do anything unnecessary."

Elise stiffened, and steam started rising from her head. She couldn't insist anymore.

After successfully doing two evil things, Rin felt happy in his heart, but he didn't receive the beep to unlock the villain achievement, which made him feel displeased.

Practical training class time one-on-one battle.

The villain’s task this time: defeat the wounded Christo and refuse to accept his defeat. After the protagonist comes out to reprimand you, mock the protagonist and fight with the protagonist. In the end, you need to be defeated by the protagonist and apologize to him in public.

Rin's palm held a magic book, turning it upside down, looking at Christo who showed a fearful look on his face, standing opposite of him.

"I didn't expect the opponent to be you, Christo, I admire you, as a lowly viscount descendant, to have the courage to stand in front of me."

Hearing his mockery, many people glared at him.

"Young Master Fe…Fenix, I …"

He stood in place, looking scared, with a sorrowful expression which gathered more pity than a girl.

'Don't you realize many boys are staring at you with a strange look?'

Rin silently pooh-poohed, then said in a cold voice, "So, stupid Christo Hunter, ready to meet my magic?"

After saying that, he raised his hand, and the magic book floated in front of him, circling around him.

The spell was activated and the spell pattern surfaced.

Christo widened his eyes, recalling the fear of being hit in the head yesterday, crouched down holding his head on the spot, with his back towards Rin.

Rin threw one fireball after another at the ground around Christo, and his tone was full of impatience, "Get up and fight me, coward! Get up quickly!"

"I … I admit defeat!" Christo whimpered and whispered.

Rin was shocked by Christo's speech. He was going to throw the Explosive Art at Christo at this time, however, because of Christos sudden declaration, his hand shivered causing the Explosive Art to misfire and fly towards a totally different direction.

At this time, the protagonist "Rayne", was watching the show, but was tapped on the shoulder by his friend, causing him to turn around.

Then he heard a loud explosive sound that was behind him, which forced him forward, causing him to stumble. He tried to regain his balance by grabbing his friend's arms, however, as a result, the action caused the duo fall to the ground together.

The distance between them was very close .

Surprisingly, Rayne tasted the feeling that was his very first kiss.

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